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  1. Moored in the wrong place.

    One of the Mexborough locks on the S&SYN (top or bottom I can't recall which) was like this.
  2. Clarification of a "rule"?

    Today's useless piece of information..... The creator of the Spirit of Ecstasy Charles Robinson Sykes was born in Child Street, Brotton in the neighbouring village to ours. There is one of them blue plaque thingies on the house he was born in. You somehow don't expect that the creator of a thing so readily associated with great wealth was born in an ironstone mining village in the North East of England. http://openplaques.org/plaques/10731
  3. Moored in the wrong place.

    The problem is you have probably achieved very little in terms of preventing any sort of repeat (assuming for the sake of argument the boater concerned was just in the pub). Unless they are a member of this forum (possible but unlikely) they will be totally oblivious to your concerns about how and where they have moored. Additionally anybody from the forum who subsequently recognises the boat is unlikely to go up to them and tackle them about it. In fact if there was any note writing to be done it could be argued it would have been better for you to quickly pen one off politely drawing their attention to the error of their ways at the same time apologising if you have got it wrong. That IMHO would have been more constructive than posting pictures of the boat on here. As it is they will probably do exactly the same next time.
  4. Moored in the wrong place.

    Assuming it's using it's own index number then yes it's currently licensed.
  5. Moored in the wrong place.

    None of which really changes what I said. We still do not actually know do we? In the absence of fact I am saying you are wrong to name and shame a boater in a public forum.
  6. Moored in the wrong place.

    Once as hire boaters we had to decline towing a broken down boat on the Soar (You arent allowed to tow). Rather than leave it on the river section the couple managed to bow haul it to and through the lock at MGM narrowboats. I later felt like a right knob when they asked us to to look after their boat whilst they took a taxi to hospital as in the process of bow hauling the boat the female crew member had fallen and broken her arm. I wish I'd just ignored the 'rule' and towed them to the lock.
  7. Moored in the wrong place.

    You are missing the point. As myself and others (who's posts for whatever reason you haven't included despite them raising the same issue with your OP) are querying your assertion that they are actually tied up and visiting the pub and that despite the fact you are short of evidence as to the actual facts you felt it OK to 'name and shame them' (those being your actual words BTW). I can assure you that there are a few boaters about who would feel quite happy setting you very straight as to the actual facts if you have 'named and shamed' them inappropriately, (and I don't mean just by having a word). A simple adherence to the rule of getting your facts straight before you set out to embarrass one of your fellow boaters goes a long way I would suggest.
  8. Brexit 2017

    As the post in question was in support of the complexities of their training I can' see that would be correct.
  9. Moored in the wrong place.

    Exactly my point.
  10. Brexit 2017

    @Chipmunk I'm curious as to why you just posted an 'angry' reaction to an earlier post of mine in this thread. Would you care to elaborate as I would be happy to respond.
  11. The Price Of Old Windlasses

    Bugger, the two like that we left on 'the dog house' when we sold it, but kept the shiny aluminium ones we bought for if we ever hire again..
  12. Moored in the wrong place.

    So you spoke to the boater concerned? If they were in the pub you could have done so in the time it took to take and post the photos. Or is the fact they are actually moored there unknown to you and your suggestion they have 'just gone to the pub' mere supposition?
  13. What happens if you leave the paddles open

    ?? checking/maintenance of structures not normally visible.... That is why they do it on the River Sarth in France anyway...
  14. Stove Fan Effectiveness Question

    They do recommend they go as far back as poss which we can do on ours at home because the flue leaves from the top of the rear panel of the stove. Difficult in some installations where the flue leave from the top panel in the centre (as in BSP's case) Our JRT thinks it has a definite effect though!! 20171118_153755.mp4
  15. Stove Fan Effectiveness Question

    Can of worms duly opened..... I dont think you will get a definitive answer to this one as people either swear they work or swear at them because they do not. The makers of the genuine ecofans claim theirs work better than Chinese made copies (which I think yours looks like - apols if I'm wrong) but then they would wouldn't they? I bought one for the stove at home as a nostalgic 'look back' to our days on the boat rather than a belief in the thing working or not, but in truth I dont think it makes any difference what so ever. Note the word 'simulation' on their diagram.