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  1. The Bridge at Napton

    There is activity at the Bridge and it looks as if the inside is being ripped out, we must hope it reopens as a pub/restaurant. The kings head up the road is always busy as is the Folly whilst the pub in Napton village is being turned into a house. Used the Bridge for years when John kept it and used to have our works booze ups there and wintered our NB Thor outside once. must take some doing to fail in a canalside pub.
  2. Boat dimensions

    Both of the small barges have fixed wheelhouses so very limited use in south of England. Big difference in price and as boats in France are usually more expensive a bit odd especially considering who the broker is, I would keep clear.
  3. Leaky stem gland

    Not many modern ships still have shaft driven propellors mostly azimuth steerable ones. The navy has destroyers that cant leave Portsmouth, aircraft carrier with no aircraft and a leak,the American navy has a new class of ships that don’t work because the gears made in Germany are sub standard. however the giant container ships and tankers built in China and Korea seem to work first time. My time was spent on steam turbine ships which broke down occasionally usually during evening meal times, one chief engineer who had to get up from dinner said to the captain B engineers wouldn’t trust them with a clockwork mouse.
  4. Thank you Crowthers

    Just had a new prop after taking the tip off one bat on the old one which was steel and at least 35 years old. New one bronze made by band d in Devon.
  5. Diesel Stoves

    We have an oil fired stove, Belgian style. Unlike the tanks in a narrow boat the barges are full height under the deck about 5ft tall so it’s feed by gravity. At first we found it difficult to light but a Belgian friend said to just drop a piece of flaming cotton wool into the pool of gas oil. It’s totally adjustable with the Toby valve and heats the whole barge with no mess.
  6. Where’s the water

    Had a walk round Boddington reservoir yesterday. Lowest I’ve ever seen it even an island in the middle. Expect all reservoirs are much the same will need a very wet winter to fill them up.
  7. Belmont butty

    Apologies should have posted the photo elsewhere.
  8. Belmont butty

    I nearly brought Belmont when it first went on sale. Jim Colin’s told me about lying in bed a seeing Braunston church clock. A very brief inspection confirmed that it was way beyond my recourses to put it into a good enough condition for carrying. It must be in a very poor state now. the last boat on the lime juice were 3 fellows pair with electric Eric steerer
  9. The Big Freeze of 1963

    This winter was when how the late david Blagrove came to live at Stoke B he was frozen in over Christmas. I was helping a friend who had a coal business and a ford 4d which didn’t like starting in the freezing weather, we had to put a burning rag over the air intake to persuade it every morning. The coal in the railway trucks was solid and the roads difficult so we didn’t make much money in the end. Every morning all the lorries who had parked overnight had little fires under the fuel tanks as the diesel had waxed up. One day at Bobs cafe on the a45 we were having a mug of tea and as Arnie when a driver came in and asked for a nights room, they were all taken so he said I’ll sleep in the cab then going no further. He was in an Atkinson which had the engine in the middle of the cab no room for sleeping. He had taken 8 hours from London. Load explosives!
  10. Grand Union Canal Traffic Records

    Mrs Dell Tadworth and Bakewell in good condition
  11. Unless you really need to use t and g why not get a good fair faced board, not far eastern, birch from Scandinavia is good and varnish it. You won’t need to use more that 12mm as this kind of ply is strong.
  12. I remember a company at Gosgrove in the early 60s building wooden cabins on steel hulls. Can’t remember the name now but they were good looking boats. The hulls May have been by springer but not the shape he is known for. Whilst I’ve been typing think the name was Faulkner. (B old age).
  13. Help with this location please

    Certainly they are not Dutch barges and indeed strictly speaking not barges at all but they and pipers boats are marketed as either Dutch style barges or just Dutch barges and the owners think they are,and indeed many of them look down on us with genuine barges built in the Nederland many years ago.
  14. Help with this location please

    I am slowly transferring slides onto computer and so far have these shots of campers. Andy F and Harvey are on Tadworth leaving Braunston at start of the season. Alton has the low cratch because we ran on the T and M and at that time there was a girder under Barton turn bridge reticting height.
  15. Help with this location please

    Don’t know his proper name but the man who lived in the old butty back end was called “Ginty” said to be an ex miner. The boat was hard aground on all the ash and other stuff that he threw over board! Great character who spent lot of time in the Nelson. When the glue factory had a big spill of chemical one night the canal turned white and the overflow was near his boat, they had big job getting him awake and out of the boat and he spent couple of days in the local hospital, probably had good bath as well. The sad death of Ruth and Yanish was 1982, I came home from work (a job I hated) and as I got out of the car was told about their death. Wrote out my resignation and went back to Leicester dumped the car. Yanish hated his job at fords and we had talked about it the Sunday before. ted ward was an ace with pd2 and kept our campers going for years, didn’t ask where he got the parts. sorry to get sidetracked