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  1. Be lazy and chuck it in at Tarleton? There is wagon access to Mayor's boatyard so the hiab should get there, but you miss doing the Rufford Branch which is a nice bit of canal. Crooke Marina? Bedford Basin (Leigh)? Just drop it over the fence on Barton Road in Eccles
  2. Help getting in to the water

    As I posted in the other thread, if he is in the area one day with an empty trailer he might well be interested. Having said that, if you already have the trailer you only need someone with a 4x4, and they seem to grow like weeds round here. Your best bet is to hit up the local boat / yacht clubs and ask. Or, you know, take Rachel's advice and ring Tony ... We don't get any kickback from him - we have just used him before and would do so again without any hesitation.
  3. Launching a small cruiser ?

    From experience if you let him do your short move when he is passing with an empty trailer ( probably a Scotland run) he will give you a discount as he doesn't need to do extra dead miles to/from Milton Keynes.
  4. Slipways near Chippenham

    Have a helpful link: http://www.boatlaunch.co.uk Be sure to check the maximum size of boat for the slipways is adequate - quite a few are only for very small boats.
  5. Paying to use the canal?

    Or, as most often gets suggested about now, he could simply move to one of the marinas that do not require a CRT licence for boats. They do exist, but that seems to be too simple a solution. I have even suggested one a mile from a city centre if the rural ones do not appeal.
  6. Approaching Wigan

    ... and then walk a few hundred yards to Wigan Central! We always consider it our treat for doing Wigan flight
  7. Boat price register comparing advertised/realized prices

    Discounts - No. of licences applied to. Prompt Payment 22,861 Historic 266 Disconnected Waterway 401 Electric 88 Avon 11 Witham Sailing Club 9 Historic Unpowered Butty 51 Portable Powered Boat 88 Table 4. Number of licences to which different discounts applied. Taken from the stage 2 report on the licensing consultation, and I suspect that most owners of ex-working boats would be aware of the discount available.
  8. leeds to bingley safe moorings

    Having just spent a fortnight in Shipley we would recommend mooring just before bridge 209, just outside Saltaire Brewery who have an excellent brewery tap and shop. We were intending to leave yesterday but they had a beer festival last night! Also a strong recommendation for The Hop in Saltaire in the old tram shed.
  9. Newbie...Trojan t105

    I'll give you £40 for it if you don't want it.
  10. I assume that it is all about the home mooring status. Boats without a home mooring seem to be the focus of CRT, and these are already treated differently in the 1995 Act. I expect that they will charge more for CC-declared boat licences, possibly by upping all the prices and then giving a discount (25%?) for boats with a validated home mooring. Note that does not prevent them moving to area (LOA x Beam) based charging too!
  11. Manchester - what a mess!

    You don't need to ring them up, most of them offer a "stop me and buy one" policy ...
  12. Underfloor Storage

    That's why we fitted two!
  13. Crashing again

    Yes, but only to the next bollard.
  14. Crashing again

    ... And there are plenty of old boilers near Wigan so you would be in your element!
  15. Separett Composting Toilet Installation

    I approve of your plan to ban disposable nappies, but you need to be the one to tell all the parents.