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  1. Growlights aboard?

    Would LED's produce the same illumination for less than 200W consumed?
  2. Road diesel in an ST2

    Try filling a 100 litre inboard tank on a 6.5m boat on a trailer? "You have to remove the tank from the boat while you fill it" In the end, we backed up slightly, said loudly "At least lets fill the tow vehicle" and surreptitiously passed the hose up into the bow of the boat.
  3. Windows 10 is actually a virus, discuss

    Could have been a licence issued by Microsoft to a large company. Company "Y" pays "X" Thousand pounds for a site licence and gets a single licence code which always authenticates. At some point, an employee knocks off a copy and lends it to his mate. Registration works fine at first until Microsoft wake up and "About your site licence. Did you know you've got a couple of thousand employees working off site?" - Company "Y" then has to re-register (and update all the computers it really has) and MS mark the leaked activation code as bad.
  4. Good grip boating shoes or boots.

    I bought a pair of http://www.amazon.com/Original-S-W-A-T-Mens-Classic-Side/dp/B007RLD0DO following a similar discussion on this forum last year. Seem to do the trick but as others have said, some surfaces NOTHING will get a grip on! The side zip is handy when trying to get the boots off before the dog spreads his muddy paws over all the internal furnishings after a relaxing (for him) walk
  5. Costwold Canals - Wiltshire Council

    This has just re-surfaced on Facebook as the closing date for comments regarding planning permission is 14th December 2017. However, having commented, Facebook has obligingly hidden the link (presumably as I've viewed it once and it's giving me "new" news)!
  6. Driverless Cars, do we actually want them?

    But that's where we are now. The road network fulfils two very different (and largely incompatible) roles; transport infrastructure and (for want of a better word) "entertainment" I, some drivers, buss's, Taxi's and lorries fall into the former - we want to get from A to B quickly, cheaply and efficiently. The "prestige" motoring market together with some cyclists see the road network as a publicly funded playground. Magpie Patrick has observed we already have a system with convoys of vehicles; it's called a railway. Can you imagine the chaos if Lamborghini produced a rail vehicle and private individuals asserted their "right" to play on the railway infrastructure? I suspect that way downstream there will be two road networks; one for transport used entirely by driverless car's and lorries, the other for those who enjoy actually holding the wheel and accept the additional risk to themselves (and others)
  7. Driverless Cars, do we actually want them?

    will there? Assuming the convoy is to increase fuel efficiency (rather than reduce the number of drivers [which might be a big assumption]) there is nothing in the technology to stop a vehicle leaving the convoy at full speed; a gap opens up automatically in front / behind, the vehicle slides out and up the slipway and the gap closes to the optimum size again. A joining vehicle could merge in the same way. A bit like a Slip Coach but with considerably more finesse...
  8. Rotating Waterway Wall

    Although "repair the wall" will draw comments of what's wrong with it; the clarification is that the wall is in one piece but moving!
  9. Red Diesel Rules Rumble On

    Some UK delivery vans (and road sweeping vehicles) are LHD for the same reason.
  10. Car Insurance Question (Not Boat)

    Testing Testing Seems to attribute the highlighted text to whoever's posting it was in, even if it was inside a "Loddon said" box... Once in action, NFU were brilliant. looked at our car (17 years old) and agreed the rear end was neither damaged in a recent incident, nor obviously replaced following more major damage. then went after the claimant. And all in the days before Dash Cam's became common
  11. Car Insurance Question (Not Boat)

    I don't like the culture but after what happened to me a few years ago I wouldn't not report it (if you forgive the double negative) A few years ago I reversed, very slowly into another car. She (the driver and only occupant) had pulled up behind me at a recycling site; I hadn't noticed and reversed. We got out, exchanged details, agreed no damage to either vehicle. It was so minor I didn't even tell Mrs 1st Ade. Three days later I come home to find our insurance company have left a message about the "major incident" we had been involved in and the four passengers in the other car all claiming whiplash. Their (NFU) legal department sorted it all out and we didn't end up with an increase in premium. It was made slightly more difficult as I hadn't reported the accident and their advice was "If you think someone might claim against you, tell us first" Yes. It's a "feature" of the site that has been noted before... As is merging replies in a short time period...
  12. Road and Canal atlas

    "Alexa, turn the page"...... "Alexa...... show me the grease nipple" I knew there was a use for voice control somewhere (just not anywhere near me please!)
  13. Looks like Reindeer

    I can take them or leave them (which possibly also describes my attitude to Christmas...) However, Mrs 1st Ade likes them and getting new ones would free up some time [I don't "do" woodwork, electrics yes; plumbing if I have to; setting up a local gigabit network with DHCP and web proxy, piece of P!$$ but not wood or anything "arty"]
  14. Looks like Reindeer

    I know it's a bit early, apologies Just before last Christmas we bought two hand made reindeer's from a boat moored by the Galleon pub in Old Wolverton. See pictures below. We didn't get the name of the boat or the chap who made them and we haven't seen him since. Does anyone recognise them, know who made them and (most importantly) whether he is likely to be back this year. Reason for asking; they have weathered well over the summer but are now looking a little tacky and want to know if I need to tidy them up a bit or buy two new ones!