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  1. Seeking opinions on porthole verses rectangle windows

    All the boats I have been on with only portholes were far too dark for me. I need natural light Kelpie has 6 big windows at the front and 4portholes in the loo and bedroom area This is perfect for me but I appreciate that not everyone needs natural light as much as I seem to Haggis
  2. Fradley is full

    We need to encourage the hedge to grow over the sign again :-) Haggis -moored on a pontoon at Trent lock before going up the Erewash tomorrow
  3. Fradley is full

    Yes. On chatting to a lady at a lock she wondered if the householder was instrumental in getting the sign put up as he had complained about them. I got the impression they might have been there for a while although she didn't say. The T &M has been busy today with lots of boats going in both directions. Moored in Willington tonight (checked carefully for signs:-)) and will eat out tonight to celebrate 30 years of married bliss :-) Haggis
  4. Fradley is full

    We couldn't believe our luck when the mooring was free last night as a quick look below the lock showed full pontoons And it was starting to rain and we had just had a 300 mile drove south :-)
  5. Fradley is full

    I am bowing my head in shame. Will that not do?
  6. Fradley is full

    Yes, we noticed after we moored that there was a new sign. Never seen it before when we and others have moored there We reckoned that anyone needing to pick up or let down folk for the bridge would do so in the narrows so didn't think we were impeding anyone Law abiding are we :-) Haggis
  7. Fradley is full

    We managed to moor at fradley just before the rain started a wee while ago It's been a long day with the drive down etc so a pub meal and an early night are called for. Haggis
  8. Scottish Canal

    yes, it is good that folk will still be able to hire a boat on the Lowland Canals next year but , if the stories are to be believed, hiking up the fees for the existing company and virtually forcing them out of business was a bit sad. The new operator of the hire fleet will be Scottish Canals and one wonders if that was their aim all along. Cut out the middleman and take all the profit themselves. Most of the boats are actually Black Prince and ABC boats but they were managed by the Scottish hire company and I believe that that will continue, only SC will be the manager for these boats. We live in "interesting" times in Scotland with the organisation put in charge of the canals being more interested in property development and getting people to pay large mooring fees under the Living on Water scheme which sort of encourages boats not to move. We live in hope of a change of policy at the top :-) haggis
  9. K&A Trip planned

    Close but subtle differences like about 6 feet longer, it has a big number 3 on it and last but not least, we got rid of the non descript bird logo on the side and our gamebird is adorned with the nice grouse from Grouse whisky (with their permission, I may add). Much more appropriate :-) Although our Gamebird was once owned by the chap who used to own Gamebird 3. Haggis
  10. K&A Trip planned

    Nick, I think you need to pour a very large G & T , (whisky would have been better but you probably don't have any on board :-) ) , relax and think that you will be off the K & A in a few days. I must admit that it is the least favourite of my canals so we just don't go there any more. each to his own. You can now say you have cruised the K & A end to end and add another north to your bedpost - or whatever. Haggis
  11. Can not reply to topics

    I think you have to be logged in to reply. Could this be the answer? Haggis
  12. There is always the option of not reading the thread if you feel it is wasting your time. Not everyone feels that way, fortunately haggis
  13. Abnormal data usage

    It's not someone nearby using your wifi is it? This happened to us at home till we put a password on it haggis
  14. Although cruiser sterns are easier to get onto from the bank, you still have to get down into the cabin and the steps are seldom "disabled friendly" ie they tend to be steep and don't have a hand rail. However, if you find one with wide not too steep steps with a handrail, a narrow boat might be the answer. Good luck with your research! haggis
  15. School Days - Day 02

    Your boat looks lovely, Ronnie and may you have many happy years cruising in her haggis