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  1. Pump Out Holding Tank

    So did we decide if "medium density polyethylene" was a good enough material or not? Thanks
  2. Pump Out Holding Tank

    Great thanks and what thickness would you go if stainless?
  3. Pump Out Holding Tank

    Hello, Can these types of tanks be used for holding pump out waste? (Obviously in the black version) Or does it need to be some kind of special plastic? As these seem much cheaper. https://www.tanks-direct.co.uk/water-tanks/water-storage-tanks/600-litre-water-tanks/650-litre-water-tank-flat-baffled.html Regards
  4. Stove Fan - thermo electric generators

    I will use my current stove fan which keeps the top side cool currently as per my previous message. Here is the spec spec for one I found online: Specification: Size: 40mm x 40mm x 4mm Operates from 0~15.2V DC and 0~6A Operates Temperature: -20'C to 100'C Max power consumption: 72 Watts
  5. Hello, i have a question regarding the thermoelectric generator inside stove fans. I am am in the process of fitting a back boiler to my squirrel and will need to add a circulation pump to the system. Not a problem however I was wondering if I could power this circulation pump (0.5A 12V) using the leads coming from the back of my stove fan and has anybody else done it? I have seen thermo electric generators on eBay cabable of producing 12v 6A so I don't see why not but I have not seen it mentioned before? the main benefits are obviously I am not drawing from the batteries and it will automatically power the circulation pump when the stove is on and turn it off when the stove cools down. Any thoughts ??
  6. LPG Boiler for boats?

    Hello what are the options for LPG boilers on boats for heating? As we are coming to winter I would like to have something other than my stove to provide heating
  7. I have that planned thanks for your concern but I am after reccomendations of electric start generators. Thanks
  8. Is there one around?? As I want to permanently place the generator in a housing in the bow rather than carrying it in and out every time. Thanks
  9. Wet & dry vac under 900w?

    Thanks black rose there's always one trying to be smart i did actually check before because I knew someone would of been quick to correct me on here
  10. Wet & dry vac under 900w?

    I have brought a 2nd hand one off eBay for £35 the guy is posting it tomorrow so will report back on the weekend if it's no good I'll still use it for my work and at £35 I can't go wrong really
  11. Wet & dry vac under 900w?

    Great thanks I have brought the dewalt one at 300W I know my generator will definately power it but we will see how powerful it is!
  12. Hello I am after a wet and dry vac I can use to clean the bilge with that is under 1000w as my only mains power source is a Honda eu10i generator. I have looked online but can't seem to find much hence coming on here for a solution. Thanks
  13. Hello, i have been been looking online at these webasto burners that have been removed from bmw's volvos etc. What else is is needed with this unit to install one, I know there is no fuel pump but is there a connection on the unit where I can connect the fuel pump to? As as I have a D5W currently installed everything else is there, flow and returns fuel line exhaust I use a remote relay to start the eberspcher so could I have a similar set up with one of these? here is something similar that I have been looking at: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252965517140 regards
  14. I have had 3D renderings done of my boat before I fitted out by a guy I paid £60 I think. PM me if you want his details
  15. Power Systems Survey - Zero-emissions/quiet generator?

    Hi good luck with your project seems interesting