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  1. Composting Lavatoirs

    Very good, but most people who participate on this forum are on a canal.
  2. Composting Lavatoirs

  3. Composting Lavatoirs

    I have been known to drink it without any treatment at all
  4. Composting Lavatoirs

    no but he is being extremely obtuse hint hint, maybe, others may etc, nothing to hide here. just tell us what you do if it is such a fantastic system.
  5. Composting Lavatoirs

    So this toilet system that you have high praise for against all other systems, involves emptying raw urine into the medium you are living on, mmm, and we are still not sure what happens to the solid mater...
  6. Composting Lavatoirs

    Urine also contains an assortment of inorganic salts and organic compounds, including proteins, hormones, and a wide range of metabolites, varying by what is introduced into the body.
  7. Composting Lavatoirs

    ah, no wonder "The Chelmer and Blackwater is indeed a canal, but very poorly maintained and sometimes impassable because of weed build-up"
  8. Composting Lavatoirs

    In most of these conversations, people tend to give examples of how the waste can be disposed of. Very rare to find out what people actually do with it. One guy buried it in a friendly farmer's field or took it to his friends compost heap, neither seem to me to be a great solution for most folk. It would be a great addition to the discussion if folk told us what they actually did with it.
  9. Composting Lavatoirs

    So, you piss in the canal, and bag your shit up and put it in the bln I'm missing the composting bit
  10. Our new adventure day 10.

    I don't understand the relevance of the hire boat in front of you
  11. Our new adventure day 10.

    it would have saved you a bit of hassle and unpleasantness if you had pulled over and let the faster boat past.
  12. Being in a similar situation to the OP, except my wife is a full time wheelchair user. We bought plastic 18.5 foot, but petrol engined. 3 year's in and not regretting it yet. I'm sure a lot of folk would have advised me how stupid we were
  13. be aware, my sons policy allows him to drive other persons cars, but not vans
  14. Wild Swimming vs Swimming Pool

    I find that swimming naked in a swimming pool is generally frowned upon
  15. Slipways on Cheshire canals

    Blackwater Meadow