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    Boats, Photography, Pubs, Computers, DIY, Cars,

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    Retired Firefighter
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  1. ### ~~ The Virtual Pub Quiz Night ~~ ###

    Will your new name be hyphenated ? "Cheshire~rose-CH1 1RO"
  2. ### ~~ The Virtual Pub Quiz Night ~~ ###

    I find the first thing is completly clear my mind. I find this VERY easy to do and it only takes a second or so............................................................................................................ :closedeyes: :closedeyes: Ah where was I Oh yes, and as C~R has said try and find a relevent list. Then pick the answers to fit the questions. If all else fails find someone clever to help you
  3. ### ~~ The Virtual Pub Quiz Night ~~ ###

    Thanks Jan for another great quiz. Allan I found the RSPB book of British Garden Birds was of no help at all.
  4. ### ~~ The Virtual Pub Quiz Night ~~ ###

    Yes Please. Thanks Jan for a fantastic quiz. I feel I now know the London Underground like the back of my hand, and never want to go there again.. :cheers:
  5. Military wifes

    What has happened to Samantha? She has not sung the solo the last couple of times I've seen the choir on telly.
  6. ### ~~ The Virtual Pub Quiz Night ~~ ###

    Entry submitted, Brain put in fridge to cool down.
  7. NB Phoenix absence explained

    Just got back from the transplant clinic. The docs are very pleased with my progress. Good advice from Cheshire~Rose regarding being a organ donor. One of my biggest disappointments was having to stop blood donning four years ago when it was discovered I had Luekemia. ( A very treatable version which just required a short course of chemo to zapp it. ) I was just short of 70 donations when stopped. I had always been on the organ donor register and can, thankfully, still remain on it. My sons have stepped in to the blood downing slot and both are registered organ donors. It brings it home how important all this is when you are on the receiving end!
  8. NB Phoenix absence explained

    And all my best to Wendy. Hope all goes as smoothly as my op. Stay positive.
  9. NB Phoenix absence explained

    Thanks all, its good to be back. I may even try somthing harder Keith. Such as a good old milk shake. Mind you, I have found an alcohol free larger (Becks Blue) which is not that bad
  10. Hello Tony. Good to see you again, how are you keeping?

  11. I'm free at last. 17 days after a liver transplant I'm out of hospital. A bit fragile but up and about. Enjoying the weather.

  12. NB Phoenix absence explained

    Hi again all. 7 weeks ago I was fixed!!! I have a new liver!!! I'm well on the way to full strength. I was discharged from hospital after just 16 days. I feel great and even been doing some painting on the boat. I will never know about the donor apart from they saved my life, unfortunately I will never be able to say thank you. Looking forwards to next year to some serious boating. Hope to see many of you on the cut. All the best. John.
  13. Please put this on your status if you know or are related to someone who suffers from stupidity. People need to understand that stupidity is real and should be taken seriously. You could be sitting next to a stupid person right now. There is still no known cure for stupidity and sympathy does not help. But we can raise awareness! 53% won't re-post this because they don't know how to copy/paste

  14. WOAH! my profile was viewed 43 times JUST TODAY, and I can see that I have quite a few stalkers LOL! Find out yours here www.x.co/XjG9