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  1. Help with this location please

    Certainly they are not Dutch barges and indeed strictly speaking not barges at all but they and pipers boats are marketed as either Dutch style barges or just Dutch barges and the owners think they are,and indeed many of them look down on us with genuine barges built in the Nederland many years ago.
  2. Help with this location please

    I am slowly transferring slides onto computer and so far have these shots of campers. Andy F and Harvey are on Tadworth leaving Braunston at start of the season. Alton has the low cratch because we ran on the T and M and at that time there was a girder under Barton turn bridge reticting height.
  3. Help with this location please

    Don’t know his proper name but the man who lived in the old butty back end was called “Ginty” said to be an ex miner. The boat was hard aground on all the ash and other stuff that he threw over board! Great character who spent lot of time in the Nelson. When the glue factory had a big spill of chemical one night the canal turned white and the overflow was near his boat, they had big job getting him awake and out of the boat and he spent couple of days in the local hospital, probably had good bath as well. The sad death of Ruth and Yanish was 1982, I came home from work (a job I hated) and as I got out of the car was told about their death. Wrote out my resignation and went back to Leicester dumped the car. Yanish hated his job at fords and we had talked about it the Sunday before. ted ward was an ace with pd2 and kept our campers going for years, didn’t ask where he got the parts. sorry to get sidetracked
  4. Help with this location please

    Also Willow Wren with self steer and us with Tadworth, the NB trusts Alton and later Crane ex W.W.
  5. Hard aground

    It seems to me who admittedly does not boat here any more that it Was never accepted to moor in a flight let alone have a permanent mooring. How times change. I was amused to see CARTs men pumping the same water around the second lock, it ran backwards into the sump so pumped out and back again. Nothing really changes.
  6. Hard aground

    Hope it’s comes up.
  7. Idle Women

    Those of you who took part in the filming will know what to look for when it’s shown on country file but that programme seems to be about the presenters so don’t expect to much. i remember mr bray telling me a little story about a tv crew who were filming at stoke top lock when they shot in going down to the jam hole. The presenter said could you go back and do that again we didn’t quite get it all. Arthur’s response was something like. “We ain’t a come all the way from Coventry to have our photos took” Ernie lifted the paddles and off they went. Graham Palmer and I were filmed on a R Avon work weekend, the interview with Graham took so long he smoked 20 fags but on the film only 1.
  8. To survey or not to survey

    I had never had a survey until buying on the continent. We brought a NB of bwb which already had an hole in the chine angle which was stopped by a block of wood being wedged by a broom handle under the gunwale. So we knew it was pretty thin. One we brought from willow wren had a hole in the counter from which we could see light when we inspected it, it had also been doubled on the sides which accounted for the rust on the inside. our insurance companies never seemed to be pushing for surveys only the safety certificates. when buying our barge in Antwerp a proper surveyor was engaged who did over 180 ultra sounding of the hull and these showed up some thin places being under the 4mm which insurance companies look for. Part of the contract of sale gives the option of walking away or for the seller to put things right which happened in this case. The insurers need a survey every 7years and we have used the same surveyor for these and I am always impressed how thorough he is using a trolly to lay under the boat. His normal work is big barges and ships for which real qualifications are required.
  9. Magnet fisher finds bomb......

    Should have said Ernie Kendal brain seized again
  10. Magnet fisher finds bomb......

    Ernie Bray went magnatising (his word) most nights up Braunston flight. Never found a bomb but enough windlass and mooring pins to keep him in beer money.
  11. Importing a new build in in to Ireland

    I believe that only the UK allows zero vat on pleasure boats that comply with the rules. If your proposed boat complies then the builder will supply an invoice showing zero vat. In effect vat has been paid as per the rules. As both countries are still part of the EU you should be ok but no doubt the Irish customs can confirm. when I took my 50ft NB to Ireland and stayed for 2 years nobody ever question us and I never heard of anybody else being stopped. David
  12. Well Creek, Outwell, HGV in the water

    This truck went into the Burgundy canal where we moor. It was loaded with wine and as soon as the police left it was like whisky galore.
  13. Is it time for a new National Waterways Festival

    Interesting comments, I haven't been an IWA memeber for many years finishing with it when BWB sponsored a rally way back. I compared it to Watneys ( remember them) sponsoring Camra. Before that I had been very involved becoming chair of the eastern region and a council member. The national rallies were then held in places that were either needing publicity or even bringing the state of the waterway to local and national attention. Most of the then council members were boat owners or part of the restoration movement .it started to go wrong when a secretary was appointed who came from the RSPB who was nicknamed bird brain, the then chairman just let him run the organization and he was cossying up to BW and the ministry to further his own ambition. At meetings we would find out that things had been agreed without discussion by the council and at one it was reported that I was awkward at a BW consultative meeting because I brought up some inconvenient facts. Running coal boats and Camping boats never made me a fan of BW and no doubt we were a thorn in their side. We were once told by a senior engineer that he could run a perfect canal without any boats, at least that attitude has changed. i think rallies did some good looking back Lymn certainly, the first Northampton one which turned out to be really big and nearly overwhelmed us, Peterborough brought focus to the Fenland waterways and Dudley to the state of the Black ountry canals. mustnt live in the past though and I would expect at some time in the future a campaigning rally will be badly needed. david .
  14. Photos of your boat.

    This is our 100 year old barge. Built in the Nederland as a sailing boat. Now in Burgundy
  15. Tug of War and other antics

    This post brought back some good memories well remember Binkie. With regard to tug of war these were a usual feature of early rallies. Had a good one at the Lym rally between the Jaguar and Dart. The jag was loaded and had an HA2 and the engine had full revs before being put into gear, nick went into the engine hole and put his foot against the governer and we held them until they got full revs on then we went backwards. Dart had a gardener bus engine and big prop. Prize barrel of beer and they were non drinkers!! happy days even if soaking wet.