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  1. How long to leave gas turned on for ?

    Perhaps you have your answer.
  2. How long to leave gas turned on for ?

    You must have a huge bottle
  3. Failing that if you are dumping your backboiler, I may be interested. If you do remove it,you will need a baffle plate and an extra fire brick (assuming you already have two)
  4. Day time Tv

    Different era.It was a must watch when I was growing up. Syl Johnson....Who?
  5. Is it possible that the system would run or could be easily modified to run without the pump? Ours does.
  6. Day time Tv

    Ah, Different Strokes, a classic tv series. "Whatya talkin about Willis"
  7. Multifuel stove with back boiler

    Ours is a gravity system. I think the addition of a pump and moving rads could well work .Hopefully someone will come along who has such a system and will be able to advise you better
  8. Smartgauge Questions

    I'll do you a horoscope for a fiver if you like
  9. Day time Tv

    I thought Alan Bennetts reading of Winnie the pooh was good
  10. Smartgauge Questions

    Mine required calibration. I contacted Merlin, who initially were very helpful until I told them it was an older unit. They said they would come back to me. They never did. I recallibrated it myself in the end. I'll give you a tenner for both!
  11. Multifuel stove with back boiler

    We have a squirrel with back boiler at the front of our 70ft boat, supplying originally two rads(i added a third in the bedroom). The one in the bedroom doesn't really make much difference. I think it will depend how long your pipe run is, and whether you have a pumped system or gravity fed,and to a certain extent what temperature you are trying to achieve. The solution for us in the end was to add a second squirrel in the bedroom.
  12. Seeking opinions on porthole verses rectangle windows

    Liveaboard, bus windows, no problem with privacy using net curtains. No problems so far with security issues.
  13. Anyone tried a kildwick compost loo?

    I will definitely be installing one then. No more embarrassing farting noises when we have visitors around
  14. SMS controller thread ?

    Love it!