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  1. Shop arround vast price difference

    As Mike quite rightly pointed out, if the price for exactly the same product varies wildly then it becomes a matter of whether or not the extra cost covers the customer service and support. Do you want to buy a high cost, potentially expensive item from a company that sells it and offers no support whatsoever after sale or do you want a company that will go to great lengths to help you out? of course you need to beware of companies that sell high and still offer no support, so perhaps some research into company reputation is called for, the extra sales cost may be well worth the higher price.
  2. Stuck in Cheshire looking for ideas.

    When we broke down last year we called CRT and explained the situation saying how long we thought repairs would take and were told to give them a call if this changed, when the allotted time came and were were still broken down we just called to extend the estimated repair time. In total we were broken down for 2 months. As long as you keep CRT informed as to the situation they are very reasonable to deal with.
  3. Pub loos

    His paintings were a bit shite though
  4. Trump

    I've not trusted Trump ever since he ran off with Nelly the Elephant
  5. The Bridge at Napton

    It is also the rediculous changes that Margret Thatcher made to the busines rates system that is still crippling the pub trade. i wouldn't mind but buying tinned beer is a false economy, if I go to the pub and have 6 pints I will be quite merry after 8 I will be well on my way to a blissful night, but on tinned beer I can polish off a case of 12 without even feeling a tingle (that isn't a euphemism)
  6. The Bridge at Napton

    It is always sad when a pub that survived hundreds of years closes down, it is the price they are forced to sell the beer at that is the problem. When I was 19 the price of a pint in suburban West London had just reached a pound a pint, at that time a case of 24 takeaway beers was around £20. 30 years or so later a pint in a pub is 3-4 possibly even five times the price whereas the case of 24 Beers can be bought in a supermarket for £10-£15 half to three quarters what it was 3 decades ago. I'm not saying pub prices are too high by inflationary standards but the supermarket beer is so cheap that no one bothers to go out for a pint these days.
  7. Playing football in the Canal community.

    No idea, but 2G on a phone is a slower internet connection the 3G or 4G
  8. Playing football in the Canal community.

    I think it is the same as a 2G surface but with faster speeds and less buffering
  9. Cleaning Mooring Lines

    Nah I just try to accidentally drop them in just after having a shower or washing up
  10. Cleaning Mooring Lines

    My mooring lines are pretty much self cleaning, I drop them in the cut at least once a week and sometimes even on a daily basis Fool proof system
  11. Cleaning Mooring Lines

    Men are not supposed to use a windlass, the clue is in the name "wind" "lass", it's more of an instruction than a name
  12. B B C .

    Two knobs, you were lucky, we had an empty egg carton with one knob drawn on it

    At the time he probably thought his Greek was quite modern, being a scientific sort of chap I'm pretty sure that had he realised his Greek was ancient he would have done an update. Yes the lever and fulcrum would have worked but a spatula would have been the more appropriate tool for a flat Earth
  14. MCB thingymajig

    The make is Proteus and the part code 21016/3 can be clearly seen in the photo. I can only assume they changed the design.
  15. MCB thingymajig

    According to CEF it's a type C https://www.cef.co.uk/catalogue/products/1488825-16a-dp-10ka-type-c-mcb?q=21016%2F3