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  1. Victron combi versus Separates

    Exactly. Not only does Dr Bob's unit have such a switch, there's a photo of it in the 'charger' position in the original post. (Mine still went duff whilst in this position, coincidentally as a contractor was safety testing the shore supply bollard my landline was plugged into)
  2. Domestic water quality

    I thought this sounded promising, so I looked it up. From the Dr Johnsons Safety Data Sheet: Environmental Hazard - Aquatic Chronic 3 H412. Hazard H412 - Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Precautionary Statement P273 - Avoid release to the environment. The majority of what comes out of our fresh water tanks ends up in the canal or river, so I'll be giving it a miss.
  3. Victron combi versus Separates

    I've just done this very thing. My Mastervolt Combi has an AC transfer switch fault so it has stopped recognising the AC supply to do the clever switching thing and I didn't want to wait the several weeks it could be in Mastervolt fixed price repair loop. Rather than go direct replacement, I've fitted a Victron Inverter and a separate Victron charger. I've used a (1-0-2) 3 position switch to change between shore supply when at a berth with 240v supply of and the inverter when out cruising. I figured I didn't need the power assist or short break UPS features, neither of which I'd used in 4 years. I've made sure the shore supply only stuff (immersion and charger) are on their own breaker and have neon indicators to highlight when they're on. Happy to provide more info if any of this sounds helpful to you.
  4. Dog walking

    Oh don't go all mushy!
  5. Eco Fan

    Just do it when no-one else is looking - I'll keep an eye out for yer.
  6. Internet Doctor

    You can't have it both ways!
  7. To survey or not to survey

    You sure do have yourself a lovely looking boat now!
  8. Flue sealant for roof

    Water could be finding it's way into the insulation between the roof and your deck head (ceiling) so don't delay the fix too long.
  9. Dog walking

    Indeed. Friends bought a Husky pup many years ago when they were quite an unusual sight. Despite their efforts, he didn't really see them as much of an influence in his life. They did not even seem to be seen as pack mates, let alone his superiors. You've certainly chosen yourself a challenging breed! That might explain why I'm on my third Labrador!
  10. Internet Doctor

    Well, I did say I had no wish to argue the case for or against it. That said, it is very frequently the same doctor doing the operation whether NHS or private. Perhaps if those particular doctors spent all day with the NHS instead of devoting much of their time to private work...
  11. Dog walking

    After reading your post, I asked my Labrador what she thought and she said she couldn't help as she didn't know much about Husky x Wolf crosses. However, she did just happen to mention that if I give her a biscuit she'll do anything I want.
  12. Internet Doctor

    The NHS pays the same rate for a treatment whether it's done 'in house' by an NHS doctor in an NHS hospital or one (possibly even the same one) in a private facility. If you wanted to set up a facility doing particular routine operations, say, you don't name your price - the NHS tells you the going rate and you have to find your profit by being more efficient at it. Some succeed, some don't. I don't have an interest (medical, political or ethical) on whether this is the best way to do things or not, so I have no wish to argue a case for it.
  13. Norman Boats Website

    Your content will need to be approved by a moderator Why does it say that (to me at least) on this particular thread?
  14. Fitting a waste water tank

    Last time I asked someone pompous to flush out, he refused in no uncertain terms!
  15. Brotherly Love?

    Isn't it. Probably not a new one for him though, only for you. Also probably not something a passing boater is going to solve either. My guess is its been going on long before you got there and will continue long after, but it might be worth mentioning it to someone suitably qualified if you judge that to be the right thing.