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  1. Planning next cruise - Thames/Basingstoke/K&A

    Thank you for the info Peter - just about all I could ask for. I've found out that the Basingstoke charge £90 for a month, and it appears 28 days is all you are allowed as a visiting boat. Every lock has to be booked in advance, all part of the fun I guess. The way charges £100 for up to 21 days. I can obviously phone and try to find out more - for example if the Basingstoke would renew me another month. (The Way certainly wont - it's another £25 for each day over!). Also, if the crt license can be refunded for that period. I'm thinking I could potter my way along, spend 2-3 months doing those two and by then the K&A would be ready. I don't think I will make it if I try to get to the K&A in 10 days, I'm single handed, quite literally since injuring a finger Neither of the above seem to really want any visiting boats.
  2. Planning next cruise - Thames/Basingstoke/K&A

    https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/633900/RT_investment_prog_2017-18_-_Issue_1_map.pdf Closures all along that stretch, from 30th Oct to varying finish times. The Basingstoke I thought was crt at least it is on my map, but not so on theirs. Maybe I could spend the winter exploring that and possibly the Wey if I can get a sensible license.
  3. Planning next cruise - Thames/Basingstoke/K&A

    Hey thanks for the info. That lock closure is going to put a serious crimp in my plans. Unless I can get through there by the end of the month I guess, but I don't feel prepared yet. I had assumed the Wey and Basingstoke were EA also - more problems I've done the GU, at least southbound, and all of London of course. Can you get like a cc'er license for NT waterways? Can NT licenses be bought easily ie at the last minute online or at the lock or whatever? Also - just seen the map - there's almost 40 locks between the Wey and the K&A (crt territory) so would take me a good few days.
  4. chec out Minamal List on youtube, they have just done both those canals


  5. In between fitting out the boat, I am actually, slowly making my way around the network I'm currently on the Lea, having thoroughly enjoyed a summer on both the Lea and the Stort. However, I'm keen to try pastures new now and the K&A is looking favourite. While I'm heading that way it seems sensible to explore the Basingstoke and also the river down to Godalming. However, I'm very unsure of procedures on the Thames (should I try coming out at Limehouse or play safe and go back through London to emerge at Brentford?) How long the various stretches of the Thames take, where to moor and the licenses available. I'm thinking it would be silly to buy a gold license with only two months left? I'm a cc'er with a 62ft nb. I've been looking at maps and reading up but just confused at the moment. If anyone has advice or can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it. thanks
  6. inbuilt marine generators

    I'm after a small one, 3-4kw will be plenty. So it's really the vehicle ones that lend themselves best to heating water? Wish I hadn't ordered the Webasto now but will prolly be ages before I get the genny sorted anyway. I'm looking at used bargains and there have been a few interesting things around 2-3k, plus would self install hopefully. I've come to the conclusion that a silent/built in genny is the only way to go for me. I'm unclear what a wet exhaust is though. Would the vehicle version avoid needing to get the boat out of the water? Luggsy, you've got your Dometic sitting on the well deck of the bow, or in/on the locker? I'm definitely wanting something silent that can be run in the evening. Sorry for all the questions, it's a totally new are to me, and I'm just trying to get clear in my head exactly what I need. Doubtless I'll pick up a little Kipor or something for the interim.
  7. inbuilt marine generators

    I've been researching proper inbuilt marine diesel generators and have found the following brands to look at: Fischer Panda, Kohler, Mase, Paguro, posibly Farymann. And Whisper. Firstly - anything I've missed? Secondly, I was interested in something like a dometic, that bt use, if it could be workable. That brings me onto my third question - what are the requirements that allow a proper marine diesel genny to be fitted in the engine bay over rigging up a "normal" frame or suitcase diesel genny in such a way? Oh and one last thing - how do they cool? I think I read that the Whisper cooling can be plumbed into the calorifier but I might be wrong. I only have 44cm height on my side bits (counters?). So I was looking for something long and low - a lot of the stuff I've seen seems to be exactly the opposite. thanks guys
  8. Ideal size boat?

    This link tells you all you need to know... http://www.abnb.co.uk/submenupages/length.html
  9. Bow locker - extra water storage?

    I've found Tankguard DW from Jotun, a two part epoxy that sounds like it would really do the job. It needs good prep first though and might be something for a boatyard to do rather than diy (sandblasting the metalwork, getting rid of weld splatter, then applying to correct thickness with spray, and in a not too cold/damp environment). It's very pricey though as only seems to come in 15l. 210 =vat Otherwise I saw Rylards old style bitumin stuff which I presume is easy to apply but not really up to modern day standards.
  10. Bow locker - extra water storage?

    I don't know if I'll have both tanks connected or have a pump to re fill the ss from the bow. The ss tank has an air admittance valve but no overflow. Though one time the air valve allowed water out and made a right mess - as it vents to inside the boat. That happened while I was filling so I have to be careful to turn off the water once its full as excess pressure seemed to cause it. I do have a water gauge (that is already becoming slightly erratic) it can be re calibrated easily.
  11. Bow locker - extra water storage?

    Glad to see this idea is definitely a go'er. Any advice on the correct paint if I go that rout? Also we haven't touched on freezing. I presume so many boats have integral tanks which is effectively what this will be. Though the water in the tank will be just above the water in the canal so not sure if that means it is more or less likely to freeze? And if it did, how much of a problem that would be. One more thought - could a plastic (suitable type for drinking water) tank be built in situ - ie panels placed inside then glued together?
  12. Bow locker - extra water storage?

    Brilliant advice guys. I did not know it would tip the stern upward - that's not a problem, it is stern heavy and I have already moved all the ballast from under the floors towards the bow end, plus I really want to add a generator at the stern too! Looks like a win win for me I could very easily do a test fill as john suggests. Would I go for the special paint or what?
  13. Sim card Data deals

    Found 40gb for £17 (12 month) at 3, but didn't see anything good on ee - will need to contact them to get the best deals I guess. Who does the £30 thing? The router with aerial would be worth it.
  14. Bow locker - extra water storage?

    I hadn't considered the tippy thing, but I would like the nose a bit lower so that side of it works for me. My ss water tank is sat at floor level anyway, so I guess anything tank shaped is mostly gonna be above water level.
  15. Sim card Data deals

    Oh - I'm massively loosing out then! I'll have to get in touch with them or ee. They always just let you languish on the old deal, what a pain. It was good when I took it a year and a half ago.