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  1. Ebay vintage engine sales

  2. Walsall lock flight

    There were places where the gates were never fitted with beams, the River Stort being one example - not sure if they were all like this though.
  3. Who goes first? - question on etiquette

    Unless I've missed something, no-one has yet mentioned meeting an oncoming boat in the bridge - I've done it myself here.
  4. Who remembers Granny Gear?

    As you say, they were designed to be closed by gravity, i.e. dropped. As I see it, if you can't drop them they aren't being maintained properly. When I was boating with youth groups, I was happy for them to wind them up, but was always a bit worried about letting them wind them down, safer to knock off the catch.
  5. Interesting website for photos

    https://www.search.windowsonwarwickshire.org.uk/Details.aspx?&ResourceID=92&PageIndex=4&SearchType=2&ThemeID=247 This isn't an Oxford Canal drawbridge, I think it's the last one on the Warwick and Napton canal near Napton Junction, whose remains still exist on the towpath side - what does the team think?
  6. Regarding Bulls Bridge fleet (yes I know there were variations elsewhere) yellow lines round the cabin 3 inches wide, the "Reg at" lettering had to be 2" tall (legal requirement I believe), shading to RHS - remember a lot of the "British Waterways" lettering done by transfer shaded RHS ( hence the odd-looking arc - as in the picture of the "Gorse") so the other bits had to match - not to say there wasn't LH shading when it was done by hand.
  7. BW Livery

    Does this help.... http://www.waterwaysmuseum.org.uk/item/a-motorboat-skipper-preparing-to-take-the-butty-in/7470
  8. Deja vu - I think we talked about this document not so long ago.......
  9. BW Livery

    The top cloth lettering is 5 3/4" tall, standing on an arc of 31 1/2". The boat number is 4", and the D and 4 63 across the corner are 3 inches. I presume the "D" is the date the cloth was "dressed". It follows that it must have been one of the last from Bulls Bridge, I had some more new/unused top cloths originally from Bulls Bridge, they hadn't been lettered and I passed them on to Ellesmere Port, together with some tippets.
  10. Hatton Locks record transit time

    It still exists at a private site in Warwickshire - but probably not for much longer.......
  11. BW Livery

    Regarding the top cloth lettering, I have a stencil made some years ago from a genuine Bulls Bridge topcloth (no longer in existence) for this (also the boat number (183) for the middle and date for the corner), I can measure the size if you like in the next day or two.
  12. Marple Locks

    They had two ground paddles at the bottom end prior to restoration, one having extra gearing to be drawn before the other, due to the depth of the locks there.
  13. Cambrian Wharf

    Spent some happy times in the Blacksmiths shop at Hillmorton with "Happy" Smith, who like his father before him was the "company's blacksmith there.