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  1. Boatless

    " recently serviced with new glow plugs," Think that makes it a diesel
  2. BMC 2.2 Dynamo to Alternator

    Thanks Richard. PM sent
  3. BMC 2.2 Dynamo to Alternator

    Thanks OG, certainly a point to bear in mind
  4. BMC 2.2 Dynamo to Alternator

    Thanks for the feedback. My probable option was no3 so that seems confirmed. Tony, Yes I was planning of new cables for both the charging and warning lamp. Richard, that would be great if you had a look to see if you have brackets.
  5. Current boat is a Dutch steel "Pedro" style cruiser (saloon, wheelhouse, rear cabin) which I am slowly updating. 10m with a BMC 2.2 engine that is still running a dynamo....... don’t laugh - 25amp to 30amp? Want to upgrade to alternator for obvious reasons and can see 3 options. I think the type fitted to the alternator equipped engines was the Lucas 11ac Option1. Find some 2.2 alternator brackets and locate an 11AC alternator. Rough search on net shows cost of 11AC to be around £200. Charge increased to 70amp Option2. There is a direct replacement “'Dynator' Alternators” that would cost around £300 - £400. Have yet to check dynamo part no to see which would be the correct replacement. Charge increased to 65amp https://www.autoelectricsupplies.co.uk/product_list/197 Option3. Make up my own brackets (capable of doing) and fit a more modern std alternator such as A127 type alternator, cost around £100. Charge increased to around 75amp Option1 is easy if I can find brackets but 11ac is I think an old alt and could be difficult to obtain in future (prob would not be my problem) Option2 fitting simple but long term very similar to above regards future problems. Option3 more problematic fit but cannot see downsides. No problems skill wise doing the necessary fitting, wiring, new ammeter etc but would be interested in the forums views on the above. All around similar output. Usually in marina with shore power with the odd weekend away so mainly more an update than a necessity. Currently 280amp domestic bank + starter battery. Also anyone have the suitable brackets for option1 should I decide to go that way.
  6. Still looking!

    Ahhh no Ebay back then.
  7. Electric set up advice

    Certainly could be. With 1000+ amp battery storage you are going to need serious charging off either shoreline or genny. You certainly not going to get that sort of capacity from the couple of hundred pounds saved by just buying the inverter you quoted. Also you will be saving space and less battery cables.
  8. Electric set up advice

    Inverter and battery charger in one. https://www.midlandchandlers.co.uk/store/category/1341/product/vv-006.aspx That is a 12v 3000w inverter and a 120amp charger in one unit. Not a lot more expensive than the inverter you quoted
  9. Electric set up advice

    They are HEAVY, hope you have good muscles.... Weight (kg)73
  10. Electric set up advice

    No Tony said So you need a minimum of 930 amp hours. ie 2 x 465. I would think a 2.5x - 3x better a better bet. Typical Ammeter here http://www.cactusnav.com/nasa-clipper-battery-monitor-p-12652.html
  11. Suzie_Q's new look

    Just seen you this afternoon re fuelling, looks very nice
  12. Canal & River Trust Licence

    Hi Welcome. As long as your boat is on the hard you do not need a licence. Assuming you are wanting to licence 1 April - 30 September then just take out a 6 month licence late in March to run April-Sept, boat to be dropped in early April, then you will get the early payment discount. I would suggest (to be on the safe side) at end of September you let Cart know you are removing the boat from their water and that is why you are not renewing. That way you avoid problems over getting the early payment discount the next year.
  13. BMC 1500 cutting out. Video

    That's a difference and a half, well done.
  14. A new adventure

    Priorities!! The big dream is a 70 footer with a wine rack.... A really big wine rack... Ohh and a workshop....
  15. plug to plug

    To be fair the neutral was covered as well but that was only one of several similar "joints"