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  1. Victron combi versus Separates

    As equalisation should be undertaken on a fully charged battery, a a raised voltage (typically 15.0-16.0 volts for a 12 volt battery at 25°C - check manufacturers instructions), the current is likely to be just a little higher than the absortion charge tail current.
  2. Well done Sir Mo

    Yes, he shone on most surfaces.
  3. In the early days of my career I topped up telephone exchange batteries with a two gallon bucket. They looked a bit like these (but larger):
  4. On-line mooring consultation

    I certainly thought so. Ever since BW decided to encourage others to develop offline marinas. Whilet I enjoy cruising past a few moored boato and looking at them, some linear moorings, such as those on the northern Shroppie go on for miles. It is these that should be targeted for reduction as it makes quite an impact on a days cruising having to pass over a mile of moored boats on tickover.
  5. Well done Sir Mo

    There has never been any Formula One champion that has not been in a very competitive or dominant car for their champioinship season.
  6. Smell The Car Interiors

    Likewise. Can't do it for todays cars though. Disappointed not to see my first two cars in there (Riley Elf and a 970cc Austin Cooper S).
  7. Think I've broken my Smartgauge

    If all else fails, Mike the Boilerman will buy it off you. He has a collection of faulty Smartgauges...
  8. Victron combi versus Separates

    Flight Engineer? Or possibly Pegasus noticed them as he flew past.
  9. Chino's and shirt in snowy weather or artistic licence?
  10. £350K to spare?

    Mooring rights on a CRT navigation are not transferable. The prospective purchaser has to make their own enquiries. When I bought my present canalside property (which had a line of conifers along the edge of the canal, so needed the mooring developing), CRT initially wanted the previous owner to apply and then for me to apply, because "only the property owner can apply". Ridiculous (and they get two £90 mooring application fees). I eventually got them to accept my application, supported by a letter from the owner, by explaining to them that I wasn't about to buy the property unless I was guaranteed permission to moor a boat there. The process is supposed to take six weeks from application to permission (or not), but actually took 16 weeks.
  11. Announcements replies

    Damn, I've been rumbled
  12. Announcements replies

    Thanks guys.
  13. Fit a washing machine or not..??

    Victron and Mastervolt both make inverters with high quality outputs, hence "sensitive" appliances usually work well on thrm. This is not the case for many cheaper inverters.
  14. Announcements replies

    I only need 2 more greenies and then I too will be able to reply to this post...
  15. Festive Hamster

    Bet it won't serve as many people as a turkey though