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  1. Has it been a busy summer?

    This beam has been broken now for something like 4 weeks. 30 years or so ago "Happy" Smith and the team from Hillmorton yard would have been out and at least made a temporary repair within half a day while waiting for a new one. ( New ones don't grow on trees....!)
  2. Peak Forest Canal

    If Hurleston is anything to go by, they'll be "monitoring" it for the next 20 years..........
  3. Boats used by the 'Idle Women'

    Many years ago, Olga Kevelos was interviewed by Libby Purves ( I think for Womans Hour) in the cabin of the "Cassiopeia", which Olga reckoned was a motor they had at the time. I'm not sure about this, was her memory playing tricks? Bill Hambridge certainly had this boat from about 1943, were the trainees active before this?
  4. Do Owners of ex-working boats have special priveleges?

    I wouldn't have said I was there, on the lockside, if I hadn't been - I don't make these things up!
  5. Do Owners of ex-working boats have special priveleges?

    I was there at the time and all I will say is that this is a gross exaggeration.
  6. BW Livery

    If the "British Waterways" lettering here aren't transfers, the signwriter should have been sacked!
  7. Ebay vintage engine sales

  8. Tug of War and other antics

    Myself and a friend went along and helped Binkie Bush many years ago, I think early 1970. We joined him at the bottom of Wolverhampton and went to Norton Canes to collect a boat which we then took down to Warwick where I was considered surplus to requirements (only needed for bowhauling down the 19!) and left the boats there. What I remember most was the (seemingly!) sub-zero temperatures and Binkie's insistence on having his brass polished - put me off for life - my portholes are painted!
  9. GUCC 177 Town Class Sutton

    I seem to recall Bob Bush telling me that he had much material from the Toll Office at Sutton Stop - where he spent a lot of time with the "Capella"
  10. Ebay vintage engine sales

  11. Walsall lock flight

    There were places where the gates were never fitted with beams, the River Stort being one example - not sure if they were all like this though.
  12. Who goes first? - question on etiquette

    Unless I've missed something, no-one has yet mentioned meeting an oncoming boat in the bridge - I've done it myself here.
  13. Who remembers Granny Gear?

    As you say, they were designed to be closed by gravity, i.e. dropped. As I see it, if you can't drop them they aren't being maintained properly. When I was boating with youth groups, I was happy for them to wind them up, but was always a bit worried about letting them wind them down, safer to knock off the catch.
  14. Interesting website for photos

    https://www.search.windowsonwarwickshire.org.uk/Details.aspx?&ResourceID=92&PageIndex=4&SearchType=2&ThemeID=247 This isn't an Oxford Canal drawbridge, I think it's the last one on the Warwick and Napton canal near Napton Junction, whose remains still exist on the towpath side - what does the team think?