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  1. solo parallel parking

  2. solo parallel parking

    yeah, I read and understood the OP perfectly. If they had been gentlemen they would have offered to take the lines while standing on the outer pair of boats and then crossed over to the inside boats or passed the lines across to someone on the other boats, and then onto the pontoon. It appears from your description that all they did was stand around looking none to keen, presumably waiting for a collision so they could make a proper French arm-waving fuss.
  3. solo parallel parking

    the miserable sods who didn't look keen didn't offer to take his bow and stern lines then, just watch with disdain. ............... oh, they were French, that would explain it.
  4. Bulkheads

    I fitted the ceiling and wall linings first. The more relevant question would be whether to install bulkheads before or after laying the floor. Of course you will normally lay the floor and then build up off it, but thought should be given to planning how you would lift parts of the floor if you need access (you will, inevitably, need access at some time or other) taking into account bulkhead locations and fitted furniture positions.
  5. Painting a Narrow Boat DIY

    if you have any sense of adventure, grind all your welds completely flush - and find out how your boat was put together to put your boat together again.
  6. Where's all the boats?

    thank you for reminding me why I avoid the K&A these days (Bristol based trailer boat - can travel somewhere better ).
  7. Diesels to be banned

    Our Octavia L&K 2.0TDI 170PS was a beautiful car - probably the best we've ever had. Sold 2 years ago when the DMF started rattling at 110K, and I think the turbo was about to give up. Regular trips up the M4 to London at 80+ returning 45mpg. But I had to stick to the inside lane whenever I could to silence the tyre noise. Picking up my new gas guzzler tomorrow - bought unseen, good provenance, I hope it's a cracker. My mileage is down to about 4K these days, so apart from the crazy road tax it won't break the bank on running costs.
  8. Diesels to be banned

    while searching for a replacement car recently I was amazed to find nearly all the second hand cars on the market are diesels, especially the German ones, and the choice of new cars with petrol engines is very limited. reviews by Auto Express typically say - get the petrol engine, no dual mass flywheel, no turbo, no DPF to worry about. I recently road-tested a diesel Audi that had a reconditioned engine and new turbo, DMF and DPF fitted by the dealer after he had picked up the car for a song - broken engine.
  9. Diesels to be banned

    on BBC news this morning - forget cows and sheep, use mealworms for your protein. 10 times as efficient so the carbon (and farting) footprint will be much less. eat worms, no need to go electric - keep your BMW 535d. everybody's happy
  10. Boat Stretching enquiry

    that pricing doesn't make any sense to me. I would have expected to receive a quote like: £5k plus £500 per foot. After all, most of the work is preparing to cut, cutting, and matching up the new steel at both ends, which is all part of what should be a fixed sum.
  11. A sad day at yelvertoft Marina

    is she canadian ? PS I always get mixed up between Aretha and urethra. is it just me?
  12. Swans attack

    bad news for you Gareth. It is a well-known fact that a kayaker's paddle shaft is not as strong as a man's (not telling you witch man, but he knows who I am torqueing about) leg, and Stephen Malley (Mr Asbo) has been practising his technique these last few weeks. As for suggesting they can't swim as fast as you can paddle, I can assure you that when they get in 'hydroplane mode' they can do double your best speed with the extra threat of a terrible wing-on-water thrashing noise. Stephen is currently on tour and can be expected to visit most locations over the summer holiday period. Contrary to your suggestion, Stephen thinks that attacking you is great fun and is looking forward to the opportunity to meet you in person. ............................. be a frayed .............................. be very a frayed.
  13. Swans attack

    I've often wondered if there's any truth in the rumour that a swan can break a man's arm. Does anyone know if it's true?
  14. Mdf

    Practical (or substantial) completion is usually the point where the cumulative certified value of the contractor's payment certificate reaches 90% of the contract sum (100% less the 10% retention money) and the maintenance period starts. Once the snags have been completed and at or after the end of the maintenance period, the remaining 10% retention is paid. Worked for me as contractor, resident engineer, and then client, for 50 years.
  15. A sad day at yelvertoft Marina

    Does Jerra have no sense of humour or irony? I am beginning to think so.