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  1. Batteries and being off grid

    Perhaps I should have altered it to "starting".
  2. Batteries and being off grid

  3. Vetus 4.65 cutting out advice please

    & seem have cylindrical fuses similar to a domestic 13A one in a bayonet fuse holder that do the same or the little bayonet lugs bend/fall off. If, as the OP has now said, the ignition switch fell apart then its fair enough to conclude that was the problem but if it had not then it would have been a bit premature to change it without checking anything else. I have also had a problem on a Vetus involving the relay box thing some have on the back of the cylinder head.
  4. Vetus 4.65 cutting out advice please

    Agreed but the OP did not say "ignition switch" Because there might be other causes made me rise the point.
  5. Vetus 4.65 cutting out advice please

    Am I the only one to be a bit mystified by this? I assume it means ignition switch but how that will stop aaa diesel with an "energise to stop" stop system is puzzling. Perhaps it was a bit of misdiagnosis.
  6. Rexit

    I think that you will find there are legal agreements concerning the income form the Royal Estates and receiving the Civil List. I suspect its in statute. Of course it is always possible to simply confiscate the Royal Estates and their income but that is neither ethical or legal.
  7. Rexit

    Be vary careful with the facts. If t did happen we would not pay the Civil List but I am sure the Royal Estates and their income would revert to the deposed Monarch and from what I can understand that may turn out to be a bad deal.
  8. Growlights aboard?

    That is if he really is growing chillies. I suspect it may well be something rather less legal - and that charcoal filter would be an asset!
  9. Batteries and being off grid

    Nothing if you like maths.
  10. Batteries and being off grid

    I also get the impression that the OP knew exactly what was going on but simply did not understand the units that needed to be used so everyone knew he understood.
  11. Charging queary

    I meant observe over the next few days, we have 9C forecast as on the way.
  12. Charging queary

    What is the charge warning lamp doing when its supposed to be out and the engine is revving? Cup your hands around it and look for a glow. If you find on then a field diode has probably failed. If the 14.9V was in bright daylight and it was very cold that might have been caused by a temperature compensated solar controller so would be little to worry about. I think the more likely explanation is temperature compensated solar coupled with well charged batteries. Can't rule out an alternator fault but would advise "wait and observe". If the voltage drops as the temperature rises then its probably temperature compensation.
  13. Windows 10 is actually a virus, discuss

    Purchasers may but the large computer builders do not, they may pay something but nothing like the retail price. That is one reason MS is used by so many, some builders had contracts that more or less prevented them not installing MS on new machines I understand.
  14. Batteries and being off grid

    No, but what they will need is fully charging as soon as possible after discharge. The last few percentage but MIGHT be a trickle charge over night but that all depends upon how quickly you can charge them during the day. ANY battery will gradually destroy itself as it works, the trick is to choose a type that suits your use and recharge ASAP. The battery might be starter, leisure, semi-traction or traction. The longer you leave any of then even partially discharged the more capacity you will lose to sulphation. Be aware that a very popular semi-traction battery makes seems to require regular equalising at 15 volts or so. If you can not do this then maybe traction or semi-traction are not for you. For any battery the lighter the discharge, the shorter the time before recharging and the more fully you can recharge the longer its life will be. For any given load you will destroy an expensive battery about as fast as a cheap one if you do not or can not follow those basic requirements. Personally I gave up long ago trying to extend battery life by use of expensive batteries. I am happy with good quality leisure ones, keeping them, fully charged with discharges to no more than 50% and changing them as and when required.
  15. Windows 10 is actually a virus, discuss

    It is when Microsoft say pay us your £xxx a year or your operating system dies. Apart from that I agree with you.