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  1. 12 volt battery bank hookups

    Very good info smileypete...I think I will do it the safer way and not try to over think it. Now I'm trying to decide if I want to go 24v or 12v...After looking at the price of inverters it's a hard choice. I don't think I will have a cable issue using 00 cable, my longest run is only 50' and that's from the battery to the inverter or panel box to the charge controller haven't figured out what would be the better placement. Dang the more I work on this the more work I have to do... Thanks a ton for all the help and input guys now some of my work is done. James
  2. Battery Setup

  3. 12 volt battery bank hookups

    Ok since this looks exactly like my first 24v setup with only 4- 6v batteries and not 8. I can only see one difference and that is where I made the parallel connections. Is it not possible to connect the 2- 24v banks of 6v batteries in that manner? Am I adding to many connections?
  4. 12 volt battery bank hookups

    Perfect! I knew someone had the answer.
  5. 12 volt battery bank hookups

    Ok...well since my really neat looking 24v system was incorrect and after careful study I have concluded that this is the only way I can figure to correctly connect 8 - 6v batteries in a 24v system. someone with a few more brain cells might find a way to make a perfect balanced load but I can't see one until I add another 4 to 8 - 6v batteries to the mix. As for the system it is actually land based. It is for a off grid cabin/hideaway I have the necessary converters from 24v to 12v and DC to AC inverter. Mostly trying to keep from having a melt down or starting a fire. Nether one is good when your out in the woods.
  6. 12 volt battery bank hookups

    Ahhh! I see the 4 in series at 208 Ah does make 832 Ah...Good catch, I was just testing you guys...LOL so my next question is will the difference in using 24v still out way the 932Ah in the 12v setup. As I understand 24v is more efficient.
  7. 12 volt battery bank hookups

    I came up with these two battery setups after reading the info posted here. Are my connections correct? Are my calculations correct?