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    Had to change user name used to be Alan W. ex owner of FMC Lily & small Woolwich Crater Ex hotel boat owner & operator

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    Retired Areo Engineer
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  1. Lister FR2 Brass Rocker Cover

    The paint used for detailing auto disc brake calipers seems to last well ,can't speak for red,but yellow lasts better than most other brands /types of paint used to paint a chainsaw.
  2. Box or rail

    Also offers more protection for the cabin side/ roof joint. A bridge "graunched" handrail is an easier fix than a cabin corner repair, thinking of the front corner of the cabin, a lot of leisure boats of today have very little tumble home ,& tend to float/run bow high so the front cabin corner is the first spot to contact a bridge arch or lift bridge on the pivot side.a lot of handrails on modern boats are built with either near or vertical inside sections older boats & the ones with wooden hand rails had an angled inside face sloping in from bottom to top this allowed your fingers to go further in /around the rail ,boats with a good tumble home the inside face of the rail was the same or greater angle than the cabin side
  3. Lister FR2 Brass Rocker Cover

    Is It Solid Brass ? The one Iv'e come across have all been plated
  4. Progress on dock

    Looks good but I"m with Leo about the deck seat & railings,+ the rear fenders. Narrow lock working(ability to cross the deck ) will be some what more difficult.
  5. Horse Boating Rope?

    I the 60's when SUC ran the horse drawn trip boats first wooden "Iona" & later GU " Bellerophon " name changed to "Iona" we only ever came across 1 other Mule drawn boat Bunny Bunford with " Gifford" the horse line we used was 5/8" cotton & we used to flick the line over the other boat the boat away from the towpath did this can't remember having to much bother taking the range chimney pipe down in good time was an advantage Leisure boats the rope was flicked over the roof.
  6. X Alan W

  7. Boat Stretching enquiry

    Martin, Could I ask the method you use to weld in the extra piece of base plate do you grind the ends of the new piece & the original base plate ends to a feather edge & run several weld runs in the "veed" out groove or use a different method, Thanks.
  8. Hire boat stuck at Castlefield

    In the photo he was going astern judging by the swill if his mooring ropes tied together were long enough the 2 guys in black on the bank could have proved useful on the bridge with the rope tied on to the bridge & pulling possibly not long enough lengths of rope
  9. 3 or 4 cylinders

    Well if it"s a 4cyl it"s only got 3 inectors/pipes so would run somewhat rough
  10. PRM gearbox stuck in forward!

    Have you removed the control cable at the lever on the GB & tried moving the GB lever by hand with the motor running at idle, is it still stuck in forward gear? if it works it's control lever/cable problem, have you checked the GB oil level is that to the full mark?
  11. Boat canopy zip, tips, help appreciated.

    There used to be a product available in camping outdoor shops for spraying on mountain clothing wear have no idea if still available as velcro is more widespread
  12. GRP top - roof rib query

    IIRC from years back of the ones used by several company's SUC Bijou & Teddesley the tops were layed up in the outside mould & the pre made roof beams were wriggled into place while the grp lay up was still wet Sorry don't know if the Harbourgh ones were the same
  13. Diesels to be banned

    The questions that spring to my mind are The oil company's & their lobbyists are going to give the Gov of the day a hard time & said Gov are going to be a good few "Bob' down in the taxes collected on fuel so are they going to 'screw' the 'leccy' to make up their tax short fall & will the vehicle excise/road tax be imposed on 'leccy' powered vehicles as they will have a reduced number of fossil fueled 'jobbies' to screw.
  14. By Canal NOT road!

    You would be having a struggle with your boat there, NO CANAL