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  1. Art Deco on the Canal

    Nice picture, it has been a while since i've been in there. It is good to know that most has been preserved, and a perfect example of all that is wrong with just keeping the frontage.
  2. Art Deco on the Canal

    The interior was very nice too, but i don't know if it was saved.One of the best art deco interiors i've seen was in the Gillette building on the A4 at isleworth-I dread to think what was lost in the other glorious buildings on that short stretch of road that were demolished.
  3. Art Deco on the Canal

    There are several notable buildings in Uxbridge that have been hollowed out, leaving the outer veneer. Most were done some years ago and are better than some of the recent ones. The worst one i've seen was in North London, I can't remember the exact location but it was a college, They had only retained the front of the original building and built the new one about half a metre inside of this, the windows of new didn't match up with those of the original facia! I can only imagine the dingy interior of the new structure, but externally it was hideous.
  4. Art Deco on the Canal

    Better than nothing, for sure, but not representative of the past in the preservation of building techniques, etc.
  5. Ebay vintage engine sales

    Same seller has a marine ph2 for sale.
  6. Art Deco on the Canal

    I'm sure that it was demolished, with the facia used to front the newly built flats. A modern get out clause to redevelop listed buildings.
  7. Wouldn't be without my engine room, easy to spot any leaks or similar issues and no need for yoga to access the engine and gearbox.
  8. BMC 2.2 and 2.5 crankshafts the same?

    I spent some time working at a firm in Hounslow that ran a fleet of taxis, from memory the 2.2l engines didn't dare well when rebuilt- the bottom end starting to rattle after one or two motorway runs.
  9. Disillusioned

    Where will the boat be until the 1st of August? If it is off line then no licence should be needed until you wish to move onto crt waters.
  10. Door desperation

    The choice of locks will be determined to a degree by which way your doors open, if outwards your options are limited. If they do open outwards, a lock sold under the name lince is very useful, I have one fitted in conjunction with a pair of Enfield garage door locks top and bottom of the other door. All are lockable from inside and out.
  11. Door desperation

    Yes, the good stuff is expensive but worth it. There are two main types available, one being made of very hard veneers which may be more suitable for your intended use and the other being made from gaboon which is a softer hardwood! more often used in boat building being more flexible, it marks easily until coated with a resin or similar. For panelling a steel door a quality birch ply would be ample and half of the cost.
  12. What is "okay" to dump in the cut?

    Have seen a few folks chucking dog turds into the cut, which seems particularly disgusting.
  13. filling screw holes

    Milliput will do the job, drill the holes out slightly larger to ensure clean metal within and leave the putty slightly raised to allow for finishing off.
  14. Mobile chat bubble

    Damned thing has come back again!
  15. Mobile chat bubble

    Thanks, I have now banished it.