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  1. What do you think of this boat?

    I have no idea how the electricity will be generated at a sufficient rate to drive that 43 tonne monster, other than a km down to the water point and back again. there are very few solar panels on display; I have similar solar capacity on my little one tonne yogurt pot fitted with a 1kW motor, and that is not enough to keep me moving for more than about 6 hours before I need mains hook-up. ................... such a boat is only practical for occasional short day trips, assuming it has a mains hook-up at the mooring. .......................... oh, and 3,000 cu.m. of water capacity will tend to keep the boat stuck on the bottom of the canal.
  2. Radio ???

    a proper sea dog would run up the flags ............ 'England expects....', and all that.
  3. Fibreglass boat refit

    my so-called marine ply purchased from Lathams just fell apart (delaminated) as I was installing it. The edges were fine - until I cut it in half.
  4. New shower room, waste tank in engine bay?

  5. Fibreglass boat refit

    ideally you should use marine ply, and not the crap that is labelled marine ply (unless it has a Lloyds approval stamp on every sheet). Ornery 'marine ply' advertised for about £40 per sheet of 15 or 18mm is rubbish. If you don't want to pay for marine ply then use 'shuttering ply' that is designed to be wetted and re-used several times before it begins to deteriorate. you should line the cabin, including the ceiling (deckhead) with insulating foam, I suggest one or two layers of 1" kingspan that can be formed to the curves of the cabin top. If you don't do it now you will always regret it and you don't get a second chance.
  6. Moorings twixt Bath-Bristol

    basically ............. none. certainly none between Hanham lock and Bristol city centre. you could try calling Saltford marina. there are water points next to Bath marina and also below Saltford lock where desperate folk occasionally moor up and you are unlikely to be disturbed at this time of year.
  7. Making a will......

    don't you mean 'specialise in procrastinating while passing on conveyancing to office juniors who never quite manage to cross all the T's, despite the comprehensive service ably provided by the local and other authorities during the search'. my bruvver (C Eng) has done his own conveyancing on 6 properties, 3 of them substantial, over the past 30 years and has proved that it can be achieved easily in less than 2 weeks (in one case, within one working week).
  8. Kaspersky Security

    I hate all companies selling anti-virus ware 'cos I am paranoid and firmly believe that they all have an underground division inventing new viruses (and the appropriate vaccination).
  9. Fishy boat deal – or paranoid buyer? You decide!

    Unfortunately most boats are lacking in some or all documentation, probably because the owner treats it as a hobby, not a piece of property like a house, or a valued investment like a painting. I have sold 2 boats, and in each case the buyer was surprised that there were any documents, and amazed when he received a full dossier of everything he could possibly need. Like you, I would expect everything to be hunky-dory and I would expect the broker to ensure that was the case, particularly verifying that the boat was the property of his client and that it was free of encumbrances, just like a solicitor selling a house. Unfortunately life is not so simple and the broker will not want to be left holding the baby if owt goes wrong.
  10. C02 alarm help

    I admit to being a grumpy old man but technical inaccuracies like this lead to misleading information which casts a fog over the real issue. (e.g. CO - carbon monoxide). last night on BBC4 Sue Perkins asserted that some dams being built on the Mekong River 'will generate 15,000MW 'which is enough to light London for 3 years'. The mind boggles.
  11. C02 alarm help

    I've never heard of a CO2 alarm, apart from the oxygen deficiency meters used in deep excavations.
  12. Hydrogen fuel cell

    A few years ago an entrepreneur built a hydrogen fuelled ferry boat (Hydrogenesis) for Bristol Harbour, subsidised by a grant from the mayor (Mr Red Trousers Ferguson). Apparently he had to get BOC to sell him some cylinders of hydrogen to prove it works. AFAIK it has been moored up near the SS Great Britain ever since it was initially tested.
  13. Controller/regulator advice for solar panel

    sorry, my memory is failing. it doesn't. I had to install ammeter and voltmeter separately. .................... I'd better make an appointment with the dementia doctor.
  14. Controller/regulator advice for solar panel

    be careful what you buy 'cos there are many cheap Chinese PWM controllers on ebay that are marketed as MPPT.