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  1. Brexit 2017

    I didn't know that Bulgaria was exiting as well... or was that the curse of predictive texting?
  2. Shoppie fishing competition

    The most fun I ever had with some fishermen was one morning coming out of Worcester. Up from Blockhouse lock there was a competition going on, and while the towpath was on the right, due to boats coming down towards me, I had to keep hard over by the towpath. Unfortunately the Brumtug that I was on had a wet exhaust, and it gave each angler a gentle hosing down. I did keep a straight face, and also apologised.
  3. Brexit 2017

    That is your opinion, others are available.
  4. 1970's Rock

    Having just watched a few hours of 60s/70s music on the BBC late last night, the thought occurred to me: is Tubular Bells rock music, and if not, what genre is it?
  5. A sad day.

    The fungi problem reminds me of the 87 storm, after which a large proportion of the trees that came down around south Hampshire turned out to have some form of disease inside the trunks.
  6. 1970's Rock

    And that comment reminded me of the great band Snafu and the album Situation Normal.
  7. 1970's Rock

    One of my favorites too, very underrated and still fun to listen to on my old vinyl recordings.
  8. 1970's Rock

    The way John Otway's fans organised it so that he wasn't just a one hit wonder was one of the great moments in rock. Really Free first, then Bunsen Burner. And let's not forget Wild Willy Barrett.
  9. Brexit 2017

    You were either dreaming or reading the Sun/Mail/Express etc, you choose the rag of your choice. Have you ever heard of any two nations sharing a warship? Can you suggest how it could work, on any sort of practical level? Each Sunday, does one country remove ALL the things it owns, with all those secret things in them that it could not let the other country know about? It is just laughable. And just one other thing. French and British ships probably use a different colour grey on the hulls, is that going to be changed each week too? Conspiracy theories need to be vaguely realistic to have any chance of being considered for more than a split second, and that one isn't.
  10. 1970's Rock

    Agreed, speaking as the proud holder of a degree from a Polytechnic that now thinks it is Portsmouth University.
  11. So did I, hooray. It is likely that I would fail parts of the English fluency tests, as I can spell but Americans can't.
  12. 1970's Rock

    Stackridge, the Man in the Bowler hat. George Martin produced it and said it was one of his favourite recordings. I think it's rock. Finally got to see them in Barnet about 4 years ago. They have now stopped touring.
  13. 1970's Rock

    A friend of mine told me that her brother taught him maths at Bryanston School in Dorset.
  14. 1970's Rock

    A happy memory for me is the night at Portsmouth Guildhall seeing Upp as opening band, followed by Free, then Traffic, who were booed off stage after about 15 minutes of John Barleycorn Must Die. Mind you, and to be scrupulously fair, who could have followed Free on stage in 1970? Traffic were dire though.
  15. Passing Place in a Lock

    There is such a lock at, I think, Salèlles-d'Aude on the canal that links Narbonne to the canal du midi. We went through the lock while a péniche was being pressure washed in the dry dock side bay.