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  1. Obscure connections to celebrities

    My in laws lived two doors up from Paul Daniels. Doesn't count, you actually met him.
  2. Obscure connections to celebrities

    Many years ago we visited the pub at the portal of the tunnel on the cotswolds canal which is under restoration? The name, It has a visitors book, the visitor previous to us was Noel Edmonds .
  3. Obscure connections to celebrities

    Fab. Moving on, I once nearly got Mike Smith's Autograph at Alton Towers, but he seemed distracted.
  4. Obscure connections to celebrities

    No he was/is the older brother. The other two are twins.
  5. Obscure connections to celebrities

    I went to college with Chris Rea' s twin brothers. And heard his demo tapes. Status Quo once played in our local pub, well after they were very famous.
  6. It doesn't, I have been banned from nowhere so i dont understand your post.
  7. Who is that aimed at John, I haven't been banned from anywhere if that is aimed at me. Apologies if it's not.
  8. Really? I thought they were worth repeating, Martin's work is highly regarded on here so worth doing so.
  9. CRT disgruntled staff

    I think using the term 'we' is replaceable with 'some' of the membership. But yes let's leave it there, agreed, (I do wonder though if everybody can, we shall see)
  10. CRT disgruntled staff

    The greenies you got and who they were from were not really unexpected though? I could have written the list. I don't post to up my greenie tally though.
  11. CRT disgruntled staff

    I should just add I really like the reactions function on here, seeing who votes posts up or agrees/approves them is really quite useful Something the previous version of the forum should have had.
  12. CRT disgruntled staff

    And it was in my opinion necessary to raise the issue. Hey ho Haggis our opinions differ. Guffaw... I love the caravan reference, really original.
  13. CRT disgruntled staff

    Pardon me but I actually thought we were having quite civilised discussion. The posts that resulted in mod intervention were indeed a bit off and they probably warranted the action taken. It was actually at that point that the thread took a bit 'of a turn' and I don't have any issue with the action taken (ie the warning given) should you be in any doubt. All the subsequent posts were actually perfectly polite with some disagreement and with no abuse or insults thrown, so I fail to see why you singled me out for criticism. The suggestion that the wording on the R&G's be changed is really not that bad is it?
  14. CRT disgruntled staff

    But the points system is the basis of any disciplinary action, along with bans (temp. and permanent) and being placed on mod. approval, unless there is something else?. But I see where you coming from as it could be 'we wont discuss any action taken' rather than 'we wont disclose any action taken'.