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  1. Shut Yer Gob!

    We used to play this. Our winner was 'The army and navy' in Chelmsford.
  2. Connecting a 4" flue to a 5" stove?

    Had trouble getting ours out in the past, and have resorted in cutting the pipe in half and removing the feet from the stove and dropping it from the stove collar. Good luck.
  3. BBC last night

    Britain Afloat
  4. Managed To Avoid A Nasty Accident Today

    Wow, a narrow escape. Glad you and the boat are ok.
  5. Carbon Monoxide – False Alarm, Or Not ?

    You been cooking dinner again?
  6. Not So Naughty-Cal in Norfolk

    North Norfolk for us next week. Hope the wind drops off a bit
  7. Email from cart

    Perhaps lock/miles per year would be a fairer system Or PAYG, insert a fiver at each lock.
  8. Email from cart

    You are not wrong. I don't understand the logic why a 70ft widebeam boat should pay the same licence fee as a 70ft narrowboat, if indeed this is the case
  9. Email from cart

    Would they be typical wide canal locks then?
  10. Email from cart

    Can a typical wide lock on the canal accommodate two historic barges at the same time?
  11. Email from cart

    Why not?
  12. Batteries/Inverter Tec

    Check for tight connections on inverter, and voltage at Inverter.
  13. Lift out fee

    I certainly wouldn't name anyone before a lift back in. I can't see a problem afterwards, its a price paid for a service, surely not a secret..... Or Is it.?
  14. Lift out fee

    Sounds like a rip off.We paid 360 for crane in and out earlier in the year, including vat and pressure washing for a 70 foot boat (It was out for a week)