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  1. The Darkest Universe

    Monday 29th 11:15pm Film 4 Lifted from IMDB:- THE DARKEST UNIVERSE is BAFTA-nominated directors Will Sharpe and Tom Kingsley's surreal and hilarious follow-up to the critically acclaimed BLACK POND. Described by Sharpe and Kingsley as 'a romantic comedy set in space, or - to be more specific - planet Earth', the film follows world-weary banker Zac on his search for his eccentric sister, Alice, who goes missing while on a narrowboat trip with her new boyfriend. Poignant, funny and thought-provoking in equal measure, The Darkest Universe is an otherworldly and truly original gem of a movie from two of the UK's freshest young directors. the film's ensemble cast includes Joe Thomas and Simon Bird (THE INBETWEENERS) and an array of Britain's brightest comic talents. saw this in the TV guide, no idea if it's any good or how much it has to do with canals and boating, just thought I would post it just in case
  2. Leave space for anglers!

    Maybe that's the answer, make them fish on the side where the fish are. They wouldn't be on a mooring and they wouldn't need to spend so much money on silly long poles.
  3. Hi Katty, welcome to the forum. You may have noticed by now that it doesn't take this lot long to get side tracked, my current theory is that they spend so much time in close proximity to fish that the fish telepathically transmit their attention span through 6mm steel with ease and affect the attention span of long term boaters. Hang on Ive gone myself, bloody fish! Dont worry about dark tow paths just walk along humming Karl Douglas's Everybody was Kung Foo Fighting and you should be left alone as everyone will naturally assume you are a martial arts expert, or perhaps just someone stuck in the 1970's
  4. Time limited moorings over the winter months

    What about the signs that say maximum mooring stay 14 days per calendar year? i did wonder what would happen if you moored up on December the 18th and didn't move on until January the 14th? They are different calender years, so technically you would be compiling with the signage even if you were playing with the spirit of cruising
  5. Leave space for anglers!

    None of this explains why anglers want to fish on moorings when there are hundreds miles of canal that you can fish on and can't moor on. It's almost as though they do it so they have something to grumble about.
  6. Leave space for anglers!

    Did you notice 8.13. Diving, bathing and fishing at the Winter Mooring Permit Site is not permitted
  7. Leave space for anglers!

    This however doesn't answer the bleedin' obvious question, why fish on a visitors mooring in the first place, when there is more canal bank that can't be moored on than bank that can and all of it can be fished on?
  8. Is longer better or worse?

    One great advantage of having a full size boat is that when entering a lock a gongoozler may say something along the lines of, "You've got a long one." To which you can then give the standard response, "Nice of you to notice." Whilst giving them a cheeky grin
  9. Is longer better or worse?

    Is longer better or worse? I have been reliably informed that "size doesn't matter"
  10. Leave space for anglers!

    Space for anglers, I've got no promlem with that Doubtful they will catch any fish
  11. Marina Dog Ban

    Dogs can be very useful. Get yourself a small tennis ball obsessed dog with a bushy, sticking up tail. Dip his tail in bitumen, throw tennis ball underneath your boat in dry dock, when the dog brings the ball back repeat as necessary until the bottom of the boat is adequately blacked. just trying to bring the topic full circle
  12. LPG conversions on generators

    Most of the conversion kits I have seen come with their own gas regulator to connect direct to the bottle. If however you wanted to T off of the boats existing gas supply (via a shut off valve) would the boats original regulator be up to the job? I.e. Does the boats regulator supply gas at the same pressure as the one supplied with the kit?
  13. Cello 12v TV

    Don't ruin a good conspiracy theory with logic and evidence or I may have to throw out my anorak
  14. Cello 12v TV

    Ok regulator then. Something like this https://www.amazon.com/Step-up-Regulator-Vehicle-Supply-Converter/dp/B00S0UFR14
  15. Cello 12v TV

    If you take a look around Currys at all the TV's you will now struggle to find a12v model, the are all 18v or some other odd voltage. A conspiracy therorist may conclude this is so those requiring 12v travel TV's can continue to be ripped off, this is Britain after all. you can always buy an 18v and get a step up 12-18v transformer.