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  1. CRT disgruntled staff

    I think it's fair to describe opinions that suggest women are running a cartel and phrases like 'wandering Jew' can be safely described as a rant!
  2. Bow locker - extra water storage?

    Our last boat had an integral tank in the bow, and always found the extra weight an asset. It was filled by lifting the hatch, which also provided access to prepare and paint (potable bitumen). This was a job for the missus as I couldn't fit! Being your new tank would only add weight at the top, you could add a central baffle to prevent any potential rolling, if you are having the vents welded up it could be done at the same time. It might be an idea to make any baffle removable to make it easier to maintain the tank interior, a sheet of stainless would do. In the 15 years we owned the boat i never saw more than a bit of cat ice on the surface of the tank, generally when half empty.
  3. Then and Now

    Quite a powerful set of pictures, the first a lovely home, and the second a homeless man, judging by the bedding behind the bench.
  4. Lift out fee

    Glad to hear you made it away from the dodgy outfit. It does get you down suffering at the hands of sharp operators, ask around next time you need work done, personal recommendation is hard to beat.
  5. Artisan approach! There's a lot of that on the cut. I would imagine the water pump on any automotive engine will be more than up to the job of moving coolant past the baffles in the pictured skin tank, the car radiator is crammed full of them.
  6. Great CRT response

    Or possibly George Wain?
  7. Limping Home

    Are you sure there isn't an underlying problem with fuel delivery? Another possibility is that if compression is already poor, any splash lubrication from the rotating crankshaft will deliver diesel into the bores, rather than engine oil. I would imagine this would have the effect of lowering compression.
  8. Lift out fee

    I meant when the price changed prior to lifting out, with hindsight a bad omen.
  9. Carbon Monoxide – False Alarm, Or Not ?

    Definitely battery gasses, with our ageing Trojans situated in the engine room our Co alarm in the back cabin has been triggered many times, always at the same point in the charging cycle. I wonder if your immersion issue the other day gave the batteries a work out?
  10. Lift out fee

    Should have got you're running shoes on then, when the price changed. I had a similar experience with an 'engineer' who came out to get the engine running on a boat that we had bought. After managing to eventually start the engine myself he asked for a considerable amount of money, which I couldn't cover in cash being way beyond expectations. We had also arranged for the engine to be taken out and rebuilt- a huge mistake. End result was a shoddy con job and a lesson learned!
  11. Lift out fee

    Things don't change that much! Admittedly you are captive and at their mercy, i'd have been on the verge of seeking legal advice.
  12. Mooring rings - how far apart?

    When Crt decided to cut off all the original rings on our moorings, the replacements were put in at five metre intervals. All others locally have a similar spacing.
  13. Lift out fee

    One of those questions that need asking before you are craned out, sounds like sharp practice on the face of it.
  14. Historic Boats for sale online

    The plating had mostly been put on when she began to take on water due to the chine angle failing, but in places went quite a way up the footings.
  15. Historic Boats for sale online

    All welded, including one fairly extensive knee repair that extends above the waterline. Uxter plates were also replaced at that time. With all the knees, etc, in place at least the option to replace the rivets is there for the future.