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  1. Any learned profession that believes that a 'promise' included in employment contracts drawn up years ago will always be honoured are simply out of touch with reality. If the NHS was a private company and it couldn't afford to pay its bills, including pensions, it would go bankrupt and the employees' pension rights would be high on the list for settlement from the available funds (if any). They certainly wouldn't be getting lifetime pensions of £68K. So now the poor doctors will not be able to afford to replace their luxury cars and yachts every 3 years during their retirement ........... really sorry for them
  2. What's the best paint

    Hammerite is not easy to use in large areas, better suited for painting fittings and fiddly places.
  3. what happened to tick over??

    those are seriously challenging anchors. oo-er !
  4. what happened to tick over??

    just a gentle reminder that this is Canal World Forum, which to 98% of members is concerned with those inland canals that are predominantly used for leisure purposes. how is unfamiliarity with other types of waterway relevant to this thread? ............. and I will not draw attention to your own record in this area of expertise(?) ........... OOPS, I just did
  5. Gurgling under my boat

  6. Marine ply

    polyester resin isn't suitable for anything apart from GRP mouldings. epoxy is miles better for repairs, sheathing, stitch & glue, etc.
  7. fire extinguishers

    .......... he must just be having a complicated day
  8. fire extinguishers

    BSS Guide 6.1.2R allows the kite mark as the evidence of compliance for quality. The kite mark will/must carry the licence number of the manufacturer. Of course the ratings and combined ratings need to meet the requirements for quantity. .... it is not complicated. I bought mine from fire-extinguishers-direct, very good value and full compliance.
  9. oil change

    my Yanmar manual tells me to expect the engine oil to be black, that is quite normal.
  10. Gas Bullsh**

    sorry. can't find the ISO/BS that refers
  11. Gas Bullsh**

    ISO-10239 allows HARD soldered pipe connections
  12. Sad story of Carbon Monoxide death

    I wasn't jesting. I respond in similar vein to anything or anyone that suggests that there is a bearded man in the sky who should protect us. (thank you, Tim)
  13. vetus bowthrusters

    my experience of clicking without activation - low voltage due to poor battery arrangements, and burnt contactor points (call Albright International for help). PS: apparently the burnt points were the result of low voltage causing them to chatter.
  14. Sad story of Carbon Monoxide death

    clearly not omniscient then
  15. Sad story of Carbon Monoxide death

    carbon monoxide is the product of incomplete combustion of coal or wood (or hydrocarbon gases or liquids), which typically happens when there is a shortage of oxygen (e.g. smouldering barbecue or ashpan embers). ....... be warned. complete combustion results in carbon dioxide which is non-toxic; it will not build up to dangerous proportions in a normally ventilated space. use of a carbon dioxide extinguisher in an enclosed space can be dangerous if you do not immediately vacate the space, and then ventilate it well before re-entry.