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  1. A little bit of fame

    For his folllowers he does not really need the Hollywood pearly whites !
  2. A little bit of fame

    Link to Matt Hayes Facebook pages Many will have no interest but those anglers amongst us will know of Matt Hayes. A friend recently posted his latest canal fishing video and there is our Percy and the Hunts lock moorings looking very tidy indeed. Guess what I'll be fishing for this weekend !!
  3. New Beginnings

    I know you said Tuesday but would the boat have been on the A34 early Monday .... I passed a low loader wth a NB on the back and the name rings a bell ?
  4. Canal side property

    Not a house but a land purchase just down from us. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/commercial-property-for-sale/property-62077877.html That's over a third of a million pounds an acre. It's a lovely mooring and I am sure whoever has it will be happy there. There was about 6 acres just up near common lock that sold for about the same price as this 0.2 of an acre a couple of years back so whoever had this and there is a decent canal frontage has a shrewd investment. I asked C&RT at the time could I put my boat there if I had the land and they sent me the moorings reduction policy, it failed on a couple of points so I lost interest, now there are boats there, I guess forgiveness is easier that permission. Good luck to whoever has it.
  5. Eco fan speed

    Read an old Bible some bloke called Gideon had left by my bed. Was interesting so I google Christianity, but it dd not end well for the lead man ......
  6. Eco fan speed

    Good stuff - is that the sequel to War n piece I read the other night ?
  7. EE Deal 32gb £14.50pm 30day contract

    All those that wentfor this deal. By chance I have just checked my bill and they have DD'd £28.98. I went on the chat and the guy initially tried to tell me that they take a full first month and make up the difference on the end bill. I said I was not advised of this and was not happy they took twice the amount without my agreement. he went to 'speak to his manager' and came back and apologies and said he would credit the account £14.50 so I'll have a no payment month next month. He said it was rare for them to get it wrong !! So if you opted for this deal check your bill asap. I can supply my web chat session if you get any issues with EE.... I did tell him I was going to let others know who may have taken out this offer. Nev
  8. Eco fan speed

    Just have one of those very large poo collectors fitted, might do the same thing !
  9. Eco fan speed

    I have to agree this is my primary use - when not using it as an entertainment device.
  10. Eco fan speed

    Am I sensing another polarity item aboard a Narrowboat, those pro and against the eco fan ? I'd like to say I understand this but I have another challenging evening aboard Percy. I have noted through intense chomping of my box of 460g Maynards Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts there is a imbalance in favour of the oversweet round jobbies with a bit of Liquorice in the middle. I fear I may have to buy another box and carry out a pre chomp count of the various 'Allsorts'
  11. Eco fan speed

    .....its a rock and roll lifestyle !! Don't spend too much time watching the fan, but it does save the batteries from running the TV !!
  12. Eco fan speed

    It is sometimes a little boring in the evenings. Sitting pondering life I realised I was focussed on my spinning ecofan. I got to thinking how fast it was spinning at the default half a turn top and bottom on the squirrel. Luckily (!) I have a digital photo tachometers - its instruction book title, I brought to establish the rpm of my engine at set wheel turns..... anyhow the answer is..... 550 rpm 33,000 revs per hour 792,000 per 24 hour 5,544,000 per week From Nov to March - 22 weeks means my fan will have spun circa Just short of 122 million revolutions Not sure if that is impressive but I'm off to bed now !
  13. Head torch

    Brian, That was what was so beneficial with the head torch the guy had yesterday, it flooded the towpath so the field of vision was so much more rather better than my pointy light torch.
  14. Head torch

    Yes it was.... Thanks for your helpful replies. As to 'why' I have been over twice now this winter and thankfully apart for getting muddy I have not broken or sprained anything. A combination of mole hills, branches off trees in/after high winds and well worn tow paths with slippy inclines (even with boots on) are the occupational hazards of walking in the dark. Plus I'd like to walk further especially up towards Woodend but that has all the above hazards with remoteness thrown in but with a decent head torch it would be a enjoyable walk rather than following a spot in the dark with associated risks.
  15. Head torch

    Walking the dog this evening I was impressed to see a boat moving down the cut towards me, as it got a bit closer I realised it was on the tow path so assumed a cyclist with some impressive lights, as it (he) got closer I realised it was a head torch, it was the brightest I have ever seen and made my copulating glow worm model seem very inadequate. Only after he had passed did I think to have asked him what he was sporting. So what would you recommend for the best brightest head torch for late night walking?