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  1. Winter project?

    Plenty of ZX81's on Ebay
  2. Winter project?

    Ahh the good old ZX81, 1kb memory with the option of adding a 16kb memory pack that had a connection so bad that the slightest movement made it crash and lose all the programming you had just done. If you managed to get to the point of saving then out came the tape recorder. Happy days
  3. May I suggest as this is V1 that once its finalised with a V2 and everyone is happy with it (if such a thing will ever exist) that mods are asked to pin it AND lock it so it becomes a simple guide to the info we would like rather than the start of a 100 page thread of questions and answers. V1 could then be deleted.
  4. New batteries - problem

    Later on in the thread you confirmed the 60ah was the total usage between 8pm and morning, Unless I'm missing something you are saying that 60ah is dropping them from 100% SOC to 40% SOC which would roughly be typical for a decent single100ah battery. You have 4 x 110, if your figures are correct I doubt anything could revive batteries that are down to 25% capacity due to sulfation. Either the batteries are totally shot or your 100% and or 40% SOC figures are way out.
  5. Touching Up Bodywork

    400 isn't really very fine, more medium, fine/very fine is more in the range 800/1200 grit or go very very at 2000. There are some low quality papers on sale. A couple of years ago I got some from Halfords and within seconds all the grit had dropped off, 360 suddenly became rough paper
  6. ammeter

    The meter above needs a shunt. On the listing it gives a link to purchase. https://www.ebay.com/itm/DC-Current-Shunts-FOR-20A-50A-100A-200A-500A-Digital-LED-Voltmeter-Ammeter-/271729386459?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item3f445563db follow that link and it gives another ebay listing (different seller) that says "Shipping: Does not ship to United Kingdom" Suggest this link as its from the meter seller so should be OK http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DC-Current-Shunt-FOR-20A-50A-100A-200A-500A-Digital-LED-Voltmeter-Ammeter-Panel/171906336574?hash=item28066a873e:m:mcV1cAcz-mC1SjelrssYCWg
  7. Drones

    and boat name/registration number must be shown on the roof
  8. BMC 2.2 Dynamo to Alternator

    Just a follow up, My dynamo was mounted different to Richard’s setup. Instead of the front mounting being on the front engine mount it was on the top outer timing case bolt so I decided to use this mounting point together with the original rear mount bracket. In Richard’s pic it shows the rear extension using a length of tube. This I wasn’t too keen on as it would be possible for the rear alt sliding bush to pull through the rear mount and simply slide into the tube (if you look at the pics I’m sure you will understand). So after a quick measure I got hold of a piece of 20mm dia aluminium bar with an 8mm clearance hole the “correct length” to take up the difference. Bolted the new alt at the front end (pulleys nice in line) and slackened the two nuts holding the rear mounting bracket to block. Placed the new aluminium spacer and adjusted the sliding bush in the alt rear mount, tightened up the rear mount to alt. Then tightened up the 2 nuts holding rear bracket to block. This way no strain on the front/rear alt mountings. Little unsure of the alternator output etc I bought from Richard I decided to go for a new 75amp one from ATP (a company I have used before). New cogged belt and new 16mm2 cable to 80-0-80 ammeter so bypassing all the old dynamo wiring. Now to test….. I am on shore power so the bats (new this season) are well up toward 100% SOC (sorry no SG to verify.... ) Engine started, warning lamp out and low amperage in. All good so far. Switch off engine switch on inverter and run a 1kw fire for a minute or two, (100amp draw) restart engine and even at tick over a nice healthy charge going in. Increase revs to ~2000 and ammeter showing 70+ amps. All in all very happy with the end result.
  9. KUS digital ammeter wiring diagram/instructions.

    Looks like a UK company selling them http://www.furneauxriddall.com/acatalog/KUS-Rudder-Angle-Gauge---52mm---12-24V-FRG1605.html
  10. Ouse in October - mad or not?

    Can be if you cannot find the river, these two from dec 2015 The pontoon retaining pole she is leaning in would be around 12ft above her head on normal Summer levels !!
  11. Boatless

    " recently serviced with new glow plugs," Think that makes it a diesel
  12. BMC 2.2 Dynamo to Alternator

    Thanks Richard. PM sent
  13. BMC 2.2 Dynamo to Alternator

    Thanks OG, certainly a point to bear in mind
  14. BMC 2.2 Dynamo to Alternator

    Thanks for the feedback. My probable option was no3 so that seems confirmed. Tony, Yes I was planning of new cables for both the charging and warning lamp. Richard, that would be great if you had a look to see if you have brackets.
  15. Current boat is a Dutch steel "Pedro" style cruiser (saloon, wheelhouse, rear cabin) which I am slowly updating. 10m with a BMC 2.2 engine that is still running a dynamo....... don’t laugh - 25amp to 30amp? Want to upgrade to alternator for obvious reasons and can see 3 options. I think the type fitted to the alternator equipped engines was the Lucas 11ac Option1. Find some 2.2 alternator brackets and locate an 11AC alternator. Rough search on net shows cost of 11AC to be around £200. Charge increased to 70amp Option2. There is a direct replacement “'Dynator' Alternators” that would cost around £300 - £400. Have yet to check dynamo part no to see which would be the correct replacement. Charge increased to 65amp https://www.autoelectricsupplies.co.uk/product_list/197 Option3. Make up my own brackets (capable of doing) and fit a more modern std alternator such as A127 type alternator, cost around £100. Charge increased to around 75amp Option1 is easy if I can find brackets but 11ac is I think an old alt and could be difficult to obtain in future (prob would not be my problem) Option2 fitting simple but long term very similar to above regards future problems. Option3 more problematic fit but cannot see downsides. No problems skill wise doing the necessary fitting, wiring, new ammeter etc but would be interested in the forums views on the above. All around similar output. Usually in marina with shore power with the odd weekend away so mainly more an update than a necessity. Currently 280amp domestic bank + starter battery. Also anyone have the suitable brackets for option1 should I decide to go that way.