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  1. Solar Set Up Advice please :)

    Thank you for sharing, really like that. Proper good idea!
  2. Solar Set Up Advice please :)

    Two 100w panels on a wooden frame appears to be a good way to go.
  3. New 3 mobile internet 100GB

    Although I don't use it I think that the Go Binge thing is both super & fab.
  4. Solar Set Up Advice please :)

    No probs, thanks for clarifying.
  5. Solar Set Up Advice please :)

    This is a fab idea, people's comments about glue noted although I had heard that it was a good alternative to drilling holes.
  6. New 3 mobile internet 100GB

    Well, varying receptions aside, I did just wish to share that deal in the event that it may be of interest
  7. New 3 mobile internet 100GB

    EE is best where I am - I have 50GB a month with them too which I need for work, esp. for uploading. 3 is half the download speed but still a more than ok 8mbps upload though I'll prob. improve it with an external aerial.
  8. Solar Set Up Advice please :)

    Hi all, I've decided that I'm def. needing panels. I've read through lots of posts already, know much more than I did but I'm not quite sure what's best for my needs. I liveaboard, have a home mooring which has shoreline but I also spend a fair bit of time cruising. When I'm on my own, my batteries last well. I have 4 x 230AH domestic batteries, an engine starter battery with a 120Amp Victron Phoenix. Smartgauge fitted. I have a travel pack generator which I only very rarely use. I've looked at what's at bimblesolar.com, happy with a set up that has brackets and that is fixed. I'm intending to glue the brackets and not drill holes in my roof. I'd really value people's thoughts on what specific panels would be best. Cost isn't really an issue as I want to get this right. Looking at one or two panels so I can stay out for longer without needing to run the engine and to get off total reliance on shoreline/running the engine for power/charging. My boat is a 57ft trad. Thank you.
  9. New 3 mobile internet 100GB

    Haven't seen this posted yet... Three have started a new 12 month contract for 100GB a month for £30. Includes Huawei B310-s modem (needs power, no battery) and a thing called Go Binge which means you can stream Netflix, TV Player & a few other things and it won't affect your data allowance.
  10. Larentia

  11. What alternatives are there for getting the internet?

    I bought my wifi from an independent retailer so I'd like to think it's not locked to any network. It's connected to a decent high gain aerial (from wifi onboard) which gets me decent 4G everywhere. No signal problems ever. Worth the investment.
  12. What alternatives are there for getting the internet?

    I have a Huawei Mifi with a sim which gives 50gb from EE at £26.50 a month, expires this December. Fine for me but my boys have been known to nuke it on occasion. Would a 3 all-you-can-eat data only sim work in this?
  13. Storing coal

    Big plastic box with a lid, much cleaner than rooting inside coal bag. Few sterlings from Wickes.
  14. Morso Bottom vent jammed

    Vent finally freed with much GT85 (like WD40) and what was left of the poker. Took some time but I couldn't sleep for thinking about it so I got up in the early hours and got to it. Not much sleep as up and out too soon afterwards but it was WARM as I started a new fire. Thinking that this will be the one to go through until Spring. Bit nippy tonight. Fabbo stuff Bizzard. Thank you. Now it's not Halloween, you could upload a friendlier icon thing. I know you've had it for ever but it's worryingly odd and a bit scary. Just a thought...