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  1. Bad Fishermen

    I had similar on the nottingham Canal, fisherman said over the winter period it is just for fishing competitions , I made sure I stopped for 14 days , I did not see any competition while there. I have had fishermen on lock approach and mooring spots tell me I cannot pull in . They soon realise that my 30 ton+ boat will not be worried by nets or poles.
  2. Isuzu 55 Manual

    If you are near nottingham you can photocopy my manual.
  3. notts_alan

  4. What chance have the hirers got!

    The whole boat did not leave the water , lol , the front end went through the fence and the boat tilted along the side . A Plastic cruiser does not stand much of a chance against a 60 foot metal boat.
  5. Solar controller Victron v Tracer

    On the tracers the bn series is a negative common grounding , the a series is a positive common grounding.
  6. What chance have the hirers got!

    I was hit at a junction , there was a 100 metre obstruction coming up to the junction , I was in a plastic cruiser and around 80 metres through the obstruction , a big narrow boat approached the other end and just carried on coming . He rammed in to me head on , pushing me off the Canal and through someone's garden fence breaking the panels and smashing the front of my boat , he did not even slow down or acknowledge I was there and carried on. I know he deserved a good smacking but could not stop. Next time I see him I will leave a firm implant of my boot in his face.
  7. izuzu 55hp service manual

    Not the best pic.
  8. izuzu 55hp service manual

    Engine is a 4LE1 packaged by HMI as Izuzu 55
  9. izuzu 55hp service manual

    Thanks for the replies , will add engine model number later when I get home.
  10. I am just about to do my first service on it , can anyone point me in the direction of a service manual. Thanks a lot. Alan.
  11. Six full traction batteries on Ebay

    Too far for me to travel or I would snap them up.
  12. Survey results were great , good solid readings and not a lot lost , still 10mm in places 9.9 /9.8 in others...sides 5.7/5.8.....so very happy with the results , plenty of years left in her for me... Thanks for the replies..alan
  13. winter moorings

    I thought there used to be three sets of winter moorings along the nottingham/beeston canal , it appears there is only beeston this year.
  14. Thanks for the replies , gives me a better understanding , I will be there when lifted and surveyed and use my own eyes as well. Its a one owner from new and all paperwork for regular maintenance / blackening is present , it was sat on a canal in middle of no where with no marina hook up , engine and solar for power.
  15. Cheers lads , yes a pretty impossible question with a lot of variables , never been in a marina on mains. I will hope for a good survey and keep my fingers crossed . If it is say 5 mm from a original 10 mm at ten years old would you consider it pretty worn for the age ?