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  1. Distances? Trying to wrap my head around the possible.

    We did that route a few years back but in the opposite direction with stops as follows Sat -- Pick boat up and travel to Diksmuide Sun-- Travel to Iepre Mon -- Travel to Verne Tue -- Travel to Middlekerk Wed -- Travel to Brugge Thu -- Stopped in Brugge Fri -- Travel to Niewpoort Sat -- Hand over boat We had plenty of time, but didn't tend to stop for lunch preferring to get settled in during the afternoon for a few beers when we reached our overnight destination. It also means that once the lock keepers and bridge keepers know you are on the way they can prepare the locks and be at the bridges ready for you, one got really upset because he was waiting for us, we had stopped for a couple of beers at a canalside pub, and not told the previous bridge keeper that we were doing so. We had an enforced stop at Niewpoort crossing the river going between Verne and the canal to middlekerk as it is tidal and you need to wait for the correct water level to be made. This is because the canal from Verne enters the river below the tidal lock, whereas thee is a short cut from the canal from Brugges just near the hire base which brings you out onto the river above the tidal lock
  2. I have used Brass Machine screws in the past, cleaning the thread with a steel screw following taping the hole, just to make sure the thread runs freely. If you are doing loads of holes on a regular basis on either horizontal or vertical steel investing in a Magnetic Drilling system is worth doing as they stick onto the steel ensuring the hole is perpendicular to the metal so the screws run true.
  3. Thank you Crowthers

    My experience of Crowthers was a very positive one. Following cracking our prop on something very solid on the Ashton Canal, (we were on our way to take it out for blacking at Ashton Packet Boat), we took the boat out onto the slipway on the Saturday and Rang Crowthers on the Monday morning. As I had been thinking that the boat was under propped I asked the Lady on the phone what they would recommend and gave them all the engine, boat details. They specified a prop, and after a hour or so rang back and said they had a casting available that just required machining, and it would be ready for Thursday. My wife went round on the Thursday with the short end of the prop shaft which I had taken off and slipped out of the back of the boat. Mrs Crowther looked after our six month old baby girl whilst my wife took the shaft down to Mr Crowther who fitted the new prop to the shaft and carried it out to the car. After work I slid the shaft with prop fitted back in the boat and connected it. We put our boat back in the water the next Saturday. So a week to clean, fettle and black the hull, and obtain and fit a new prop. It worked well, better than the one we removed and is still doing so. my Daughter is now twelve!.
  4. Safety from economic migrants in France

    Do you need a trad van with rivets to use the RN roads
  5. Raving mad?

    The cold hole was where I met my wife at the infamous 1982 party, complete with keystone cops
  6. Advice on Sawley to Anderton

    Did you try the Thai café in Waterworld, the food was really good last time we were there with our two children
  7. Cratch - What Is Important

    My deck board is slightly raised and given me no problems, even going through Harecastle OK. It also has windows which make the front light even with the sides closed. We have hinged the two side wings with lift off hinges so we can open them if necessary when working on the front or take them off completely for doing work on the front deck, so if we need to we can run with the covers and the side wings off and just the centre and the top plank in place. our covers overlap the gunwale and to save drilling for fixings on the outside of the boat, where they are liable to get damaged we have stitches very strong magnets into the hem of the cover which hold them down OK.
  8. What do you wish I already knew?

    Another when at locks, Don't assume that the lock is yours just because you got there first. If for instance you are going up and the lock is full, and there is a boat approaching coming down hill open the gate and let him in rather than emptying the lock with no boat in it and coming up yourself. Always use locks as an opportunity for a chat, you might find out something interesting from somebody just coming away from where you are heading to.
  9. Pulling/Towing a boat

    we sailed around the area, hiring leeboard sailing barges from Harlingen a few times in the nineties. We went over the Ijsselmeer and into the canals to Maas and out into the sea to visit the Friesland islands. Great times. I remember a particular bar in Medemblik run by a famous swimmer and used to enter the annual race across the Ijsselmere. The trip on the train was made with our young children who loved it.
  10. Pulling/Towing a boat

    We did that run on the steam train in 2009 from Hoorne to Medemblike, we then got the double decker train back to Hoorne then got the ferry round to Enkhuizen. Here are a couple of piccies
  11. Converting working boat to live aboard

    I have over the years looked at old working boats and wanted to buy one, the other half however likes her home comforts, so we looked at a the idea of a converted working boat. We came to the conclusion that it wasn't worth the hassle and in the end bought a 57' second hand boat from a known builder with a BMC, and a Russell Newbery DM2 in it. This is a compromise, but gives me the feel of a 'proper' boat along with the look and sound of a traditional engine, and all the mod cons that the wife wanted. It also goes without the problems of a eighty year old hull, a vintage engine that you can't get spares for , no weed hatch so the odd swim when you can't clean the prop with a boat hook, and getting stuck on the bottom and in bulging or very narrow locks, for example when going through Cheshire locks with a 'historic' boat the other week and having to wait for the right hand lock as the left hand is to narrow. I love old boats and enjoy working them, but for a beginner, or somebody with a family who just wants to go boating I would say there are plenty of good second hand modern boats with Back cabins and interesting engines in without you having to do lots of work, within the OPs budget. A well known broker has three listed with back cabin and traditional engine this week
  12. Yank looking for trip ideas.

    Great Haywood to the Caldon Canal. Shugborough Hall at the start/finish of the trip Trentham Gardens, Wedgewood Pottery. Excellent pubs especially on the Caldon Steam trains from Cheddleton to Froghall, including the lovely mooring at The Black Lion where you sit in the beer garden next to the railway line watching the steam trains and the boats whilst drinking beer
  13. Ashton Canal closure

    Therein lies the problem. Instead of looking after the system on a needs basis, look after the system on the basis of a popularity contest and sod the people who rely on the rest of the system
  14. Ashton Canal closure

    And after bringing one boat right round the Cheshire ring to get from Marple to Ashton, a mere eighty odd miles and seventy odd locks, dodging between the Ashton being closed for a damaged cill and broken paddle gear I know what BillH is getting at. If you were at Norbury Junction and a lock failed at Tyrley, and you set off round the four counties to get back to Market Drayton, you would be pretty miffed if there was then a closure at Audlem. How long would CRT leave the Shroppie closed. And there have been two closures of the Ashton in this short time
  15. frenches/Greenfield marina

    We are at Furness Vale. Very pretty leisure mooring. Handy for the train station and just off the A6. There is a Tesco a mile or so up the canal. Handy for pottering out to Bugsworth and Marple or Poynton, as there are no locks you very rarely get locked in by winter stoppages