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  1. Fitting a Webasto

    Ah - I made up a board in readiness but prolly wont use it in the end - I've got 4 rubber bobbins coming, will just go with those and the bracket if I mount on the bulkhead - I'll do m6 threaded holes for the bobbins. I think my pump and filter will be further back. I'm trying to find someone who has gone the pressurised system route - ie with expansion vessel - I'm not sure whether I'll just put it next to the heater or what. Glad to hear it will be pretty quiet because ones that I checked out in youtube videos where screaming away.
  2. Fitting a Webasto

    Any thoughts about whether there should be 2 PV's? (With one 30cm from the heater). It would mean the one on the ev manifold was extra, but I guess not a problem, the idea being to have the valve where the system is at its hotest? I tried to write to Webasto but the form on their page wouldn't work. And still deciding where to mount the ev. And the whole unit for that matter! It could all go at the weed hatch, but for ease of acces and pipe runs the bulkhead is better - it's just a tad near to the engine belts I found this thread... but it doesn't quite tell me enough.
  3. Fitting a Webasto

    Just an update - I've now got everything I need including the fill loop kit with gauge and valve and it connects direct to the expansion vessel. The only thing is that the Webasto diagram states "Note the inclusion of the Pressure Relief valves, (marked as PV). One of these should be mounted in the hot water outlet pipe no more that 30cm away from the heater. Preferably at a high point." But there is only 1 PV in the diagram - do they mean the AAV's? I ask because the pv I have is attached to the 4 way connector (manifold) that came with the fill loop, and the pressure gauge obviously, plus the ev goes straight on it. So Should I put an extra PV right up by the heater itself? Also - I'm trying to figure the physical fit out - I'm thinking ev in the engine bay next to the webasto? It's been mighty cold aboard lately - I'd love to get this running for xmas
  4. Planning next cruise - Thames/Basingstoke/K&A

    I spoke to a very helpful crt boat spotter(?) the other day who gave me a lot of info on doing the Thames. So my next thing is to go down to Limehouse and have a chat with the lock keeper there. Whatever I end up doing it looks like it'll have to be planned and booked to a certain extent - I usually prefer to just "see how it goes" but that won't be appropriate on these stretches. If by any chance anyone else with a boat is wanting to go West on the Thames, either from Limehouse or Brentford - do get in touch!
  5. Planning next cruise - Thames/Basingstoke/K&A

    That is certainly very useful to know, no one mentioned that on the phone.
  6. Planning next cruise - Thames/Basingstoke/K&A

    I have been in touch with the Basingstoke and the Wey, but nobody could really shed much light on anything - for example I thought to get a 21 day license for the Wey, at the beginning of the year so I could be away before their lock closure, but they didn't like the sound of that. I guess incase I was late and got stuck there. The Basingstoke there are possibly lengthy lock closures but they don't really know when or how long for. I thought to buy a Thames license for a day on 31st Dec or 1st Jan thus canceling my crt license and buying first a Wey then a Basingstoke then after that a EA for a week then back to a crt for the K&A. Otherwise I need a gold which means I wont have saved anything as you have to buy the whole year - though it does seem a bit daft effectively having two licenses on the go at the same time (ie Wey and Gold) I think I must have picked the most complicated places, what with throwing the Thames into the mix. Still trying to figure it all out, plus a possible Bow backwaters tour day.
  7. Water filter

    I must admit - I've not given my (stainless steel) water tank ant treatment since new (18months) just filled and went. I do use a Brita water jug though, and the difference is easy to see when making tea. Infact I see the quality go down over the four weeks of the filters life. It's always nice when it's time to put a new one in Maybe I should think about cleaning out my tank once in a while, but when you think how grotty all the underground pipework probably is, I doubt the tank is that bad.
  8. Fitting a Webasto

    Hi NMEA, I wonder if you could advise, I've been finding all the bits and bobs I need - now spotted everything except the gauge. I found a pressure relief valve... https://www.screwfix.com/p/pressure-relief-valve-x/2459v?_requestid=394308 but I also saw this that comes with a gauge... https://www.screwfix.com/p/prv-with-gauge-x/41943?_requestid=389881 which I'm not sure if it is a relief valve or a reducing valve which to my understanding are different things. They've got an expansion tank set to 3bar (8 litre) and of course the bottle valves you pointed me to. The rads are hung - no pipework yet but looking nice
  9. New batteries - problem

    Yes the charging is important - imagine recharging in a couple hours to last a couple days - a massive saving on diesel and engine. Lead acid is yesterdays technology - or should I say last centuries? It is rubbish, come on, we don't have to accept it.
  10. New batteries - problem

    No - I know the internal electronics control when it's charged and when it's effectively dead, but I guess it depends whether the manufacturer quotes its capacity in terms of what it can actually deliver, or as with the case of lead acid - what it could, but can't really.
  11. New batteries - problem

    Not heard of sodium glass - all very exciting. When you consider how long the infernal combustion engine has had, being revised and improved, I'm sure it will be the same with batteries but of course they are only just getting started in earnest now. I thought with a lithium, you could use all the stated a/h?.
  12. New batteries - problem

    Well, no worse than a full tank of fuel going up really, and I'm not going to hit any barriers at 70mph, but I do take your point. They would be next to the diesel tank, and gas bottles too, but plenty of water around to put it out. Would there be a need for lithium batteries to be marine certified, I wonder? If so, that would be the end of any chance of getting something reasonably priced.
  13. New batteries - problem

    To change tac somewhat, I have been in touch with a company that is developing low cost lithium battery re purposing. They seem interested in the boating market and have asked me for details of my requirements, which I have provided. www.Aceleronltd.com - they are based in Hayes. I'm hoping I might be able to test an early product. A chink of light anyway and I will report back with any developments. On another note - my battery desulfator has arrived and is now deployed I had been wondering how physically large it would be - certainly looks beefy in the picture yet if it was then the power consumption would be rather high - considering the proportions of the heatsink. Yet it only consumes 200ma. On receiving it, I was not too surprised to find that the box was considerably smaller than I had hoped. But it didn't end there - the box contained the leads and the unit - and I can say that the thing itself is about the size of a standard box of Swan Vestas! A tad disappointing, but I can certainly see how they can afford to take a few returns - must have cost all of 59p to manufacture However - the experiment continues. I have a good idea of how long my batteries last from 100% s/g reading, and it will remain connected for a month or so. Without a sizable and undoubted improvement in capacity, I shall take them up on their 60 day no quibble return offer. Will report again but I can hear the told you so's all ready
  14. LPG conversions on generators

    An extra gas bottle, because it'll run out quickly being used by a generator.
  15. LPG conversions on generators

    That bbq point would certainly be the way to go. Ideally an extra, dedicated gas bottle though I think - as consumption will rinse it pretty quickly. I was interested to see the kit with its own carb though - but does seem a bit cheap. By contrast the best quality basic garretson thing is £170. Doesn't seem to be anything inbetween the el cheapo and el rip off points.