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  1. Steering basics - zigzag effect?

    Maybe 1100rpm?
  2. Steering basics - zigzag effect?

    Leicester arm of the GU. Isuzu LC38, PRM150 and... erm... what's a final drive?
  3. Steering basics - zigzag effect?

    I did find myself doing that, actually, and it did help, but we're talking about a speed barely above tickover. Maybe 900rpm. I can't cruise around like that forever!
  4. Steering basics - zigzag effect?

    Thanks for the reassurance everyone, and especially MoominPapa for that tip - very helpful in making sense of my experience. Just from reflecting on things and watching a couple of YouTube videos, I'm already getting a fair idea of where I've been going wrong. Basically I think I've been too cautious in how much I move the tiller when only a small correction is needed, and too slow to bring it back to the middle even after a large correction; I need to be more timely and more definite both in stopping an initial drift to one side, and in making sure it doesn't then start drifting over to the other. I can imagine! Our old boat was steel, but small and with an outboard (as I say), and steering once winds got up to the mid-teens was always 'interesting'.
  5. My very first experience of steering a narrowboat was when the previous owner of our old 24-foot, outboard-engine boat passed the tiller over to give me a turn. As the boat began to drift to one side, I (over)corrected and it started drifting to the other, so I (over)corrected again, swinging from side to side in an ever-wider arc until we finally hit the bank. Not a great start, but I did fairly soon get a better feel for it! Fast forward to the weekend just gone. I'm at a 'proper' tiller on a 'proper' 55ft, inboard-engine boat for the first time, after a 3-year break from boating... and I'm embarrassed to admit that I was having the same basic problem (albeit not as extreme): Boat is heading towards one bank. Best guess at the right amount of steering to straighten up. Allow a few seconds for boat to respond, not wanting to overdo it. Nope -still heading towards the bank, which is now a lot closer. Steer more decisively to avoid collision, knowing this is overdoing it but not knowing what else to do. Surprise surprise, the boat swings too much and ends up pointing towards the opposite bank. Repeat as (un)necessary, travelling down the canal in a silly zigzag pattern until somehow the boat is back in a straight line. Any suggestions? Do I just need to be more decisive in my steering at that first stage, before the boat is actually getting close to the bank? Maybe the unfamiliar weight/resistance of the tiller is making me reluctant to move it as far and as fast as I need to? Ultimately I'm sure I'll get a 'feel' for it, but meanwhile I have gone aground for no good reason, had to hit reverse to avoid collision with a moored boat, and had rather more contact with tunnel walls than I might like. Anything I can do to accelerate the learning process can only be a good thing! Oh, and I do plan to take a helmsman's course, but dates and geography mean a long journey before I do can't be avoided.
  6. Good Samaritans on The Rochdale

    I suspect you were lucky! It must be more like four years since we did it and we encountered several very low pounds requiring water to be let down, and had to stop maybe half a dozen times to get several carrier bags and a sweater off the (outboard) prop.
  7. GU Leicester Line closed from 27th Sept UFN

    Thankfully we've just decided to head south from Debdale instead of north when we pick our new boat up, or this could have been a right pain!
  8. Mooring in Crick?

    Thanks everyone. I think that's enough to convince me that we'll find somewhere to moor if we carry on to Crick rather than stopping at Yelvertoft.
  9. Good Samaritans on The Rochdale

    Nice to hear a more positive story about the area!
  10. Mooring in Crick?

    Any suggestions on the best spot? A 14 day visitor mooring would be nice, but I don't know if there are any. CRT Boater's Guide is no use and other threads on here talk about problems getting close to the bank.
  11. Looking to buy - unsure of what age to look for?

    But unless you're a cash buyer, the initial capital cost of a house translates into an ongoing mortgage cost. If the choice you face is between buying a boat outright, and putting down a deposit and buying a flat with a £600-a-month mortgage (say), the question of whether annual costs for fuel, maintenance etc. are a bit higher in a flat or in a boat is pretty much moot. But there you're comparing the cost of living in a house with zero mortgage/rent, to the cost of living on a boat with a £3.5k a year mooring. Again, the calculation looks completely different to someone weighing 25 or 30 years of mortgage payments against buying a boat, which may have a cheaper mooring or no mooring at all. Again, you're talking about 'a house paid for years ago' with mortgage/rent costs that now happen to be zero. Yes, it illustrates a point about month-to-month living costs, but to most people surely housing costs are the biggest expense and so the biggest concern. It all feels a bit like someone comparing the cost of boat living on a freehold mooring he owns outright, to the cost of house living in a place that costs £800 in rent. It doesn't justify any sort of generalisation about the cost of living on a boat vs. in a house.
  12. Bought a new boat!

    Yes, we'll spotted! Glad it was lifted there cos they do black the base plate as standard, and we'd rather it was done. Now we just need to get it back to Yorkshire...
  13. Bought a new boat!

    Yep, that's the one. And unlike most of the boats we viewed, it looks at least as good in the flesh as in the photos.
  14. Bought a new boat!

    Done! I expect we'll be changing it as soon as we can afford the painting involved though...
  15. Bought a new boat!

    Oh well, if you insist... Just being lifted out for the hull survey yesterday.