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  1. Boat stretch

    Streethay still do stretches and there seems to be one on the go every time we take kelpie out. haggis
  2. CRT disgruntled staff

    As one of the folk who said they hadn't read the web site, I presume this comment may be aimed at me and others. Having been around a long time on this forum, you form opinions of people and it is usually fairly obvious who is anti CRT and who is not . I didn't need to read the link to know it would be anti CRT. I have absolutely no doubt that the views expressed are "the posters honestly held views" but they are not mine. I am neither for nor against CRT. Haggis
  3. CRT disgruntled staff

    Not much point on posting anything on that forum as it will be met by foul language and insults and not a lot of common sense. The regulars seem to try to out do one another in who can be most objectionable and the worrying thing is that there are (presumably) grown men who think that is the way to behave. A bit sad really. I did join but didn't stay long when I saw what it was like. Haggis
  4. CRT disgruntled staff

    My thoughts exactly! I didn't bother reading it either but thought it more than a little odd that someone would go to the trouble of creating such a resource on the web. Then I looked at the name..... haggis
  5. Trailable narrow boats?

    When we bought our trailable boat the lowland canals in Scotland we're just beong reopened and we were able to attend every opening event, often using slips which hadn't been used for years We used to trail her down to England and we attended several events on her Now that we have kelpie down south we no longer need to do that Trailable boats are fun Haggis
  6. Trailable narrow boats?

    Oh, I didn't know that and I often tow. Just looked at my licence and there is a picture of a car and caravan (classification BE) with an expiry date the same as my licence looks like I am OK Phew Haggis
  7. Park Head, Dudley Tunnel end- ok to moor?

    We have never gone up the three locks but we were in the area yesterday when we did a boat trip through the canal from Park Head to the dudley canal trust centre on one of their boats What a trip it was, absolutely fascinating and made all the more interesting by the commentary provided by the skipper. I think it was one of the best canal experiences I have had and I would recommend it to everyone They take you by bus from the canal trust premises to the other end where you board the boat Magic! Haggis
  8. Blakes lock closing for 5 months

    Although you can't enter a route you can select the canals and rivers you are interested in It is one of my pre cruise tasks to login and select the info I want for the trip. Haggis
  9. Blakes lock closing for 5 months

    I am quite surprised at how many boaters when they mentiom their plans (when chatting at a lock) are unaware that they can get emails telling them about stoppages on their route. We have only been out for a couple of weeks and in that time I have told several boaters about a stoppage which would affect their plans. I think it is a great service Haggis
  10. Sea Otter questions

    Yes, I am pretty sure it did We have had a 26 foot sea Otter for many years with no pitting but she has never had shore power attached We don't have a condensation problem but we never close all the windows. Re being blown about, yes they are more susceptible to windy conditions but you learn how to handle the boat and we don't find this a problem. In fact because of the slight V bottom she's copes much bettor than a flat bottomed boat in "rough" condition We have cruised the length of the Caledonian canal (including loch Ness) and have had several trips on the Forth and Clyde estuaries. Trips we probably wouldn't have done in a flat bottomed boat Haggis
  11. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    Come on there must be more to the story than that! I could have typed what you have just posted No doubts its is true in certain circumstances but we don't know what they're are Haggis
  12. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    It is surprising that when this subject sort of died a death on the other place the op raised it here and it is still going with very little off topic digression. I can't wait to find out where it will appear next and no matter how praiseworthy the subject is it will no doubt be diluted by the pronouncements the Op will make which are as he thinks things are on all manners of subjects Haggis
  13. virgin mobile phone

    Having tried other providers when boating, I find that EE seldom fails to give an Internet signal without any special aerials etc With O2 I often couldn't even get a phone signal never mind the Internet Haggis
  14. Bridgewater permits and licenses

    Yes. Protected trees. If a tree has not got a tree preservation order (TPO) it is not protected Haggis
  15. virgin mobile phone

    We are in Birmingham at the moment and our EE signal has been perfect We must be in the right place! Haggis