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  1. Lucas 2v Traction Batteries ??

    Be interesting to see how reasonable 'el cheapos' cope with such treatment. If they do OK whereas the Trojans don't, either there's something amiss with the latter or how they're charged, or even how they should be charged.
  2. Lucas 2v Traction Batteries ??

    Go on then, in what way is it hilarious and rubbish? It'd take about a week on DHL or whatever they use for expedited. What do you regard to be a good laptop then?
  3. Lucas 2v Traction Batteries ??

    60W av or 1.4Kw/day sounds a LOT for a 12V unit, even if it is a fridge freezer. I'd be checking out ventilation and the temperature of the condenser grid thing with that sort of energy use. Mayyyyybe have a bit of a break from gaming while out of the marina for 4-6 weeks a year? Xiaomi do a lappie which is passable for modern games: https://www.gearbest.com/laptops/pp_786412.html?lkid=11516416 Try the tractions by all means, though they may underperform if not charged to the mfrs recommendations.... I s'pose as long as they outlast the leisures at the same price then you're quids in, bearing in mind bank rewiring and all that. It would be interesting to see how they pan out. Sound like all your experience is with stationary standby batts, whereas the US Battery ones are motive power batts, maybe a different kettle of fish. Saying that all lead acid batts need 24hrs did sound like a bit of a sweeping statement to me. I guess the latter get used 8-16 hours a day, which doesn't leave a full 24hrs for recharging. Maybe they catch up at the weekends, but I expect the IUIUo industrial chargers just time out after a normal charge cycle, and certainly don't extend the absorbtion charge until a full 24 hours have passed.
  4. Lucas 2v Traction Batteries ??

    Don't want to nit pick but US Battery reckon on 8 to 12 hours for a full charge from flat: http://usbattery.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/usb-charging-recommendations.pdf
  5. Lucas 2v Traction Batteries ??

    Is 600Ah a guesstimate or from a power audit/budget? Maybe get 4 reasonable leisures ('el cheapos' but not 'el cheapest') and add a couple later if need be. For about 4 years life with occasional off grid that works out about £400 for 4 years or about £100/yr, not too bad. Sure, Trojans or tractions work out a fraction of the cost long term, but there's the time and aggro and charging equipment needed to protect that investment - maybe not worth it unless off grid 24/365. Also don't forget that reasonable leisure batts should handle the odd discharge to 20 or 30% SoC no problem. For holiday you can trade off deeper discharges for some cycle life, assuming any extra charge time isn't a problem in the short term.
  6. Finrad suppliers

    There are some 200mm rads around, a lot more chunky than finrads but higher output per length: http://www.purmo.com/int/products/panels-height-200-mm/purmo-ventil-compact.htm
  7. Lucas 2v Traction Batteries ??

    Found a data sheet here, looks like another brand but charging could be similar: http://www.ritarpower.com/upimg/201662802812390.pdf A google search on 'opzs battery forum' or 'pzs battery forum' turns up some topics from across the web. BTW why the need for 600Ah? Seems a lot for 4-6 weeks of off grid use per year? I s'pose another option is 6 Trojans to give 12V at ~690Ah, costing around £720ish if they're £120 each...
  8. Lucas 2v Traction Batteries ??

    How well have the existing batts lasted out of interest? I take it you're off grid/shoreline.
  9. Batteries not holding charge.

    Fair do's, maybe my quick guide should mention that the el cheapest might be OK for light use.
  10. Best washing machine solution

    Finding the cold wash button on the machine. Assuming it has one in the first place!
  11. Batteries not holding charge.

    Would be nice to get some useful info along side the posturing. Make/brand? On/off grid? Daily/fortnightly CC? What kit do you run, how are they charged?
  12. Batteries not holding charge.

    What make/brand are the current ones? If the existing have caps then reading the SG with a hydrometer, after a full-ish charge, should tell something about their condition. El cheapo leisures are usually the 'sealed for life' type these days, it's a bit unusual to have proper topping up caps.
  13. Lucas 2v Traction Batteries ??

    Maybe try something more mainstream like Numax, Varta next time if they're for daily off grid use. Might even be possible to breathe a bit of life back into them by careful equalising or charging at slightly higher voltages, but most people will prefer the safer and far easier option of getting a new set of batts. As Tony says any batt wiring issues won't help, also they may have been undercharged some. Ideally for a full charge the tail current should stabilise at a steady low level, for sealed batts this may be quite low indeed. A clamp meter on the interconnects should show up any wiring imbalance or an underperforming batt.
  14. Lucas 2v Traction Batteries ??

    OK, what make/brand are they?
  15. Lucas 2v Traction Batteries ??

    What make and type are they out of interest? At a guess they are 'sealed for life' leisures (calciums).