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    Had to change user name used to be Alan W. ex owner of FMC Lily & small Woolwich Crater Ex hotel boat owner & operator

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  1. Brotherly Love?

    Did you witness the Bw fleet Anderton & other #1's boating before the demise of the Bw operation? Having done commercial carrying I consider your remarks condescending I would not consider rising at 4.30 setting of just after 5am & boating non stop other than wrong lock waiting until around 8pmmore or less every day unless tied waiting load/unloading playing & as you got payed on trip completion the sooner finished sooner money maybe there were less boats but the distance on the cut & #of locks was the same + the cut was not as well maintained I can assure you boating with a loaded pair say north of 38 tons in snow, ice & having to try to get from Mk Drayton to Bulboune in 5/6 days was I can assure you NOT playing
  2. Brotherly Love?

    Having boated commercially 14 years 50's though 60s & in to the 70's the OP's situation bears no resemblance to any I witnessed in that time but since then times & attitudes have changed a lot & although the working boater may have lacked the education of today he /she knew how to operate a boat loaded or empty however problems of folk doing all manner of what could be considered "Stupid" to a competent boater was a lot less likely to occur
  3. Boating in summer is for wimps!

    Excellent Video that brought back an assorted set of memories
  4. Bargain hunt and Lister

    They manufactured a good number of Park benches in the early 1950's as a teen I helped my Grandad lay the concrete slabs & put the benches together & bolt down in a garden of remembrance along side the church grave yard & thefarm nearby had several pieces of agri kit including a implement for harvesting carrots

    Well you could always waft the heat around with an axiom propeller
  6. Seized Mushroom Vents

    One of the best freeing agents is a DIY brew of 50/50 mix of ATF (auto transmission fluid) & acetone
  7. Car engine running cool

    If the water pump is not working due to slack Fan belt would have the opposite effect it would run hot
  8. Extant full length butty's and horse boats

    Phoebe carried towed at one time by Martin Fuller STR his motor was a "Dustbin "but the name escapes me
  9. Haven't been that way in the winter for a good few years but if you use the " Shoppie"route the tow path in the cuttings (Grub Street, Tyrley, ) were waders rather than "wellies" to get through could be done but it would be slow going. Could have changed by now though
  10. Historic Boats for sale online

    All modern in service front line Fighters are unstable to the point of the pilot being able to control (& stay in the air) without the #of control computers up to 9 in some cases they are so inerrantly unstable that a humans reactions are not quick enough to counteract the planes instability
  11. Historic Boats for sale online

    In around 1964 a guy who was a mate of Jim Yates had a converted butty called Orianne he moored some where on the BCN & sometimes left it moored at Norbury Jcn I"m not sure if it was the same boat but likely as the bow from memorywas a nicer shape than the normal BCN boats
  12. River class butty 'Yeo'

    Are you intending to use your blue tops as a cabin? if yes & thinking of raising/lowering I think you would have a real problem with water ingress The reason I say this I was contracted to the gas line laying in the towpaths of the BCN & my boat (Josher) was employed as tug, cook boat & general parts carrier, I 'obtained a couple of blur tops to make a shelter for the cooking equipment & for being watertight were a complete disaster ended clothing them over with a section of side & top cloths having them movable I would have thought would increase your hassle factor with them Good luck with your project
  13. Self driving boat?

    One of the Fasham Clan used to have a RC controlled narrow boat I met him one day bringing it up through the Tipton 3 he was working the bottom Lock & the boat was bringing its self along some 2/300 yards from the lock didn't see it again so have no idea if it was success/failure
  14. Petrol on the kennet and avon

    Last time I was on the K&A a guy was walking along the towpath near the flight at Devises with a red OB fuel tank on 1 of those folding sack type trucks He seemed to be getting on Ok with possibly 25 Lof fuel
  15. Stove glass cleaning.

    As above or damp newspaper dipped in the ash