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  1. BBC last night

    I certainly saw Owl, but Koukouvagia is not someone I know, so actually, at the bits showing Braunston, I was looking out to see you and Alan Fincher on your boats, because I might recognize your boats by name, at least. edited for useless spelling
  2. BBC last night

    I may have missed previous threads about this programme, but anyway. I thought it was good,quite well researched and informative, what do others think? The presenter seemed intelligent and well informed too.
  3. Giant puff balls

    We added some to a shepherds pie, and the second time, following Roger Phillips recipe, fried bacon then puff ball slices in the fat. Yum.
  4. Giant puff balls

    We both have had a helping in two separate meals, without adverse side effects. It has gone past its best now, and been returned to a hedge. It does seem to be a good autumn for fungi, last year was much too hot and dry but this year is just damp enough, and warm. 25c today.
  5. Giant puff balls

    Out walking with the dog a couple of days ago, round a local lake, there was a large white something visible in the bottom of a hedge. On closer inspection it turned out to be a big - 50cm across - giant puff ball. Knowing that it was edible, I picked it up and took it home. Partly to be absolutely certain, I decided to check what it is called in French, and to go next door but one to the pharmacy get it positively identified. It was with much joy and laughter that I found out that a giant puff ball is, in French, une vesse de loup géante. It got me wondering just what une vesse was, and it is a silent but deadly....Un pet inaudible mais malodorant. One learns everyday.
  6. eco-efficient-houseboatchanger this been on before?

    That is no doubt true, I was thinking more about the amount of resources and energy used to make the thing in the first place, and trying to do a comparison between that and a few years of running a tap and using washing up liquid. Indeed, that is part of my long running discussion with the management re dishwashers.
  7. eco-efficient-houseboatchanger this been on before?

    A propos of dishwashers, may I quote you to Mrs Stilllearning? She wants one and I consider them to be the work of the devil and very environmentally unfriendly.
  8. Engine mounts

    Having checked whether there are any loose nuts on the mounts, it may be worth running the engine, then put it in gear, and rev it a little bit. If the rattle disappears it could be a slightly tired drive plate.
  9. Some great engines

    Absolutely fascinating and something I had never heard of before, thanks for the link.
  10. Oh dear

    Patrimoine means an awful lot of things in French. I looked up the French Wikipedia page and the disambiguation - what a fine word - page lists cultural, legal, economic, medical and environmental headings. The town we live in has a UNESCO designation for patrimoine immatériel. The width of uses of heritage can devalue it and lead to it getting negative connotations. IMHO of course.
  11. Oh dear

    Heritage, it seems to me, has become a convenient word to use in conjunction with a wide variety of products (heritage carrots), historical places or things, and the tourist industry. Often someone else's idea of "heritage" and designated as such by some bright spark in an office who thinks something is cool and thus heritage. Rant over.
  12. Oh dear

    Heritage is an unfortunate word sometimes but finding accurate alternatives can be difficult. Here in France the word "patrimoine" is translated (by me, at least) as heritage. Patrimoine doesn't seem to have the same negative connotations as heritage has acquired in the U.K.
  13. Historic Boats for sale online

    Memo to self, buy a lottery ticket today.
  14. Wood burning stoves to be banned in London

    Sometimes the profoundness of this part of France can be extreme. We live on the main square in a small market town, and on a Sunday afternoon everywhere is closed: when a car from out of town drives in and does a circuit of the fountain, clearly looking at the bar and the two restaurants and hoping for a drink or meal, we calculate that the nearest place open might be Limoges at 45 kms, but we wouldn't bet on it.
  15. Wood burning stoves to be banned in London

    As has been noted, the potential banning of wood burners in London is a publicity grab by the Mayor, so no surprise there. Reducing the pollution from road traffic would be a much more achievable target to aim for and be much better for public health. Cars that stop and start all by themselves are becoming more common even in this peaceful backwater in La France Profonde, and no doubt they are wonderful. The nearest thing to a traffic jam or a queue at a traffic light around here is to be found in Limoges - where by the way, there are trolley buses - and on our most recent visit there we didn't witness any of that Parisian hornblowing. Life here is much more peaceful and slow, to the extent that when arriving at a country T junction it is normal to stop and let a car on the "main" road - main being a relative term - go past, even if said car was as much as 300 metres away when first seen. Wood burning stoves are the norm here, as heating by wood has been calculated as being about a quarter the cost per kilowatt hour of the cost of electric. After all, wood does grow on trees, whereas electricity doesn't.