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  1. Advice for bed extending

    Well, that seems to be decided then. I'll have a go this weekend!
  2. Hello all, On my boat, I have a slightly wider than single bed which is fine but I enjoy a roll about (who doesn't??) so would like a wider bed. I measured the width of my boat in the bedroom and it came to about 185cm wide which is great - king size bed. Now one issue is that the bedroom is the last room before you get to the engine. So having a full width bed will mean scrambling over the bed to get into the engine room. Not the end of the world. I actually came up with an idea that I think will work great. I bought two bed frames from Ikea that are 90cm wide, which looks like: http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/mattresses/slatted-bed-bases/lönset-slatted-bed-base-art-20278718/ What I'm thinking is on the starboard side of the boat, I screw a long beam lengthways down the boat as a batten for the second bed frame and the first bed frame sits on the bed platform that I currently have. In theory this should work perfectly as the boat width is almost exactly the same width as the two bed frame. If you look at the photos you'll see a grey section of the wall, which is a carpet that covers a sheet of timber. I drilled a test hole to check the width of that timber and its about 10mm thick, no more than that. My concern is whether it'll be strong enough to support a supporting beam that would hold my weight. Would anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on my plan? I reckon in theory it's bang on but whether it works in practice is another question. Cheers!
  3. welly

  4. And I'm on the boat.. moved on last week and have been settling in. It's lovely! I'm very happy and slowly making it my own. A few quick snaps!
  5. Yeah, it's got a valid BSS (was only tested 6 months ago by all reports). I shall have to arrange both those things asap then. I'm hoping I'll be moving onto it next week
  6. Yep, I know I have to get my own new licence and the current owner will get a refund on whatever is remaining on his licence. That's a bit of a pain in the arse re: the early payment discount. I'd be surprised if the current owner would cancel his licence before he's got full payment - currently waiting on the marine mortgage people to pay the owner, who are waiting on the surveyor to provide the report - he only did the survey on Sunday so it's not as if he's been dragging his heels. He said he'd try and rush it through so I'm expecting it this week.
  7. Hey all, With the exception of the keys being handed over and the final payment being made to the current owner, the boat is as good as mine. What do I now need to do to ensure everything is above board and legit? I assume just paying for the licence and getting insurance? I've got some insurance quotes but haven't got the insurance arranged just yet. Is there anything else I need to do? Is there anything that the current owner needs to do? That's it for now! Cheers
  8. Boat running costs!

    Here's a few snaps from the survey! Hull will need blacking soon and there's a few rust spots that need a look at but aside from that, the survey was very positive. Will be cruising around London and planning to spend a bit of time up in Hertfordshire. I need to plan my route and figure out how to get back into work (central London)! It's a company called Pro Marine Finance. They seem like a good crew. Interest rates are pretty standard for a marine mortgage but they've been helpful and easy to deal with so am happy enough.
  9. Boat running costs!

    Survey completed today, apart from it needing a blacking and a few areas of rust that need not immediate attention, all is good! The surveyor seemed to rate the boat quite highly. Well pleased. So that survey will go on to the finance company helping me pay for the boat and with a bit of luck I'll be moving onto it in a week or so! Very excited!
  10. Rope Work

    Have you seen this? http://www.animatedknots.com
  11. Boat running costs!

    Well, it's been a little while since my initial post and while I'm still not on my own boat, I will be in 3 weeks time. I put the deposit down on a 55ft narrowboat and am just waiting for the survey - with a bit of luck, all should be clear and I'll move on at the start of July. Made an offer of 35k for the boat, which was accepted. I'm really chuffed and have my fingers and toes crossed re the survey.
  12. Stolen Boat

    I'm intrigued as to how you steal a narrowboat (I'm assuming it's a narrowboat). They're not the fastest get-away vehicles although I guess if the owner is away for any length of time, anyone at a particular marina could assume the owner has just gone away in their boat for some time, at which point it might be too late. Is the theft of narrowboats a rare occurrence? I did read on facebook about someone else who had a boat stolen but they got it back within a day or so.
  13. A 'Keeping Warm' question.

    Best 22 quid I ever spent.
  14. Spiders are your friends. They eat other bugs and spiders in the UK are totally harmless. You should encourage them onto your boat, not chuck 'em in the water!
  15. Bridgewater Gestapo Tactics

    How this "character" hasn't ended up face first in the water by now is beyond me. Whether a legitimate "force" or not, he's being creepy and invasive and if he is an official, he is in no way behaving like one.