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  1. Navigating River Trent

    Go have a look for yourself, you can walk the towpath to Ickles, the water level boards will give you an indication of the river, it's only a 5 minute run to Ickles from the lock. There will be a bit more debris on the river this time of the year it's just the norm, the worse of the debris will be when you leave Holmes passing the wear. Go for a walk and have a look in the morning.
  2. Navigating River Trent

    Just to let you know the water level is rising now, temporary pump now in place so will continue to rise over the next few days, still about a foot lower then normal, at least not irrelevant information for the remainder of your journey unlike above.
  3. Navigating River Trent

    As the above says, they aren't at Ickles, you can't just go up as all the locks are locked and they meet you at Jordan's on the given booked day and assist you up the flight through the last lock No1, the furthest you can go is to Ickles I do not know what yellow light your looking at as there is no light system in place anywhere on the next stretch, they are only only used on the electric locks you've just went through, from where you are it's all manual locks. The water level is up from Sheffield to Tinsley, but that is more likely to do with the weather not the pumps, just ring the lock keepers and they will update. Have a walk to the lock and have a look at the safety/water level indicator and see what the water level is at, red/amber/green??
  4. VAT and Hotel boats

    Just out of interest has your boat been designed as a hotel boat from the start or is it a new idea? I say this as my friend has two hotel boats and his BSS is more stringent then on my boat, signage and safety glass with visible British Safety glass markings fitted to doors to name a few. They are registered business boats though CaRT so obviously license different too. Just wondering if they need to be registered as a business also with CaRT as well as HMRC to be able to claim everything back? I'm sure the CaRT business licence is determined on the business turnover(whether you need one or not)
  5. Navigating River Trent

    What makes you think I was insinuating anything? You're seemed to of insinuated yourself??? I was only saying vintage engine parts have been stolen from there even with fencing and big gates and you seam to know what goes on around the Sheffield canal so might know something about it.
  6. Navigating River Trent

    That window was broken 4 years ago and nothing to do with a break in, But vintage engine parts get stolen from Jonnies yard even with big gates don't they.
  7. Navigating River Trent

    There's no Dutch cruiser that was or has been broken into. So you have to attend court as you were broken into early 2017????? When was that then? There's CCTV everywhere in Sheffield just like every major city in the country. I do remember a theft from a boat in Jonathan's yard where parts of a vintage engine were stolen, the owner is convinced he knows who it was, do you? I take it you won't be taking your boat back to Sheffield then if it's that bad?
  8. Navigating River Trent

    Take no notice of his comments about Sheffield, his moorings are at Tulleys so you can see what it's like there. Sheffield is perfectly safe, just speak to the people who actually have moorings there, not someone from Rotherham who seems not to like Sheffield. Just see for yourself when your there.
  9. Navigating River Trent

    I'm sure your friend "Richard" will not be impressed if your telling people the basin is "drug central" as it may impact on his new Pub with people going down there at night or rather not going down if it is so bad with drugs as your telling, you must be a real good friend. I'm sure boaters who have been to Sheffield and enjoyed their stay will tell a different story to you.
  10. Navigating River Trent

    Bollox, the basin at Sheffield is not drug central, I heard you and your partner were in the pub and left your boat wide open, Even the guy at the pub "Richard" said your boat was left open as the door could not be shut. So I take it you won't be going back Sheffield then?
  11. Navigating River Trent

    The graffiti boat belongs to a guy that used to moor at Tinsley who upset a lot of boaters with his attitude, he got moved off and CaRT again gave him a mooring, once again same attitude so that's what happened to get him out, I've never had any problems with the youths, then again I wouldn't stay in Rotherham, you'll be better just moving up to Ickles today and if needed leave the boat for a couple of days, much safer there, your the only ones moving, just keep in touch with the lock keepers for updates they'll get you up as soon as they can.
  12. Navigating River Trent

    TOP TIP, you don't need to pay at Ickles, speak to Dave(lock keeper) and explain, the lock keepers know the owner at Ickles, LEAVE your boat at Ickles NOT at Rotherham. There is nothing going down the flight so it will be ok to leave at Ickles, it is gated and safe, there's nothing moving so it will be ok, trust me.
  13. BSS part way through refit

    I'm sure if your battery cable is sufficient to carry the amps, same with the starter battery cable all will be OK. I think it is more to do with fitting new major systems ie a new gas systems, new fire installations, fuel systems, major electrical upgrades. I think you have the common sense to know you need to upgrade the amp capacity of a cable for it to be safe to use and not cause a fire risk.
  14. 24v inverter/charger system

    Wow, that's not £6500 worth, all you've seemed to have bought is a new inverter charger, RCD and distribution panals, the clear box looks like some form is distribution/ fused shunt board, the rest is just basic fuse and distribution boards and control panels(well not basic as they look lcd display) New Victron multi inverter £1335 https://www.es-store.co.uk/product_details.php?product=PHM24/3000-70-230V-T16A&description=Victron-Phoenix-Sine-wave-multi-plus.-24V-3000VA-inverter-70-amp-charger&cat_desc=Victron-Multiplus&cat_id=74&show_menu=23 Maybe more expensive for off shore gin palace customers.
  15. BSS part way through refit

    I would say a BSS is only valid on the day of inspection, just like a car M.O.T, the OP kowns the answer like we all do, the boat can only be inspected on the day and any systems that comply with the BSS must pass, any systems that come under the BSS that are not in use must be made safe/de-commissioned. Any systems fitted afterwards must comply with BSS and be signed off and a new BSS issued. If the boat has been on and is still is on the water it must comply. New builds/sailaways slightly different. A 1987 boat on CaRT water needs a BSS, if you fit a system after the current BSS then that BSS is invalid until a new BSS passing it has been issued. Also insurance is invalid too. How many clueless boat owners fit things after the BSS only for their work to fail the next inspection.