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  1. Diesel fuel consumption

    Tony ,I think your right, to many years on piece work hasn't helped ,every thing I do seems to be at full chat,I'm just going to slow everything down,Chesterfield canal next sat for a week so that will definitely slow things up,it should be running on fumes or the vapours of a oiley rag ,nick
  2. Diesel fuel consumption

    Injectors all done at Parkinson's, they charge you well for the pleasure of telling you there ok, I haven't got a Rev counter on it,but I'm on Trent next week so will hold my old hand held smiths one on the crank end and note throttle positions at various revs,14 inch is maybe the biggest prop Enfield do as it's getting a bit near the cavitation plate,leg ratio is 1.6:1 waterline length 23 ft average draft 25 inch. Beam 6 -6". Weight 3000 kg. I think max touque is at 18 /1900 of top of my head ,it's a queer old swim and shape but if you look from underneath the bows to the stern and prop on land ,the props all in view. well , either side a narrow extended knife edge keel I fitted. I just posted the question to get some idea of other people's consumption , I'm not going to lose sleep on it but it just niggles me a bit that I could get more, cal, I feel better now that I'm getting 2 mpg more than you ,no seriously for what my old home made boat and engine/ drive set up is it's near enough just to have a few weekends away from working.Nick
  3. Diesel fuel consumption

    Thanks for that,it's made me feel worse than ever,after a good run last weekend from Torksey to Boston 50 k. I used 4 1/2 gallon each way ,I need to slow down a bit and try to find a 14 inch prop,I've only just payed £200 for a 13 x8. You live and learn do I get a 14x8 or 13x9. I think 14x 9 would kill the engine,who knows ,it's a dear trial and error
  4. Turtles/ Terripins

    Just found this, not to sure what the wife would think about following all them instructions
  5. Turtles/ Terripins

    Well I recon this is the one, they had a red stripe on it like this,
  6. Turtles/ Terripins

    Yes ,that's the same as we saw on the witham
  7. Turtles/ Terripins

    It seems there's more terrapins about than red squirrels and bulfinches, the last bullfinch I saw was over 40 years ago,along with yellowhammers ,
  8. Turtles/ Terripins

    Well here I was thinking Id found a rare thing You live and learn
  9. Turtles/ Terripins

    Well Itl be a few more years before global warming gets to 27/30 c for any length of time,by then all the males will have edf
  10. Turtles/ Terripins

    Sounds like a invasion,if it looks like we're getting overrun with them Itl be all hands to the .22
  11. Turtles/ Terripins

    Don't know where to post this,and would any one even believe me, coming back from Boston this weekend on the river witham,we saw 2 big turtles / Terrpins laying out on a bit of 1/2 submerged bit of plank sunning themselves ,we turned the boat round to try and get a photo ,but by that time they were on panic mode and under the water ,there backs/ shells were 8 inch wide. X 10 long ,At a good estimate, I didn't even know they were any in this country,has any one else seen any,or could they have been flushed down someone's toilet when smaller,any way they looked fit enough to me,and thriving well
  12. Diesel fuel consumption

    I'll photo all items when I get Moored up,but there is only 1 spill/ return and that's the one I'm talking about ,I can't see, or understand it ,although I said it's a vetus ,it's a L3e Mitsubshi out a gang mower(same base unit) ,maybe vetus modify filter housings / pump fittings accordingly
  13. Diesel fuel consumption

    Tony ,since I put that engine in nothing comes out the spill pipe ,may be the odd drip , and I mean odd drip every 1/2 hr,don't know what that's all about but it runs well enough,regarding prop size may be I could go to a 14 inch ,it's a bit hit and miss,I put all data in to Vic prop and other sites ,Jan (Dislandra ) assisted with calcs as it's his hobby/ job ,trouble is at £200 a shot for a prop I'll maybe leave it as it is,I've a real worn out 10 inch unknown pitch,but good boss,I might make and weld some bigger blades on it over winter just for the hell of it,and balance it on a motorbike wheel balancer ,true up in lathe ,maybe it's the shape of hull/ swim that's causing a load of drag.what I can say is it's better on fuel than the outboard was,I can charge battery's ,and gas oil is cheaper than petrol,I'm not living on it ,it's only a weekend toy so overall fuel isn't really a issue but was just curious as to what the average boat used per hr,thanks all for your comments and input,nick l
  14. Diesel fuel consumption

    You were right about coming back there's quite a bit of flow on ,and weed . In the end going it used 5 gall going 50 km. mostly at 6 km/ hr will see what I used on return to lincoln tomorrow, but we came back at 4.5 to 5 km
  15. Diesel fuel consumption

    I've timed the km marker boards on the witham. And it's taking 8 mins / km. I need to work out my throttle position to get a 5 mph position may be I was going to fast on my previous test. What i did do was fill a liter tin and run it dry , and