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  1. Don’t know. Did her boat sink
  2. You’ll afte ask Alisha not me
  3. Has it got a hole in it, you need a bilge pump lol
  4. Mines fixed to a piece of lead flashing ad sits nice and flat.
  5. Battery Monitors and Capacity

    While I agree about the raw material cost of lithium (supply and demand) competition will have an overhaul effect on the final cost of the batteries
  6. Battery Monitors and Capacity

    That is with the original cost of 2 x 100 amp batteries £1400 divide by 4000 cycles = 35pence. No need to worry about recharge/ look after worrying if they are fully charged. Or pay £380 for 4 x 100 amp lead acid batteries ,fart about watching them all the time .then replace every 2 to 3 years . Life is to short for all that. Like all new technology how long do we wait till it gets cheaper. My first mobile phone was silly money compared with today’s phones but wouldn’t have waited till the price came down
  7. Battery Monitors and Capacity

    Shush don’t tell them Trojan’s they were having a sleep
  8. Battery Monitors and Capacity

    Working on 4000 cycles of the batteries they should cost about 36pence a day plus the cost to recharge (time and diesel) looks good to me
  9. Battery Monitors and Capacity

    Not a live aboard ,but just weighing up best battery set up. Nice tug , don’t want solar to spoil the look. Old thumper engine don’t want to run forever charging lead acid batteries or a noisy generator.
  10. Battery Monitors and Capacity

    Have you got a link to a cheaper supplier please Nick
  11. Battery Monitors and Capacity

    So as a safe guard a battery to battery charger will do the job then
  12. Battery Monitors and Capacity

    Thought you were a monster!! Go on upset them lovely Trojan’s
  13. Battery Monitors and Capacity

    Go on then nick contact them and ask the question. We know how you like a challenge. LOL
  14. Battery Monitors and Capacity

    Battery to battery. They come with a 240 volt charger