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  1. Frank Nurser Tray on eBay

    Ron certainly painted stools that went to Harrods. It was in the Blue Line days and Aubrey Berriman who was the boat builder at the time made the stools.
  2. This is certainly one of the new signs but I am not sure this is same as the ones put up in Blisworth
  3. The "quiet mooring signs" seem to be CRT`s answer to complaints. Unfortunately they seem to be able to authorise these restrictions after minimal complaint. These have now been introduced in Blisworth after the Candle Bridge going South. Enquiries by the locals have discovered that these have been erected on the basis of one complainant, the other residents are happy with the moorers they have and consider many of them to be friends. CRT should at least take notice of all residents before imposing any additional restrictions.
  4. CRT are very particular about spraying weed killer on any of their property be it water side or not. This is obviously more relevant against the canal edge. The gentleman would not only need their permission but would have to prove that he had all the necessary qualifications and full equipment. I would gamble that he has not got their permission or that they are aware of what he has been doing it. I would contact South East waterways direct. A good starting point would be Lee King - lee.king@canalrivertrust.org.uk
  5. Roses and Castles painting course

    Another recommendation for Terence`s course usually held twice a year at Stoke Bruerne Canal Museum. Well presented, enjoyable course where you can learn and make new friends.
  6. Boats getting stuck at Napton

    The NB we assisted was probably no more than 30ft and was near to the bottom gates
  7. Boats getting stuck at Napton

    We had to assist a small NB out of lock 2 (they were coming down the flight) attempts to flush it out had failed, a combination of our boat pulling from the front and flushing finally moved it. It appeared to me to be a self build shell and it seemed to be jammed quite low down as the lock drained.
  8. new rule - hot off the press.

    Ongoing from this I have heard that mooring in the Nelson pound (I take this to be between lock 3 and 4) is permitted since there are already EOG mooring on this pound. I assume a similar situation may apply at Buckby or anywhere else where existing moorings are established even if these are on the O/S. Although I believe the VLK has the backing of CRT I am surprised that VLK`s are the ones confronting boaters. This seems to be the continuing new regime of applying all the regulations as written and with little room for common sense to be used. As is so often the case we are blaming the person who confronts us on the towpath, he unfortunately has a superior stood over him insisting that he applies all the regs.
  9. The volunteer boat checkers are just that and are not involved directly with enforcement. The idea seems to be that they cover a fixed area and if volunteers are available it will be checked daily. They will obviously concentrate on the busier areas. The enforcement boat checkers are CRT employees and part of the official enforcement team. Their checks cover the whole system and will be far less frequent.
  10. End of an era for me.

    These cottages have been extended, it had been one house for some years but is now divided back into two. It appears the going rate is £500,000
  11. What Has Become Of The "waterway Partnerships"

    There was a move late last year to promote local waterways partnerships, one was suggested for Braunston. One meeting took place with a further planned for Feb 2015. This, as far as I am aware, did not take place. Stoke Bruerne and Blisworth were put forward as good examples of what could be achieved. Blisworth works with CRT but is totally independent, there is no representation by CRT and all board members are resident of Blisworth. Stoke Bruerne is totally different and it seems to be directly linked to CRT. I have today been informed that the Braunston Canal Partnership is again to be discussed, this would seem to show that the idea is still current and is still being pursued.
  12. Restored Dutch Push Tugs Adventure

    Passed through Braunston late this morning.
  13. trade boats

    Keith has had a poor time with his health for sometime and they have been moored up as a consequence. I am pleased to say that they are mobile again and in fact were in Market Harborough last week. They are at present at Welford getting blacked. They still trade various things but less coal than originally.
  14. My first proper boating under C&RT stewardship

    CRT no longer require you to display a current lic. disc, You however must have the CRT no. displayed on each side of your boat that is visible. It is this number that they use for everything now.
  15. Recommendations for SS chimney maker.

    Chris will add any decoration you ask for, but he does usually warn you that the corrosive elements in solid fuel will attack the brass and the rivets, he will also make you a non polished stainless if you so desire ( which is what he was using on his own boat last time I saw him and Denise.