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  1. Grand Union Canal Traffic Records

    The date must be incorrect as Ron Green ( who appears in the picture ) knocked off boating in 1968
  2. Historic Boats for sale online

    That picture of the "Tycho" takes me back - 35 years ago, stuck there for six weeks, by the "Navigation" at Lapworth
  3. Help with this location please

    Didn't the "Bexhill" still have the gear change lever on the footboard when it had the PD2?
  4. Help with this location please

    The end of camping boats and Local Authority boats is probably due to Health and Safety, all the form filling etc putting accompanying staff off the idea, it was getting ridiculous when I finished, and that was over twenty years ago!
  5. Stonehouse to Bowbridge

    I must apologise if you have taken offence - I was just questioning the decisions made.
  6. Stonehouse to Bowbridge

    I'm well aware that this was never a BW canal. I think the point is that having got all the plant there and set up they could have taken that extra bit out! I can't comment on how the money has been spent elsewhere. What's that old saying about a job worth doing....!
  7. Stonehouse to Bowbridge

    Back in the day when BW did their own dredging, we had long-serving staff who knew about canals, and much of what was done in my part of the world (Braunston area) was carried out by ex-boatmen who realised the value of taking out as much as possible. This has clearly paid dividends as what they did at that time remains good today. Otherwise today it seems CRT use any excuse to avoid any dredging, often showing themselves up by saying it isn't necessary when clearly it is, and when grudgingly they do any it is the bare minimum, just a groove up the middle. As regarding the slides slumping in, you wouldn't expect to dredge to any depth next to the bank unless piled, horse boat canals only had deep edges at wharves etc.
  8. Stonehouse to Bowbridge

    A lot of old boats draw 3 feet, and if the pound drops off 12 inches it doesn't leave much to play with - anyway, if going to the trouble of dredging, why not do it properly? Also with a deeper channel there is less of a likelihood of bank erosion from passing craft.
  9. Stonehouse to Bowbridge

    Where is the water supply coming from for the restored canal - and wouldn't it be better now to dredge to maximum depth to act as a reservoir? Any dredging with a floating machine at a later date will probably never happen!
  10. Stonehouse to Bowbridge

    http://cotswoldcanals.com/silt-removal-report/ While on the subject of the Cotswold Canals restoration, I was disappointed to read that the depth they were dredging to was only 1.5 metres. Was this the depth the canal was originally built to, or are they short-sightedly cutting corners and only doing half a job? Perhaps this depth is ok on a utopian canal, but have they not heard of low pounds, through leaking gates or whatever, and people throwing rubbish in? Dredging to something like 2m has got to be more like it!
  11. Mabel swans neck stolen

    I noted you had called it by the correct name, but others didn't seem to have taken it on board! ( seems like someone did though, literally!)
  12. Mabel swans neck stolen

    You're right about the butty ( to which a Swans Neck - a piece of ropework - was sometimes attached) - also known as a rams head. The tiller attaches to both!
  13. Mabel swans neck stolen

    Rams Head!
  14. Mabel swans neck stolen

    .....sorry to be pedantic, but please could we call the missing item by the correct name - we had this discussion a while ago! This is how history gets distorted.....
  15. Historic Boats for sale online

    Saw this moving the other week - goes like a train, hardly moves any water, hard to believe it draws 32" !