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  1. auto change over simply means two empty bottles with no back up.
  2. Criminals are getting wise to the continuous dumpers .You say empty what does that mean ?
  3. License Fee Consultation

    Whaley bridge lots of empty long term moorings available as Ghost moorings .These should be cheap they are in a tree tunnel so solar no good plenty of sap and bird poo to be cleaned of boats daily .
  4. After all this time surely CRT know to keep lock landings and services clear and a skip at services for the extra rubbish. Amazing that CRT have not seen a money making opportunity here . I believe moorings at Crick show are pre booked and charged.
  5. £5000 Fine for Boater - 'Stealing The Wind'

    ..- keep away
  6. £150 fine on long term moorings

    Totally agree with offside long term moorings but on towpath is becoming a problem as visitor numbers rise in some areas a classic example is Ansty which is getting popular but the empty long term moorings take up so much room No £150 sign up as yet though.
  7. £150 fine on long term moorings

    vacant moorings awaiting a renter should be signed to let and overnight 24hr mooring allowed in my opinion.
  8. Out of water boat storage

    Also factor in licence saving.
  9. Canoe safety

    this is why i wonder if its true or a wind up .
  10. Canoe safety

    Same subject is there any truth in the rumour of canoeists going into Foulridge tunnel (L&L) on the red light and boats having to reverse out ?
  11. Character assassination

    What green arrow ? Mine is grey and only becomes green when i hover over it .The negatives i thought where good for when posts get hi jacked to another subject .
  12. Diesels to be banned

    Global warming will cause evaporation of more sea water and this will come down as drinkable rain on countries like Great Britain .Other countries will lose population through drought so all these things need factoring in
  13. Diesels to be banned

    but China has lifted the one child restriction
  14. Just a warning burton on trent

    have to agree probably from Burton ale
  15. Diesels to be banned

    So commercial TV has a top watched programme come the AD break the generating powers that be are ready for the kettles going on .This scenario will be happening at School and work home times M-F .I hope that the construction industry is geared up for all the power outlets that are going to be required .WHAT copper is getting short supply ? which is one reason why electrification of trains is slowing I believe. Electric boating on the LLangollen could be feasible powered by water flow.