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  1. ouch

    did they call you Harpic?
  2. ouch

    we used to have a salt seller come down our street calling 'salt foresail, salt foresail, by my wears' but I haven't seen him for a while. where did you find yours?
  3. ouch

    are you the elfinsafety angel? the one who ensures that public bodies are so tied up trying to prevent misadventures that there is no budget left for doing useful things? our local parks department has no budget for buying chainsaw blades to cut up the many trees that have fallen and blocked woodland paths; however during recent rains a few small pieces of rock fell off a low cliff near a footpath (nothing rolled onto the path itself) and within 2 weeks about 20 intrusive signs and 200m of iron fences had been erected in perceived 'high risk areas'. I would love to see the risk assessment that showed that there was a significant possibility of someone being hurt in a repeat incident. ....... and several people have asked what they should do to protect themselves from 'DANGER - FALLING ROCKS' as they walk along the footpath.
  4. Sailaway

    forget the concept of trying to find a boat that has your perfect layout and style, or a boat newly-built to your 'perfect' requirements; even DIY fitting out to your own 'perfect' design will end up as somewhat of a disappointment because as you progress you will constantly be having new ideas, or thinking 'I wish I'd done it that way instead'. I would buy a boat (new or 2nd hand) with a sound basic fit-out and then get out and use it; as you while away those quiet evenings you will always come up with ideas about how to make improvements, nothing is stopping you doing some or all of those improvements as you go. The same would apply to a 'perfect' boat, believe me, but the heartache of having to modify something you have already laboured to make 'perfect' is a joy-killer.
  5. Trailable narrow boats?

    I am a grandfather and am available to drive your hugely heavy 4x4 plus narrowboat combination anywhere on the mainland UK. Senior citizen rates apply. Conditions of service include : - no back seat driving - you are required to hand over your entire road train and expect it to arrive at its destination sometime or never, - first class rail ticket or one way car hire will be charged for the return journey, - overnight stops will be effected by sleeping on board - customer to ensure ample supplies of victuals - details of my preferences (compulsory) will be forwarded after signing the contract. seriously, it isn't about a simple choice between mooring and trailing. I had a lovely cruiser moored in Bristol, but soon found the return trip from Bristol to Bath and beyond became very samey. I wasn't in a position to make extended trips, 3 or 4 nights away from home were the limit. I then started towing and a whole new world opened up for me. Neil2 has described it just about spot on.
  6. Shut Yer Gob!

    When my kids were young we would get them to say volvovovovovovovo as we overhauled a big truck on the motorway in our slow VW camper (or when going uphill when the truck overhauled us), one 'vo' for each axle as it went past. Then we invented scanianianianianianiania. My son, now 40, has been an avid vehicle observer ever since.
  7. BBC last night

    am I the only one who feels that this type of documentary comes across as trite and simplistic, possibly suitable for GCSE studies but not much more? without the personal human interest aspect, for example of Pru and Tim, I quickly lose interest.
  8. Managed To Avoid A Nasty Accident Today

    yeah, but ........................ the occupants are not made of rubber, are they?
  9. Managed To Avoid A Nasty Accident Today

    except that Deepwater Horizon was probably managed by ex-Amoco staff, and having worked for them in the UAE in 1982, I was singularly unimpressed and I encountered a complete absence of HSE awareness............... did I mention cowboys? I believe they even managed to install the topsides of an offshore platform onto the jacket in the North Sea 180 degrees out of alignment in the same year.
  10. Managed To Avoid A Nasty Accident Today

    when I worked for BP I expected to see a clearly defined pyramid showing the frequency of reports of incidents, with a wide base of near misses, and fewer numbers of more serious occurrences, hopefully with the top tier (fatalities) missing. If a contractor could not demonstrate such a pyramid, but just identified a few serious incidents that had been reported to the HSE, then they were disqualified from tendering for work.
  11. Managed To Avoid A Nasty Accident Today

    just wondering - is the hydraulic system fitted with an overload sensor that would stop the gates from continuing to close if they suddenly met hard resistance? from my own experience of instrumentation and mechanisation it would be normal practice for that to be fitted, assuming a hazard analysis had been undertaken as part of the design process.
  12. Yank - Locked in For Hire from Chirk

    oh! From the thread title I thought you had been arrested for the offence of hiring a boat from Chirk. 2 nations separated by a common language.
  13. VAT

    love you too