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  1. Accelerator dead spot

    Am sure you are right, is there a way of adjusting the forward motion but not the reverse?
  2. Accelerator dead spot

    Have a prm 120 gear box mechanical. The gear box engages well and early in both forward and reverse. In reverse as soon as I pull the lever backwards the revs increase and it's very responsive. However when pushing the lever forward, the gearbox engages early at 800 rev and as soon as the lever is pushed forward. However, as I continue to push the lever the accelerator cable does not move until I have pushed the lever forward about 30 degrees consequently there is a dead spot during that 30 degrees. Adjusting the cable at the engine effects both forward and reverse and so is not the answer. Is there a way to make an adjustment at the lever so it effects just when I push the lever forward?
  3. Ervins lock no. 32 Grand Union

    This is supposed to be blocked and not reopen till Friday 15th September, anyone further update please
  4. Draining Calorifier

    Getting complicated for me, if I simply turn on all the taps and drain. Then close the tap between the main tank and the pump. I want to take the pump away for the winter. Is there any danger of the water still in the calorifier siphoning out of the pipe which would go into the pump?
  5. Draining Calorifier

    So how do u drain if not bottom outlet?
  6. Draining Calorifier

    Getting to that time of the year, how do I totally drain the calorifier? If I simply turned all the raps on would that do it?
  7. Moorings on River Soar?

    Sailing nb from Trent lock towards Loughborough, is there anywhere before Loughborough to moor, the map shows two pubs, the Otter and Rose and Crown. Any good and can I moor? Would like to not moor in Loughborough if possible.
  8. Engine exhaust - options

    Did you ever change the exhaust, I also want to change exhaust on my Isuzu 35
  9. Which antifreeze for central heating

    Great, just bought some on ebayeBay
  10. Which antifreeze for central heating

    That's really useful, thanks
  11. The current anti freeze in my central heating is pink in colour. Have been told not to mix differing sorts, i.e. Blue with pink. Can anyone tell me what type the pink wil be as need to top up. Called into Midland Chandlers and they only sell the blue type for engines. Also Halfords cannot help.
  12. Engine vibration/juddering

    Mounts no problem but valve clearance beyond me
  13. Engine vibration/juddering

    Hi Tony, good to hear from you. No sign of any smoke. Do you think it could be a fuel issue?
  14. Engine vibration/juddering

    It looks ok, is there any cleaning of the air intake to do?
  15. Engine vibration/juddering

    Ok, tested mounts again by putting large screwdriver underneath each and lifting, also checked bottom nuts, seem ok. Also no deposits around rubber mounts. Not sure where air intake is