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  1. can anyone explain the different moorings...

    exactly why i do not use this site much
  2. can anyone explain the different moorings...

    moorings there are 1 continuous cruising moving to another place when time is up visitor moorings signed elsewhere 14 days max. 2 Leisure moorings you pay your money and leave the boat but can stay on it for a limited time dictated by mooring owners terms. 3 Live aboard if permitted by mooring owner basic condition is be away from the mooring for 2 calendar months each year to avoid local council problems. 4 residential right to stay on boat all year on owners mooring this will probably incur council tax which you have to pay over and above mooring fees.
  3. March of the Wide Beams

    Surely as you leave Braunston to Wigrams the pinch point where the permanent boats have their gardens could be a problem as i came through after giving way to a narrow boat heading to Braunston I thought thats a silly place for a fibreglass to breast up.
  4. Post / Royal Mail on a Canal Boat

    When i looked at boat forwarding services i found them very expensive and so use a friends address .Wherever possible i have gone paperless .I think email is the way forward for lots of companies and the government departments .
  5. Leave space for anglers!

    surely the sign should be on the offside which is where most anglers seem to fish
  6. More about marina livin'

    I loved the "whats Ironing" it creased me up
  7. Leave space for anglers!

    its all to do with the angle of the dangle
  8. Leave space for anglers!

    now if it was 5 yards then fair enough
  9. CRT Changes To Executive Team

    it would be more meaningful if they started doing the job not thinking up fancy job titles .
  10. Voltage drop when fridge turn on

    you need to go down the sealed battery route if as you say they are hard to get at .
  11. RCD

    i have fins on my rudder which i have stood on when working at the stern these would be my best bet if not in a canal where i would probably get onto towpath.
  12. Lock keeper beaten up

    pretty serious subject but of course has to go off topic
  13. Lock keeper beaten up

    send in the river police who can apprehend and confiscate the boats which have been used in a crime and are operating illegally No licence insurance or Bss or do we not have these police departments now ?
  14. Red Diesel Rules Rumble On

    i filled up my Narrowboat in Liverpool Marina same price and declaration deal as red but was white diesel.I was told because sea going boats are main customer .
  15. Red Diesel Rules Rumble On

    what does a litre of white diesel cost for example in france ?