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  1. Wet bilge (engine bay)

    Have you checked that your deck drains are clear? A partially blocked deck drain caused my normally dry bilge to get wet in the recent heavy rain A poke through with a bit of hose pipe soon cleared it.
  2. 2017 Summer Cruise Route Suggestions

    Then you need one of these, towable by a car. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-2037262/Future-caravnning-New-13-000-cara-boat-combines-best-both.html
  3. Shoppie fishing competition

    My understanding is that they take "misery pills" to help them get into the right frame of mind.
  4. Perhaps to secure the relay in place, or to keep moisture out? Who knows what is in some people's minds when they bodge things.
  5. Budweisser

    My understanding is that it is the cogeners in alcoholic drinks which give you the hangover. The darker the drink, the worse the hangover. http://www.prevent-hangovers.com/congeners.html
  6. Budweisser

    Was it Budweiser Budvar, the Czech variety or the American imposter.
  7. Mind you if it lasted 4+ years, then it is a pretty good bodge.
  8. Do you want the good news or the bad news?

    Great news, every cloud has a silver lining. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.
  9. Engine won't start!

    Wot about a back emf then? That's not the source voltage, but an opposing voltage either generated or from a battery cell connected the wrong way round. I suppose being pedantic you say the generator, or counter emf cell was another voltage source though. (Says he arguing with himself and losing )
  10. Canal Cuttings put up a link showing a narrowboat already adapted for a disabled person, which may or may not suit Calranthe, but it has a cross bed, rather than a fixed bed, presumably to maximise corridor width for a wheelchair. CC also wondered how long the cross bed would take to roll out, so I explained how long it might take, assuming it is of a similar design to mine. There are so few boats adapted for disabled people that if Calranthe wants a secondhand one, he may have to compromise on some other features, unless he specifies a new one.
  11. Weeks cruise from the Ashby..

    Whatever you do when passing Alvecote during the festival, you must make sure that your stern line is not coiled on the tiller pin. Otherwise the commentator will bring everyone's attention to it and embarrass you
  12. Boat explodes in Bristol Harbour

    Yes, I remember Allen Matthews talking about it at one of the owners meetings in the late 90's. IIRC, the shareholder was changing a bottle that he thought was empty but it wasn't, and he also failed to turn the bottle off at its tap. When he removed the hose the gas rushed outo of the bottle and he dropped the bottle onto the semi-trad deck. The bottle ended up on its side, with gas rushing into the boat via the open rear door. His partner turned a light on (or off) which ignited the gas. It blew all the windows out and distorted the shell. A passerby wrestled the bottle off the rear deck and into the canal. Fortunately the shareholder and his partner only suffered minor burns. My guess was that he was new to boating and no one had shown him how to safely change a bottle and test for leaks.
  13. Question related to buying a narrow boat

    Any surveyor worth his salt should at least be able to save you his fee, by finding faults with your proposed purchase which allow you to negotiate a lower purchase price.