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  1. Thank you Tony, I have been searching online for servicing of this TFX controller but with no luck so far. We've had the boat three years now and it has always been a bit problematic. I will take it apart very carefully soon and see what is going on.
  2. My speed controller (TFX 700 SO) stays put in low revs and high revs but is reluctant to stay put in middle revs. Is this friction plates do you think? Am planning to take it part and explore soon...
  3. Shower enclosure

    Yes Wesley Windows will supply made to measure shower doors. Happy with ours, WW were very helpful.
  4. Greaser question

    Ok peeps, am a bit clearer now I think. Again many thanks for your help. Alan
  5. Greaser question

    Good idea, will try that. I guess the grease enters on the engine side of the packing rather than the prop side, so will squirt out behind the two nuts as it were?
  6. Greaser question

    Hi, we recently had a new prop shaft fitted and the stern gland was repacked and the greaser was cleaned out and refilled. After our last little trip I turned the greaser one half turn as usual, but could not turn it any further no matter how hard I tried. Disconnecting the flexible pipe where it joins to the stern gland enabled me to turn it and grease came through ok. Is this as it should be? I ask as before with the old worn prop shaft I think I could keep on turning the greaser down...and it got harder very gradually. Thanks, not a burning issue but am curious. Alan
  7. Swapping a water pump

    Thanks guys, all good stuff, especially fitting shut off valves for future. Think I will drain down and do a nice calm and relaxed proper job, ha ha. Thanks again, Alan
  8. Swapping a water pump

    I'm going to be replacing my Shurflo water pump on 40ft nb, do I need to drain down first or can I do a quick swap and a bit of mopping up? In other words is the water pressure from the water tank likely to be too high? Thanks.
  9. 'Gongoozler' doesn't exist

    Yes, "gongoozler" came up on Radio 4 programme Word of Mouth the week before last I think. A brilliant Michael Rosen series, the word Gongoozler and Gongoozling was said to be alive and well in the narrow boat community....good old beeb.
  10. Shallow shower tray

    Bathroom Supplies Online have deep Bette shower trays, just checked.
  11. Shallow shower tray

    Ours was a Bette. Bought last year. Maybe it was the last one...
  12. Shallow shower tray

    No, not sunk into floor. Have arranged an easy access to the waste trap too. The original tray was 585 x 585, so I had to cut 15mm into one wall to shoehorn the new tray in. Then we used a 900mm Wesley Windows sliding door unit.
  13. Shallow shower tray

    Our boat was fitted with a shallow tray when we bought it and it was rubbish. Would flood every time. So we designed our own shower area based on a very deep enamelled steel tray, 900 x 600, German made and quite expensive. Best thing we have done, love to use the shower now. I think it is 150mm deep.
  14. oil or acrylic paint

    Well that's a bit odd....cycling in Spain helmet wearing is compulsory, but not here in UK. And they are quite strict about it too.
  15. Board Games ?

    Our current favourites are Sequence, Bananagrams and Chrominoes. We play them every day, total addiction. Also Splendour, Patchwork and Ticket to Ride are good board games, though can take a bit longer to play than the first three. And another vote for Backgammon.