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  1. School Days - Adding a mini-stove

    Thanks, ill have to check the size when we're back there next week but i would have thought so and as for it getting outside that would mean cutting a hole in the roof but it would be worth it to have a warm office. We've been looking at stoves to go there since we brought the boat but ruled out a full size one as 1, I dont think we could fit one there with enough clearance around it to satisfy bss and 2, our bedroom (just before the office) gets plenty warm enough with the main stove already and would be unbearable with 2. I actually like the fact that it goes out after a couple of hours as we would only want it whilst working although I could see how that is a negative if it is your main source of heat. the only reason I said about building a hearth is that above the swim the space is alot squarer meaning the surround would be easier to make as below the swim there is alot of different angles going on and would just generally leave more room for error.
  2. School Days - Adding a mini-stove

    Im really interested in seeing how this goes as i've been looking for a tiny stove for the office in the back cabin and one of these might just do the trick. (as much as i would dearly love a little epping type range cost is somewhat prohibitive.) The main stove heats the boat nicely but as the OH objects to the smell of my paints when i'm working and I object to the sound of his music when he is we like to keep the office door closed and after a while it does get freezing a little chilly in there what with the side hatch back doors and pidgeon box. It would also give me a legitimate reason to tell the OH we need to get rid of Pram Hood (YAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!) Do you think one would fit on the right beside the steps on a hearth built up to the hight of the swims?
  3. Brinklow Marina

    Thanks but i've been trying both these numbers for a couple of days now and they both just go straight to voicemail.
  4. Brinklow Marina

    Hello all, does anybody have an alternative way of contacting Brinklow Marina I have tried the phone and it always just goes to voicemail and haven't had any reply to emails. Urgently looking for a temp mooring for 3 weeks starting Sunday with mains hookup, and they're the most convenient if they have availability. Thanks
  5. New Cratch cover

    Yep Reeves hull - Weltonfield fit out. Yeah your cover is similar to what we have now, really i think im swaying more towards the standard weltonfield cover where it sits inside the gunnels like the second picture i put up. our well deck looks quite abit longer than yours i think ours is about 6 foot so combine that with the narrow board and it ends up with a saggy cover over the gunnels and generally looks abit sad (if a cover could express emotion that is lol ) I see you have a filler fitting on the bow we dont have that we just have to open the hatch and have you got the pipe on the right that goes down into the well deck locker for anchor chain? ours is currently bunged up with a brass bath plug need to find a slightly more elegant solution than that whilst its being painted.
  6. New Cratch cover

    thankyou, yes we do have the upstand and it still has the holes in it from the original cover fixings, our current cover blows inside the well deck if not poppered to the hull anyway so that wouldn't be any different. as i said earlier i like the fact that the weltonfield style cover will make it possible to access the bow and watertank easier from the bank as we have quite a long well deck and the curve of the bow starts at the cabin so forward of the cratch board is quite a bit further out from the bank than most other boats we see (plus i only have short legs! hahaha) so it may help matters. i've just spoken to several boaters and cover makers who seem to think they are a bad idea but i wondered what anybody who has actually lived with one thought as i get the feeling from the cover makers that they think its a bad idea because its not the 'standard' way its done.
  7. Hello whilst Mr C is being painted we are looking into having a new cratch cover fitted as ours is leaking like a sieve and the water ends up running through the pipes from the cratch back to the engine bay so its not ideal. But my question is that we have the typical Weltonfield narrow cratch board (that doesnt extend over the gunnels) and ive noticed that most weltonfields have a cover that matches that profile ie. not covering the gunnels, at some point there has been an new cover made in the more common manner of extending it over the side but because of the board it just sags and generally looks sad ive seen two others like it also and one was a brand new cover and neither has looked great. Has anyone with experience of the weltonfield Cratch got a reason to have another 'normal' one made rather than one that matches the board that it would have had originally ill put a couple of pictures to show what i mean. this is what we have now. and this is what most weltonfields have or were built with i like the idea of going with second style because it will mean that the cover doesnt need to be rolled up to get onto the bow for the water tank. but just wondered if anyone with any experience of them has any advice, as i have spoken to one cover maker and they said it would be a bad idea as you would get alot of rain come in from underneath and they said that all covers should cover the gunnels. sorry for being so rambling all i can say is i'm tired and confuse myself lol!
  8. Bow locker - extra water storage?

    We have a bow tank on our 61ft Reeves that is accesed through the hatch aswell, weather ours is full or empty it makes absolutely no difference to how low the bow sits i tested it with marks on the waterline and it doesnt budge it does however bring the stern up we can only see the top of the rudder if it is over 2/3 full and when only about 1/4 full the fender starts to get wet! i like having the tank open through the hatch as it means you can actually see whats going on in there.
  9. Photos of your boat.

    The last time ill see Mr Crabtree looking like this as we left him for his full repaint eeeeeeek!!!!!
  10. Dinette modification ideas

    Thanks both NB LOLA we did look at something similar but we dont then have enough clearence between the end of it and our stove. Yes that is one of the ideas but we still need something to go the other side of the table because just the table makes it 4' long. If it was a freestanding table it would be easy because then all we would have to do is use slats to make the seat base extendable to 4ft and have the table at the foot end but that would mean fitting more desmo fittings in the floor which we dont want to do (i trip on the ones we already have lets not make life more dificult lol) I just wish i could get a response from weltonfield to find out how they did it although tbf they may not know now as aparantly it changed hands just after ours was built according to our surveyor and there style changed drastically when that happend.
  11. Hello all over the winter we are looking at modifying our current dinette so that it will be able to turn into a guest bed. the trouble is we only have a "half dinette" as i call it effectively half a pullman or an l shape without the long bit so i wondered if anybody has or had one of these that could convert aparently they were a speciality of weltonfields who built our boat, and they did two types both aparently looked the same but only one could pull out to become a bed. Ive tried to contact weltonfield several times but have had no response from them. Its frustrating as i remember seeing a coupleof boats with our type of dinnete when viewing that could convert but cant for the life of me remember how they did it. my idea is that when it becomes a bed we use the slanted backboard to come down and make the base at the head and make what is normally the base of the dinette base of slats that pull out between each other to become the next 2 sections however my O/H has the idea of making a removable frame that sits under the current seat and can be lifted out and used like a pullman with the table dropped between the 2. I hope thay made sense and if they did any comments? And as i say if anyone has one i would greatly appreciate a description or some pictures please this is how it is currently.
  12. CRT licence argument

    I did think this because it means that if you add a boat to your account online just by copying the number painted on the side you can then cancel anybodies licence and if this does cancel their licence i believe there should also be a notice on their licencing page that says that by taking out a new licence it will auto cancel anybody else who currently holds a licence for said boat... That way at least people would then know what was potentially happening. I could understand it if the 'boat' had the account with them but as its the owner who has the account then it shouldnt happen. Its like being able to cancel someone's insurance without their knowledge and that could be potentially disastrous.
  13. CRT licence argument

    Yes i realise that but we were never going to get the early payment anyway as it was being payed in installments and i dont understand where the ' 3 months overdue' came from we've only had it a month. And that doesnt have anything to do with the current problem of other people being able to cancel licences nowhere in the ts&cs does it say anything about that so i dont grasp why i should go cap in hand to crt when all i did was take responsibility for a boat on the day that i became responsible for it. Precisely thats why i thought id get it done as crt are very happy to tell you that licences are no longer transferable and that its your responsibility to licence it when you buy a boat. And that is what i thought would happen i would have a liscence and the previous owners wouod have licence untill they cancelled it.
  14. CRT licence argument

    Thanks for everyones advice I actually wasnt aware i was cancelling there licence at the time all i did was transfer the boat registration number on to my account and licenced it because as far as i was concerned thats what i had to do i was now the owner so i was responsible for that maybe that was wrong but i had no idea that it would cancel anything in anyone elses name. Its a bit like being stuck between a rock and a hard place i thought i was being organised and doing what i had to do maybe i should have left it a few days then licenced it. But then that would have probably been wrong. It was only on the phone last week that that was explained i had no idea that i could cancel theirs or that they could cancel mine because although its the same licence number its different details on different accounts and surely they should not be linked.
  15. CRT licence argument

    Hi all when we brought the boat last month we sorted our licence online the day we got the keys arranged to pay in installments etc everything fine got sent through the discs etc no problems we thought. Last weekend the licence checker came round our marina and we then got an email to say that our boat has been spotted unlicensed called the number on the email and it turns out that either the brokers or the original owners had gone online to cancel there licence but as we had already done that online when we added the boat to our account it had actually cancelled ours but the person on the phone said that she would sort it out for us, then yesterday we had a letter from crt giving confirmation of the termination of the licence and the refund amount less 91.667% of the total plus £30 refund charge. so we get back on the phone and they are insisting we have to be charged that and that they have relicenced it from the original day that we brought the licence but as i didn't cancel it why am I paying an extra £116.00 for someone elses mistake? we said we will pay it if they deduct that amount from the new licence but aparently they cant do this and bassically it looks like we have no choice. any advice on what to do? thanks