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  1. Unjustifiable marina costs

    Would this also be chargeable if said contractor is a mate, using his sign written van but doing the work gratis?
  2. £150 fine on long term moorings

    The way I see it is that even if CaRT don't have a legal basis for exclusively renting out sections of the towpath as permit holders moorings some poor sod has paid for that spot so I will just find somewhere else to moor. However on the odd occasion it just isn't possible; last year we did the Peak Forest Canal, we wanted to go to Tescos at the junction at the end, so rather than turn left towards the basin we went straight on. The first section of towpath outside Tescos is permit only which stops at the bridge and was pretty full of boats; the next section after the bridge was empty so we moored up. The sign post had a sign quite obviously missing, didn't worry about it as it was getting dark and raining, next day walked to the other end of the moorings to find that it was also permit holders only. This section is a dead end with an empty stretch of permit holders mooring, a pathetically short stretch of visitors moorings (about two boats max) on a canal that is hard to find a decent bank to moor against. So obviously some disgruntled boater has pulled the permit holders sign down. As it rained heavily for the next three days we just stayed put as there was no sign saying we couldn't; did this actually break any rules?
  3. Boat depreciation allowance

    Due perhaps to the housing shortage and over abundance of canal related TV programs in recent years
  4. Painting a Narrow Boat DIY

    Wow a greeny issued for a 6 year old post, but worth the wait I expect
  5. "Barge falls off trailer"

  6. Vandalism on The Walsall Canal

    To cut that square and clean it would have to have a 2foot diameter disc
  7. Vandalism on The Walsall Canal

    The cut does look to clean for a chain saw but what else could clean cut a foot square oak beam?
  8. Unexpected.

    Duplicate thread
  9. Weed hatch tape

    That was my thinking; it seemed more sensible to fit it around the edges of a square plate than to try to fit it to the lip of the hole. used 50x6mm weed hatch tape from Midland Chandlers, job done, no leaks.
  10. Weed hatch tape

    I am scraping and cleaning up the weed hatch in order to replace the tape. It seems that over time my hatch has had tape applied to both the hatch lid and the lip of hatch. where is the best place to fit the tape? should it be on the hatch lid itself or on the rim of the hatch?
  11. Unlicenced boats!

    Although if it is done in London I wouldn't pay a fee to moor, they would have to pay me to visit it, and I don't come cheap.
  12. Closing up mooring gaps

    I find this very odd; that is what mooring rings are for, mooring on! It's not as if it is a vacant chair at your table in the pub and they are asking if they can take it to their table. Only one person can sit on a chair but more than one boat can use a mooring ring.
  13. Narrow boat sinks

    Unless it is a curtesy gift
  14. Campsites

    Small campsite at Spinneyback Farm on the Ashby Canal, right next to the towpath with room on the Armco railings to moor 6-10 boats depending on length
  15. Volockies

    Never had a problem with Vlockies, always found them to be very helpful. It's other boaters traveling down the flight whilst you are ascending that I find tend to be in too much of a hurry to crank the paddles fully open before you are ready.