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  1. External antenna for DAB radio?

    Greetings I've fitted one of the short flexie rubber car ariels from our local car spares shop on the cratch board above the tunnel light. The cable runs down the board and through the side locker and then through the front bulkhead into a corner cupboard on which the Dab radio sits. It works great. The radio was from Lidl with a 12volt transformer so it's wired into the 12 volt system. Regards Steve
  2. Morso Squirrel

    I've also put bricks at the sides. Got a couple of bricks from a very helpfull bricky working on a lock. They are blue bricks with one corner rounded and they fit a treat. Helpfull if you want smaller fires and they do seem to retain the heat. Also the shelf they form are ideal for baked spuds.
  3. locking fuel cap

    Greetings all! Has anyone come across a locking fuel cap to replace a standard brass deck fitting. Thought it might be a good idea with regards to the future fuel prices. Many thanks Steve
  4. Thames and the K&A

    Hi Folks We are on the Oxford heading down to the Thames. As we have got closer to Oxford we have met tthree boats that have come off the Thames and also the K & A. When we mentioned that we were heading to the K & A they all said that it was not the trip they would do for the time being. Quoted strong currents, high water levels and that the 'K &A was not very nice at the moment' ...abit of a worry?...or perhaps not? Please can anyone give advice. Many thanks Steve & Lindy on Liberty
  5. T-Mobile USB Modem

    [Thanks very much...got set up with Yahoo and the system is working great1 Regards Steve & Lindy
  6. T-Mobile USB Modem

    [Greetings! Just bought T Mobile web & walk with modem...great bit of kit. Went to shop and had a deal where they didn't charge for the modem on the 12 month contract....so worth asking! I've a question...The system works using the phone number supplied and this has given me a problem when asked for a normal email address when I dont have one. (eg Canal World requests one.) Some documents/ forms for banking for example need one. Have I missed something ...not too good with technology so can folks help me? Having sold the house and moving on to the boat next wed. we will be giving up conventional email and I feel we may have a problem. I needed to get every thing up and running. Regards Steve and Lindy soon to be on Aqualine 'Liberty'
  7. Help save our mooring !

    Done it! Good Luck! Regards Steve on 'Liberty'
  8. IWA Petition

    Signed...thanks for the info. Regards Steve
  9. 'Goodies' at Lidl

    Noticed the following advertised on the Lidl site available 1st Feb. Gas alarm £9.99 Fire blanket £7.99 Fire extinguisher £4.99
  10. Fresh Water Gauge

    Thanks everyone....sounds like it's a good unit and we shall give it a go! Regards Steve & Lindy
  11. Fresh Water Gauge

    Greetings All! We are considering fitting a water tank gauge to our 60ft Aqualine 'Liberty' and would please like a little advice. Has anyone fitted the unit suppied by Mid Service Centre and have they found it satisfactory? The water pipe and stop tap are in the front step box and there looks room to fit the 15mm 'T' that's required. 12 volt is nearby. Would the long length of cable, for the gauge, needed to have it on the rear control be a problem or would it be better at the front of the boat? Thanks for your help. Steve and Lindy
  12. Tiller Pins

    Should I've got a badge?
  13. Tiller Pins

    Having 'lost' a tiller pin that didn't float and being suprised at the price of a new one I had a look around the charity shops. Finding a brass fireside set for £2.50, and with a little help from a hacksaw this gave me four pins with nice shaped tops...quite a bargin!
  14. Painting

    Morning all! We are looking at changing the colour of the roof on 'Liberty' our 60ft Trad. The roof is clean, no rust and sprayed with 2 pack automotive so therefore a cosmetic change. Areas to be painted have non slip 'sand' finish. Liberty is just 10 months old. Our question is...can good quality Dulux trade gloss be used instead of the somewhat expensive marine paints? As metal garage doors seem very happy with this, being out in all weathers, are there advantages or any problems to consider? Many thanks Steve & Lindy