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  1. Isuzu Engine Code Location

    Thank you very much I have seen that plate but it’s been sprayed over so will try and scrape it off. Thanks
  2. Hello, The head gasket on my isuzu 55 engine has gone and was on the phone to the guy at quayworks to try and buy a gasket kit, however he needs to know if its a 4LE1 or 4LE2 which is apparently stamped on the block but I cannot find it anywhere?? Mitch
  3. Izusu engine parts

    I am also having same symptoms with my isuzu 55 engine I rang the guy At quayworks he seemed helpful he sells a kit for about £330?
  4. Refleks stove lighting

    Thanks for the replies I think it was just a case of too much fuel in the pot as I came back the next day to try again and it was burning lovely! I did have a bubble stove in my previous boat but much prefer the refleks
  5. Hello, installed a refleks stove in my boat today, it got so hot that my flue has changed colour and the top plate actually turned red. I pushed the latch down on the control valve, held the valve in until the thermocouple got hot and set it to number 1, and it was red hot after about 10 mins, is there anything I am doing wrong? regards
  6. Alde yellow pilot light

    Your ods (oxygen depletion device) tube may be blocked. If it has one, they some times have a lint guard around them as well that may need cleaning
  7. Isuzu 55 Manual

    Hi Alan I am not but thanks for the offer!
  8. Isuzu 55 Manual

    Sorry didn't mention that! Deffo no nrv in the circuit either. I will get a pic up as soon as possible thanks for the reply
  9. Isuzu 55 Manual

    Thanks for the detailed reply I am heating engineer by trade so when I say there is no air locks in the system I know this is 100% not the problem. I have even taken the flow off while running and not got any flow. Only when it's lower than the header tank but that's obviously just gravity. And loosened the jubilee onto the coil while running so any air could escape. Air is not the problem trust me otherwise I wouldn't be posting on the forum asking for advice as air and a blocked coil is the first thing I checked. Regards
  10. Isuzu 55 Manual

    Thanks for the reply. I will post photos asap. I am am not getting water sent around the calorifier coil. Definitely no blockages and no air in the system, I can see water moving when I take the cap off the header tank but the water seems quite foamy which worries me. The only other thing I could think of is does the thermostat open at a certain temp and then start sending water aound the coil or is it all part of the same circuit as the skin tank? Regards
  11. Isuzu 55 Manual

    Hello, After my previous thread regarding the coil not heating up in my calorifier, it seems that my heat exchanger doesnt seem to be pumping water round and may need a new impeller in the water pump. Does anybody have the workshop & or service manual for this engine as isuzu didnt seem to want to help and engines plus wanted £60 for a manual! Any help would be appreciated. Regards
  12. It's a vertical cylinder. I will try get the air lock out while engine is running thanks. I may add a bleed valve in if it's the problem as the header tank is mounted on the engine and is lower than the cylinder coil
  13. Hello, I have just purchased a liverpool boats 55x10 with a isuzu 55 engine, the flow & return pipes that come from the engine to the secondary coil in the calorifer are not heating up, the water in the engine is obviously hot but its not getting pumped around the coil for some reason? Any suggestions? Regards Mitch
  14. Pump Out Holding Tank

    So did we decide if "medium density polyethylene" was a good enough material or not? Thanks