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    Had to change user name used to be Alan W. ex owner of FMC Lily & small Woolwich Crater Ex hotel boat owner & operator

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  1. Modern "old" engines

    I don't think the exhaust note was the deal breaker I got the impression it was maybe 2 pot & low 700 to 1000rpm Max only one that comes to mind is a BD3 & that"s 3pot
  2. Faux Suede lining ?

    The covering my dad used was "proper hessian it was mounted on a backing paper to stop if wrinkling/creasing
  3. Faux Suede lining ?

    Some time back when my dad did a pontoon coversion he did the roof & cabin sides with a hessian wallpaper & painted it wit anti condensation paint it still looked goo 10 years later although it had been painted over a couple of times
  4. Going through tunnels

    The possible problem that the tunnel tugs didn't have, the Op I presume wants to cruise a good amount of the system the tunnel tugs didn't go any distance from either end of the tunnel I would guess trying to pass through a "wide" lock with a std narrow boat & a boat with a similar set up to the tunnel tugs would be interesting 1 making the detachable & strong enough would be a "hassle" to have to assemble/remove just to pass though a tunnel
  5. Ponies at the Greyhound

    Ive had it on good authority that it only has a decent sale price if its offered still steaming as the lady of the manor said to the tramp when he asked if she could put some salt on the piece of horse muck he had "Oh you poor dear go to the stable & get a warm piece"
  6. Then and Now

    Veggie's got a bit out of hand & the boat doesn't look as though it's done much to up together & tidy
  7. Going through tunnels

    I think you will cause & be caused more damage with those castors ,the uneven rof will kock them out of line they will probably fall into the holes in the brickwork & rip them out of the cabin sides/roof damage fest waiting too happen I would guess the tumble home is not enough to let the hull hitting the wall without the cabin making contact have you tried switching on all the cabin lights they shine through the windows & light up the tunnel walls give you an idea as to your position in the tunnel & as said keep normal cruising speed if possiblebit faster if you can the boat pushing the water in a confined space will tend to better keep you in the centre
  8. Counterfeit stamp

    If it is a fake stamp & was purchased at a post office they should be prosecuted for selling fake goods probably a bit difficult to prove unless you have a receipt of purchase
  9. Clever Dogs in Rugby

    More than likely gone further down hill if its in keeping with the rest of the system
  10. Ponies at the Greyhound

    They musy have changed their br They must have changed the brews they sell the brew's they use to sell never used to have that effect Guess some one's fence gave upin a field bordering the towpath so they thought they would have a "bit of a promenade"
  11. March of the Wide Beams

    I have no argument what ever against wide beam boats boating on a cut that has designed dimensions to suit them but the lack of upkeep is a factor that is causing problems & the fact some don't move much if at all the condition of the cut that make them concerned & if they move they have problems & don't enjoy so stay put it's a chicken /egg syndrome which will only get worse with the lack of maintenance & the increasing number of wider boats or for that matter boats in general the increase of newbie posts on this forum titled I'm looking to buy a liveaboard which is fine if they comply with the T's & C's but i wonder how many become disillusioned with the constant moving if they choose CCing & become stay putters or bridge hoppers so the cut has boats moored in awkward places so the round of difficulty's may start again for boats wider than the narrow beam dimensions, The purpose the cut is now used for is compleatly different to its designed use but without being adapted to today"s requirements such a shame
  12. March of the Wide Beams

    I would guess that in your grandads day the cut was better maintained than present day in regard of water depth & protruding foliage so his 14ft traffic stoppers would probably cause a lot less hassle than say a 12'/6"wide traffic stopper that has to moor 3' out from the bank & the rain forest like veg causing more problems on the non towpath side also the mooring spots back then were known/ used by most boaters, so the willy nilly mooring would be a most unusual occurrence & the steerer's more than likely more skilled at passing a 7' wide boat through a gap only several inches wider & not classing it as a problem Some of today's canal users seem to require a 6ft gap between passing boats so if the moored boat is approx 2 times as wideproblems could arise.The general trend of boat skills & handling has changed out of all recondition the march of shiny boats & dangling fenders now seems the norm
  13. Historic Boats for sale online

    I thought you would have known that they will not let yo on the top deck with a 16ft long shaft & 3 cans unless they can borrow your shaft to swap the trolley pole around , other wise you had to sit down stairs with the shaft sticking out past the driver like knights doing a bit of jousting The range was a bit of a bu**er as well, more so if it was still going as pretty hot Think that was the down fall of the Winter Warmer as a tram heating system
  14. Enfield Z Drive

    Have a word with Lancing Marine Think they are in the Shoreham area on the dreaded computer There is another guy who used to be the go to Enfield guy Bob Knowles ?but no idea if he's still operating
  15. Historic Boats for sale online

    I think you are talking one way I was referring to the round trip from Mk D to K dis count the un loading & then the return trip as that's how we were paid by the trip.I was basically sub contracting a #1 BW had mostly ceased with their carrying fleet Fuel was supplied but I had to buy my own lube oil. The "Seffle" was total loss oil system good job it only consumed between 3/4 & 1 pint a day Mac 69 was talking Kinver/Chester in 21 hrs Ps on most days of traveling it was a 14/16 hr day usually between 4.30/5.30am start nippy some winter mornings