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  1. Brewing tea

    Any old black tea will do for me, in a bag or not, so long as boiling water is used. At home I use Sainsburys Basics bags and Saaf London tapwater, very hard because of the chalk hills it comes off, lovingly pre-digested by several previous owners along the Thames before being extracted at Kingston. Still far better than all that awful "tea" we used to get from machines in offices in the 1980s. I wonder whether the penny pinching accountants who chose those things used to drink from them. My mother drank tea made with the local tapwater all her life and reached 95, so it can't be so bad. But I've rarely had tea made with soft water so cannot make a comparison. When I found out a few years ago that teabags are not just paper but contain a lot of polypropylene I stopped putting them on my compost heap, but I'll still be finding them in my vegetable patch for years to come. I think the tea is good for the soil because it's acidic and my soil isn't, but it's too much trouble to separate it.
  2. Not got a boat, yet

    Only one? In the 2016 BCN Challenge I was one of eight crew on a pair, of whom four were in bed when we left Walsall at about 02:30 after our six hour break. Those on the motor were probably not asleep for long once the Lister started up. I'm 6' 0" and have often slept on a cross bed; it's fine but probably wouldn't be if I were a few inches taller.
  3. A lucky escape

    It's pretty clear from that video that the fishermen had little or no time to start the engine and move, and that the captain and steerer of the oncoming boat were negligent in failing to keep a proper lookout ahead at that speed. The article says the steerer uses a mobility scooter and quotes him as saying that from his sitting position he couldn't see the boat; that's no excuse, if someone disabled is going to steer a boat it has to be done in a safe manner, whether by adapting equipment or providing someone to assist.
  4. Time for a party

    I don't know who supplied my carpet because it came with the house when I bought it eight years ago. I could afford it because I could afford the house. If it was luxury, it isn't now after eight years of use, but perhaps Dr Bob and his 1001 can help me. Alternatively, I could do the Shake'n'Vac to put the freshness back. While Laurie was busy building his time machine, I was wasting my time watching too many TV adverts.
  5. Christmas presents

    The Greeks in particular, and the Romans who learned from them, were not bad at maths and science. They got the calendar pretty accurate by keeping records over many years. Maybe they used astronomy or records of crop dates, I'm not sure, but the Romans worked out that the calendar was slipping out of step with the seasons, hence Julius Caesar's reform to introduce leap years, based on a pretty accurate average year length of 365.25
  6. Time for a party

    But it must have changed history when he went back knowing Germany had lost the war? Or was everyone at the party speaking in German to reassure him? Badly of course, even after 72 years of compulsory lessons we British wouldn't fully have mastered a foreign language.
  7. Tidal Thames cruise in July

    I don't have a boat and I'm very busy on the 7th July and perhaps away for the week after that, but if you do switch to an earlier date and have a spare lifejacket I'd be interested in coming along as crew. An extra pair of hands with some boating experience may be useful. Although I've lived in London most of my life and seen the river a lot from the banks, bridges, office windows etc. over the years, I haven't yet boated below Brentford.
  8. Time for a party

    I'm worried for Laurie. As an experienced time traveller he'd know that abducting Hitler could make massive changes to history, so he'd take him from Berlin right at the end to minimise the disturbance. That would be very dangerous work, what with the approach of the Soviet Army, and Laurie hasn't posted anything since. Nor has anyone who was at the virtual party mentioned his appearance.
  9. Time for a party

    Your updated post count is of course shown against every post you've made each time you change or refresh a page. I see that Dr Bob now has 1001, and will clean a big, big carpet for less than half a crown. Will he do mine?
  10. Cleaning Mooring Lines

    I find myself wondering whether the boats were under way at the time (not clear from the photo), and if so how she was managing to work the rope around through the water while steering the butty at the same time. I suppose it could reasonably be done if going down a long straight on cross straps. You'd have a job fitting a long towing line in the average washing machine I think. The proper thing to do is to be careful using lines, especially not dragging them around greasy paddle gear or on a gritty towpath, so they don't need any washing other than the occasional dunking in the cut they'll get in normal use.
  11. Time for a party

    That time machine you mentioned last year, please use it responsibly. Why not bring So Crates instead?
  12. HELP! I dropped a twig in my fuel tank!

    I'll admit to the second. But I claim that my contribution about whether the twig would sink was slightly relevant. It's basic science, but not everyone would know.
  13. There are much worse parts of London than Brentford. Trust me, my ancestors lived in most of them.
  14. George Clarke's amazing spaces.

    I worked as a freelance computer programmer for many years, designing and writing a lot of programs for user input along the way, but never heard of this acronym. But I wish I had, it's a good one! I like to think I was good at my job, but there were always mediocre programmers out there. And it's the programmer's job to validate everything typed to try to ensure that the data that gets into the system is as clean as possible, but users will always find something daft to do that we haven't thought of. Worse problems arise when they won't listen to what they're told about looking after the hardware. I digress. None of the various boats I've been on have had a stern canopy, but I can see the argument for them, especially when steering miles on a rainy day and my jacket is losing the battle against incoming water. There is of course an argument for sitting by a stove with a mug of tea and waiting for the worst of the rain to pass. And/or getting someone else, preferably wearing proper waterproofs, to steer for a while.
  15. Editing.....the art of.

    200 years ago, Jane Austen said: Before I die, I really must write a novel set on this new Kennet and Avon Canal. I found this in the site's archives, honestly. Not.