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  1. Which Computer anti Virus programme?

    Having once had a virus I now pay for AVG without a second thought. I have 6 licences (cover for the kids machines too) costing £120 for two years. They do have a free version which is very good. After much research I went for AVG as it really does run in the background using less resources than other programmes. I also have Malwarebytes (free version) as a second checker but that has reported nothing for a couple of years now. Dave R
  2. Stainless Steel Chminey

    Superb, I will give him a call. Thank you
  3. Stainless Steel Chminey

    The 'plain steel' chimney for Legacy has finally given up the ghost. Having found out that there are many grades of stainless steel available, some of which do rust and corrode, is buying a stainless chimney from Midland (other suppliers are available) worth the extra outlay? Thanks Dave R
  4. Draining Calorifier

    I use an air pump plumbed into the hot water piping. A number of strokes of the pump later (with the cold tap open) pushes the water out. It leaves a small amount left in the bottom of the calorifier but not enough to be concerned about. Air pump
  5. Tacking wires

    Run a string through your conduit to pull the next wire through. If you do use it, tie another string to the new wire. You never know what size wire you will need to run in future, this covers all bases.
  6. Ballast - access and adjusting

    Legacy always had a good 3 inches stern trim. I have added the 8 short pieces up forward and now have her fairly close to even keel when the water tank is full. The other two lengths were needed to take the list off when I got rid of the washing machine in favour of a large fridge for the beer. Maybe thats why the trim feels better.
  7. Ballast - access and adjusting

    I got my railway line from NYMR, 1 yard at 90lbs (40kg) cost me £15. Make sure, which ever railway society you use, they know that you will buy the stuff and you are not looking for a freebie. I got 6 yards (pre-cut) and cut them in half again with a large angle grinder (hard work for machine and me) but now have a number of pieces under the bench in the cratch. This took off the big stern trim and allows me to move them side to side when I need to take the list off. Simplsz
  8. Window catch

    Ah the Caldwells catch. No longer available I am afraid. I have been searching for a replacement myself for many months now but I have had no success. Have tried the catch from Screwfix/Wickes but the dimensions are not good enough to allow the catch to reach the frame when bolted onto the glass. The windows are now old and I am thinking of replacement units - drastic but I am not aware of an alternative.
  9. Life jackets.

    Rivers, broad canals & single handing
  10. Building a full-size bed

    Same as ours only we went a bit further an had it made 66" wide so that there is only a 6" gap to the bulkhead to slide by when the bed is pulled out. No problems for me and as you say, the larger bed make for a better nights sleep. Well done on a great build, I cheated and had ours done at Dobson's boat yard. Dave R
  11. Keel Black Ballistic Black

    So who is at fault here? Me for wanting it done in Winter? Fertan for not publishing curing times? Keelblack for using the best application time in their advertising gumph? Your car comes with a set of fuel economy figures and a top speed - which are un-achievable. Should we be suing the car makers or just using our common sense? I am not interested in trying to apportion blame here. I want to find out how this stuff can be applied correctly for the benefit of all canal boat owners who may want to make a choice in the future.
  12. Keel Black Ballistic Black

    As promised my investigations into what may have gone wrong with the Keelblack applied to Legacy has turned up an interesting point. Keelblack advocate the use of Fertan as an anti-rust primer. Fertan is a very good product, well tried and tested. My inquiry to Fertan about curing times solicited a very interesting response. I quote :- Now you've asked the question it amazes me that we've been thundering along since 1980 without one. The figures are: 20C 24 hours 15C 36 hours 10C 48 hours At 20C a great deal occurs in the first 4 hours and the remaining 20 hours is very useful but less vital. At 15C what occurs in the first 4 hours at 20C takes place over 12 hours. It took me a few reads of the last line to understand that what is meant and this is that the curing takes 4 hours at 20 degrees but now takes over 12 hours at 15 degrees, My boat was done in February where the ambient temperature was about 10 degrees. From the information above I would extrapolate to say that at 10 degrees the important part of the curing time is 36 hours. The Fertan should have been left for 48 hours to cure and not as claimed from Keel Black only 24 hours. So it would appear that the information given on the Keelblack web site "How to use, instructions" needs updating to reflect the above curing times, again I quote from the document:- Old steel surfaces should be pressure washed clean, all marine growth removed and freed of flaking material with a scraper. Heavy rust should be wire-brushed or ground back to bare steel then primed with Fertan in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the chemical reaction allowed to work for 24 hours. Any residue from the Fertan must be washed off before Keelblack is applied. On painted surfaces previously treated with bituminous paint or 2-pack epoxy, ensure all flaking paint is removed where possible and flatted back. If the type of previous coating is unknown, a small test area should be tried to check that there is no reaction between it and Keelblack. Keelblack will flow between old paint and the steel and can help to re-bond previous coats of bitumastic to the hull but Keelblack applied over flaking paintwork may detach. As Fertan indicated no one has asked them about curing times so I wonder where Keelblack obtained this information? I am going to leave the Keel black on the boat through the summer and dry dock her again this winter where the parts of the hull where the Keelblack is failing will be repaired but I do wish to give Keelblack a fair test and so with the correct curing times for the Fertan more Keelblack will be applied. I will update the information much later in the year. Dave R
  13. Keel Black

    Just to resurrect this topic - things may not be as they appear in this thread. It is reported that KeelBlack has not taken to some boats (mine included) and I would urge caution when deciding which product to use on your boat. I am investigating further next week and will, hopefully, have some further information to share.
  14. Keel Black Ballistic Black

    Have had Keel Black applied and it is failing - not only on my boat but on 4 or 5 other boats which have been done. I am told that the makers of Keel Black now advise that the anti rust primer must "go off" for 4 days before the keel black is applied. This would mean (for me) a double dry dock charge on the top of the increased cost of the Keel Black. So any thought of saving money in the long run is now outweighed by the increased costs during application. End result is that the Keel Black is going to have to come off and will be replaced by ordinary black. I have been told that the makers of Keel Black have not been too much help and are denying any responsibility for the failure. I will be down at the boat yard next week and will make further inquiries to get to the bottom of what I was told over the telephone.
  15. Boat listing advice

    I bought some scrap track from the North Yorks railway society. At £15 a yard (40kg) it stores easily under the galley units. Dave R