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  1. For those fretting about the word "deconstruction", it is a standard term used by National Historic Ships and they publish a whole book about it, Deconstructing Historic Vessels, available as a free PDF from them here. It accompanies two others on Recording Historic Vessels and Conserving Historic Vessels, collectively intended to advise best practices for conserving vessels or, when that is not possible, recording them and making appropriate plans for disassembly and preservation or reuse of parts - exactly the considerations people are discussing in this thread. CRT's use of the term would suggest to me that they have this advice in mind.
  2. Pressure washers

    It's not really necessary to be able to adjust the pressure output, you normally have an adjustable nozzle that can vary from a tight jet to a wide fan. The distance you hold the nozzle from the surface also makes a big difference - the closer you get, the more aggressive it is. I find this gives plenty of control. You do need to be careful though, even on good paintwork it's possible to damage the paint if you go at it too hard with a tight spray close in. Personally I find ours useful for a quick, low-effort wash down, but it won't shift everything, and you get a fair bit of backspray of dirty water over other surfaces nearby, so you need to plan your approach and rinse off afterwards.
  3. Surveyor recommendations in London

    This is sounding an awful lot of alarm bells to me. Rejected by a previous buyer post-survey, known to need welding, and the seller is acting shady? Why this boat? Plenty on the market. If it's because it's cheap, it's very probably a false economy.
  4. ID this hardwood :)

    Having just spent the last couple of days sanding down our iroko wheelhouse, I am going to vote for this bit being iroko as it looks awfully similar now you've sanded it. I have some bits of teak sitting around too but the grain looks quite different. Lovely bit of wood either way.
  5. Goole Docks Charges

    That's great news Joe. Any word on how they came to change their minds?
  6. Insurance covering use on tidal waters

    Bear in mind that the same insurer may be able to offer different options for cruising area limits, on the same base policy. We are with Towergate and they gave us an unrestricted "coastal and inland waters of the UK" on the schedule. (We're a high-sided barge with a home mooring beyond the Thames Barrier). Call each insurer and ask what their options are.
  7. Just to clarify on the methods: When I started this project, I only had a printed copy of a brass rubbing to work from - I thought the original would have been a thick cast brass piece, like the plates I'd seen from Dunstons of Thorne. With that in mind I made a laser cut plastic master (post #11). Then I saw Andy Horn's photo (post #16) which made it clear the original was engraved in thin sheet brass. The final piece is not laser cut, but engraved with a CNC router. The delay has been getting this working properly! This is the job in progress:
  8. Wasn't present in the 1948 one I traced the design from :-P

    Regular ones will fall to bits with any solvent based paint. We've been using these ones from Toolstation for alkyd and xylene paints: https://www.toolstation.com/shop/p49410?table=no
  10. VHF radio

    Those Baofeng radios will let you transmit and receive all over 136 to 174 MHz with various parameters. Mostly used for ham VHF/UHF and PMR frequencies, but I've heard them being used for marine VHF and they work OK. They don't actually have the appropriate certifications to be used on the marine band though, and it wouldn't surprise me if the emissions and performance are well short of spec.
  11. How to combat boatlessness?

    Boatlessness is really just a symptom of wider problems. We need to get tough on the causes of boatlessness if we are truly to help its victims. ...more moorings available would be a good start.
  12. Thanks to Andy Horn, I now have an actual photo of a post-war Harkers plate to work from - this one on the tanker BROCADALE H, built 1961. It looks like they were engraved into thin sheet with a white infill, rather than being the thick cast brass affairs I'd been imagining from the rubbing of MARTINDALE H's plate. So I have revised my plans - I'm going to engrave the design into some 2mm brass sheet, on a big CNC router table I've recently got fixed up. Looking at the photo, I wonder if the original was bronze rather than brass, but I could believe either. Any guesses?
  13. Narrowboat rescues soldiers at Dunkirk

    Thanks, I'd like to have a look at that intro first, but having some trouble as Google seems to have indexed only an earlier version that I guess you've since removed. I've now found http://www.academia.edu/33845534/To_Rescue_Our_Soldiers_Dunkirk_Evac_Paper_v._4.8.pdf but it says you've not uploaded it yet.