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  1. Brexit 2017

    Mrs Stilllearning put it rather neatly when she commented that those who are now unhappy about parliament asserting its sovereignty “are just f##kwits”.
  2. £350K to spare?

    Indeed, a structure designed to support a roof by spreading the load out sideways, I think. Our cellar, about 8 metres long and cut out of the bedrock that the town sits on has three gothic vaults/arches that we are informed date back to the 14/15th centuries. They support the rock ceiling and tie into the fairly thick rock walls. Each house in town, and the neighbouring houses, have cellars of varying sizes that used to interconnect, so that the occupants back in the days of the 100 years wars etc could hide from invaders and survive while the wooden houses above got burned down. Some of the houses that are built on the sides of the hill have two storey cellars.
  3. FAO Carlt

    Is the one at Bridgnorth still working and still 2p a go, as it was in the 80s?
  4. Land Rovers can drive on water.

    It is a shame that you cannot be given a green thing for that gem.
  5. Land Rovers can drive on water.

    Please stop posting pictures of non standard London Transport machinery, it makes my ex TfL wife get very cross and she makes angry huffing noises.
  6. Brexit 2017

    I have had to give up reading the British press due to the excessive cost of it over here, and try to rely on free online sources and the BBC.
  7. Dog walking

    I was bemoaning the eating habits of Lobo the husky and a local pointed out to me that he is a dog, and dogs do have disgusting eating habits. I wasn’t expecting him to go crazy for the parings off horses hooves though.
  8. Land Rovers can drive on water.

    A thought has occurred to me. What is the tax situation regarding using LPG from a fuel station as against keeping a tank in the garden and doing your own refills?
  9. Brexit 2017

    What has shocked me most is the revelation that you read the Express!
  10. Dog walking

    He is a very well trained dog, will sit, stay, come when called (most of the time), and we think he looks on us as the pack leaders. I am definitely the boss as far as he is concerned, which is both good and bad news. Labradors are lovely, we have a friend who has one, that is recovering from its second hip operation. €1600 per operation. Our husky has so far cost us next to nothing at the vet, just annual jabs. He is on a diet at the moment, as rather like labs, he will eat all day if given the chance, and he will eat just about anything, particular favourites are sweet potatoes, walnuts (which he carefully cracks the shells of then eats every piece) and apples.
  11. Dog walking

    The giving of biscuits to our husky when he’s being awkward just makes him believe that it’s worth his while to be awkward...and he will still just sit down and wait till we give up arguing/shouting. There are a lot of videos on YouTube of huskies doing what ours does.
  12. Land Rovers can drive on water.

    Back in the early 70s I worked in the UAE, in Dubai then Khor Fakkan, and we had land rovers. The roads were so bad that they were written off the bank’s books after three years. However Toyota land cruisers were written off after one year. The series 2a SWB that I had was knackered but always got me home from some fairly inhospitable places, up mountains or in the desert. The most spectacular things I remember happening was when the rear door fell off one day - driving daily over corrugated sand is really bad for bodywork, and once coming off the beach in 4WD the rear prop shaft broke in half, so I stopped, pulled the spinning broken bit out of the diff, and went home as a front wheel drive Land Rover. The local mechanic was having a coffee in town and was a bit surprised when I waved the prop shaft out of the window at him.
  13. Dog walking

    We have a Siberian husky, who is a lovely dog/part wolf but isn’t really quite like other dogs I have had in my life. He has various habits that could drive me nuts if I wasn’t so relaxed, but one thing he does has me mystified. He has done it since we have had him, which is 3 1/2 years now, and he is 10 1/2. He will be walking along a road or path in the woods that he has often been along before, and at a point that he decides, and with no obvious reason, he will just stop, yawn, and refuse to go any further. He did it just now, out walking along what used to be a railway line, fields and woods all round, and after a mere 200 mètres walk from the car, he just stopped, yawned and turned round. We know from experience that there is no point in trying to get him to change his mind: if one tries to get him to do something he doesn’t want to do, he will lie down and refuse to move until we decide to go where he wants to go. He has in the past laid down in the square here, all of 50 metres from our front door, and refused to move, causing me to drag him along on his side, to the vast amusement of all the witnesses around us. Huskies are well known for being stubborn, but I would love to know why he just takes against a previously popular walk.
  14. Brotherly Love?

  15. Bargain hunt and Lister

    Thanks to everyone for their replies. To Athy, coopered means being made using barrel making skills, by a cooper.