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    Boat Sales @ Tingdene Marinas
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    HARE 1926 FMC Motor & ETO 1895 Bantock Butty FOR SALE
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    En route to Hartford Marine Cambs

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    Such a cynic ;-)
  2. Historic Boats for sale online

    Had motor / short shaft through stern post no a/c plates or swim .. goes well forward , turns great to left , sluggish to right , reverse is "interesting" !!!!!
  3. Historic Boats for sale online

    Just been listed on brokerage Elstree http://www.tingdeneboatsales.net/boat-spec?BoatID=6389648
  4. Where's all the boats?

    River Wey is normal A few boats and someone moaning C
  5. Worrying situation.

  6. Worrying situation.

    I remember ( or not) once loosing a month one weekend to Absinthe
  7. Denham floating dock

    It is NOT currently in operation
  8. Sea Otters

    All of the Otters I have sold which had a factory fitted shoreline connector have had a GI as standard Chris
  9. Hurley lock (Thames) Elsan out of action.

    Go to Tingdene reading Si and use my name as a contact with the marina
  10. Historic Boats for sale online

    Snipped from London Boaters Facebook......... a Longboat .....
  11. Water Cans and Handbowls

    Well I picked it up today and would like to just say a HUGE thank you to Anthony at Rose Narrowboats for the time and accuracy in making these new cans , it certinally stands alongside the best in my opinion for quality / weight and accuracy but A great can is enhanced by the paintwork and on ours Dave Moore has exceeded in spades all and any expectations .its not often I am stuck for words but when I first saw it I was speechless Thank you both for creating a "legacy" can that we will be proud to have on the cabin top of Hare Chris and Lise
  12. The Word Game V2:0

  13. The Word Game V3.0

    didn't read the roolz Oerlikon
  14. Poll: Boat dweller or live on the bank?

    No potty little houses for me