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  1. Falkirk Wheel Closing to Boats?

    I'm not sure but I think that the movements of the wheel are to fit in with the trip boat needs. When the trip boat goes up a narrowbeam can go with it and two narrowbeams or a widebeam can come down. If one caisson is used for other than boats the capacity is therefore reduced by a significant amount, especially for wide beam boats. The policy of pre booking lock and bridge operation has already meant little movement on these canals, this will probably turn them into linear parks with some housing.
  2. Falkirk Wheel Closing to Boats?

    One of the local boat operators is actually quitting due to high charges. Falkirk Herald
  3. Don't know if theres any truth in this. Shame if there is. Falkirk wheel closing to boats
  4. It does greatly depend on the members of a group, and a good group can be spoiled by one "rotten apple". I found that having a share generally worked, but when it came to selling there was much unpleasantness and discord. Beware of becoming "trapped" with ongoing costs continuing when you would like to be out.
  5. beautiful photos

    There used to be a monthly competition on here, with the winner being on the home page for the following month. I won one of the last of these and the site opened with my picture for a couple of years afterwards. Must be my best claim to fame! http://www.canalworld.net/forums/uploads/gallery/pre2013/gallery_2434_33_51002.jpg
  6. Canal near Bakewell

    I don't think so, as there are others in boat use ( the Ashby perhaps). However, it makes it less likely that boats will reappear I think.
  7. Canal near Bakewell

    There is an (electric) trip boat from Cromford, very pleasant too. The canal is now a SSSI so unlikely that other boats will ever traverse it again.
  8. Wightwick manor - is it worth a visit?

    I had the Welsh Rarebit in the cafe there a couple of years ago. If it's still on the menu it is simply outstanding.
  9. Share Boat Self Management

    Still got one share left here http://www.boatshare.co.uk/schipperke/index2.htm I think it's a bit of a bargain as with £2000 per share in the kitty you get a sixth of the boat for less than £1000, giving 5 weeks a year plus for less than the cost of hiring for a week.
  10. Plans for 2015

    With any luck sold up and away from boats.
  11. Finding folks to share with

    Well I am not far short of giving my shares away, taking funds in hand into account. I've put it on Boatshare now as that seems to be the best place to sell shares. Just have to wait and see!
  12. Finding folks to share with

    I'm virtually giving away my shares in a nice nb on Apollo Duck http://www.apolloduck.com/feature.phtml?id=396550 With very little interest. Can't understand why people don't seem interested in boat sharing at the moment.
  13. I too would recommend the Ashby, and the Ashby Boat Co hire some lovely boats. It gives you a choice as well of into Coventry, down the North Oxford or towards Fradley, or even just pootle about on the Ashby itself.
  14. Avon Ring+

    The Gloucester & Sharpness is well worth doing, lovely moorings in Gloucester too. Worth a read of http://www.gloucesterharbourtrustees.org.uk/pdf/Boaters_Guide_%281%29.pdf Particularly regarding entering Gloucester lock, but I found it not as difficult as it reads. Definately worth calling ahead to the locks, especially Gloucester so that it's ready on arrival.
  15. Half Share in New/Newish Narrowboat

    There seems to be very little interest in boat sharing at the moment. I have a third of my 57 ft boat for sale at the moment with very little interest (admittedly its an older boat) for less than £7000, which when considering there's over £10000 in the "pot" for licensing,maintenance etc means a third of the boat is on offer for about £3000!, this in a very well maintained and reliable boat. I hope that you have better luck as it sounds like a good idea.