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  1. boat painter needed

    Seconded. Hope you are not in a hurry though as he is currently booking for late 2018 and 2019. N
  2. Why is it so hard to buy diesel?

    Is there not diesel at Cropredy marina? N
  3. Izuzu Engine - strange behaviour

    If the prop is clear then it sounds fuelish or mechanical drag. Was the slowing accompanied by clouds of black smoke? If not, drop and examine all the fuel filters. There may be ones in the lift pump and or fuel pump inlets as well asthe obvious. Blow out the fuel feed back to the tank. Examine a fuel sample taken from the bottom of the tank with a dip tube. Fit clean filters, bleed through and start. N Start with the dip tube sample above and get all the water out of the tank before doing the rest. Leaving water in the fuel system on the engine is a really bad idea. N
  4. Willis / Belfast / External immersion heater

    The secondary water in boat calorifier is at pump cut-out pressure once the pump stops. This is normally somewhere near 30-35 psi and may go up to the PRV setting, typically 3.5 bar (~50 psi) . Domestic calorifiers and willis heater cylinders are not made for this sort of pressure and the Willis is likely to quickly spring a leak. That is why I said: "The willis device is usually designed for a vented system so you will need to have a spare coil and fit an immersion heater header tank and separate water circuit . " It may be that the OP has a low pressure water system, possibly with a separate pump pressure switch (to check measure the pressure in the accumulator once the pump has stopped) or that his pump cut out pressure can be adjusted to be within the SWP of the Willis unit. N
  5. AGM Batteries vs. Cheap 'Leisure' Batteries

    It wasn't a Rolls Royce Merlin. It was actually a Rolls Royce Meteor engine, from a tank. The Meteor is I admit a pretty similar design to the Merlin but doesn't have a two-speed supercharger ( 'cos it's not needed below several thousand feet up) and the power take off arrangements are much better suited to a land vehicle. N
  6. Rubbish disposal marsworth area

    Recycling practice across the country is a disgrace. Everywhere is different. No wonder CRT can't get it right, because there is no single option or operator that offers the same recycling service across England and Wales. apart from the variation in what can be recycled there is also variation in how. As examples: at home we have to sort stuff. They don't do plastic bottle tops, food containers or juice cartons. At our mooring all recycling goes in one bin which is auto sorted at the plant. They do all plastic types including cartons. Even on auto sort there are things which can cause the bin to be rejected- a black bag full of "stuff" is one cause and if spotted by the bin loaders they won't even take it away. How CRT can ever get anything to work given the existence of local dumpers and the waterways p-takers I don't know. Cue CRT excuses for closing more rubbish points I expect. N
  7. Barrus Shanks Engine

    The original rotary engines were the Bentley and Clerget and the Gnome Monosoupape, but if you are alluding to the design much used by NSU then yes. N
  8. Barrus Shanks Engine

    It was Chinese in essence, as you say, and made to their normal standards. The name gained in translation a spare H, two spare S's and lost a letter. N
  9. Willis / Belfast / External immersion heater

    Much will depend on the heat absorption capacity of the calorifier coil. Ideally it needs to be greater than the power of the immersion element so that you get reliable gravity circulation and avoid short cycling (frequent On/OFF swaps) of the thermostat which will shorten its life and the life of the element. You will need to arrange the coil and plumbing with a rise from the willis to the cal inlet and a fall from the cal outlet to the willis, using the bare minimum number of fittings and bends. The willis device is usually designed for a vented system so you will need to have a spare coil and fit an immersion heater header tank and separate water circuit . It is not impossible to conceive a set up where the willis shared a header tank and fluid with the engine coolant, or a central heating system, but it is important to prevent the willis heating the rads or the engine so as to make it more efficient. Good lagging will be needed to reduce heat loss too. I have never seen an Essex flange (of the plumbers variety) big enough to accept an immersion heater! Normal practice in the old days before cylinders came with immersion bosses would be to sweat on an immersion heater boss- but I'm not sure about A) the high pressure in a boat system on a soldered boss and B ) how you would make sure the flange is in the right place so an immersion element does not contact one or other of the cal coils. N
  10. Floatel, Northwich

    There was a floatel in Port Stanley harbour for some time and another one in Portland Harbour IIRC as a part of the prison. Don't think you could book for either though the Port Stanley one was a (small) step up on an ISO container or a tent. N
  11. Calorifier size

    Then it will probably be OK provided you start with the cauliflower really hot (fit a mixing valve too so you get safe hot water temps at the taps) and have Navy showers not Hollywood ones. Always let the missus shower after you! Then if there is no hot water for the washing up it must be her fault :-). For a liveaboard I would want twin coils and an immersion if a hookup was available. That way you can cover summer cruising, Autumn relaxing with the heating on and any time spent at a home mooring. The immersion also can be used with a genny if needed for a summer stopover. N
  12. Sink/shower tray paint

    How many tins did your basin need please? N
  13. Calorifier size

    What are you going to use the hot water for? If it is for a family of four who like cooking and a lot of bathwater, then NO. For a singly who showers at work or the gym and eats out a lot, then very probably. N
  14. Being outside is OK if they get used from time to time. If not they tend to sieze up. The art is to mount them in a sheltered position. Then you can ötootle your bridgeholes melodiously. N
  15. Bridges and tunnels

    Not just lighting under bridges-the ones in Newbold tunnel are now terminally poorly because noone seems to have maintained them. N