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  1. Well done Sir Mo

    Haggis Sea dog got there first :-)
  2. Freeloaders

    Princess Anne is very intetested in canals and canal related projects and not only attends opening events etc but wants to to be kept informed of progress
  3. Royal Wedding

    I may be wrong but I thought it had been announced when the couple got engaged that the Royal family will pay for the wedding. haggis
  4. Brotherly Love?

    Perhaps but a not unnatural reaction to look out (and the side hatch is probably the quickest exit to get to) to see what the loud noise is and what is causing the boat to roll about and move when it is dark. Having seen that it is a speeding boat breaking up ice do you 1. watch and see what happens - ice can cause boats to move in a direction the steerer didn't intend ad the boat may have swung towards you or 2. Shut the side hatch and sit down hoping that none of the above happens or 3 Ask the steerer to slow down a bit Haggis
  5. Fit a washing machine or not..??

    There was one on Kelpie when we bought her and I wouldn't like to do without it now. It is a Candy, looks full size from the front but is not as deep, takes its feed from hot water and takes no time at all to do a wash. Sorry, I don't have the model number but I think it is 7kg. If you have space, go for it! haggis
  6. Auntie Wainwright's 12 Days of Christmas

    I have enjoyed this thread so much that although I didn't do any bidding, I would like to make a wee contribution to the Chesterfield Canal Trust. How can I do that, Cheshire Rose? Thanks you all, haggis
  7. Galliano

    never mind all this chat about Scotlands National Drink (after Irn Bru) , did you find a source of Galliano? haggis
  8. Macclesfield

    I never pass that retail park without having a chuckle about buying a new mattress there - for the boat. We found a mattress of the correct size and quality and after we had paid for it asked them to deliver it - they had sign up saying free delivery. No problem, said the salesman, where to? The boat at the top of the hill was our reply . They took the challenge and said that two guys would carry it up to the boat in half an hour which gave us time to go up and remove the old mattress - not easy to manoeuvre a double mattress on a boat! The guys arrived and actually placed the mattress on our bed! Would they take the old one away, we asked but they said they wouldn't but suggested we make use of thier skip after the store closed. This we did. Great sports! haggis
  9. Auntie Wainwright's 12 Days of Christmas

    It made me laugh! I must admit I am really enjoying this thread and others which seem to be getting into the swing of the time of year. Thank you all! haggis
  10. I find this thread interesting! On Copperkins which had a Morso, we used Excel and found it really good so when we bought Kelpie which has a much smaller fire (can't remember the name at the moment but it doesn't have a separate bottom door and the top and bottom adjustments are pretty small) we bought Excel. It took me ages to find out how to get the fire to light and how to keep it in overnight, both things I had no problem with with the Morso and when we did get the fire really going, it did't throw out much heat. Thinking was that the fire had to be exchanged for a Morso! However, we bought Supertherm and at last, the fire worked well and things were much better! The fire got a reprieve. Streethay where we moor although they stock Roach products didn't have Supertherm so we got another Roach product (can't remember the name but it was the one along side Supertherm on the bag). Back to square one! Fortunately, we had some Supertherm left which we used to light the fire and then used along with the other stuff but the fire didn't throw out as much heat as pure Supertherm did. We suggested to Streethay that they stock Supertherm but we haven't been back to the boat since so don't know if they do or not. I think it is a case of finding which fuel works with which stove. haggis
  11. Holed up on the Coventry today

    I feel quite neglected :-) No snow here (west of Edinburgh) just hard frost and lots of sun. Enjoy your snow, folks and keep the lovely photos coming. Haggis
  12. 3 HomeFi mobile broadband

    Get them to put that bit in writing! I switched my mobile phone to O2 and they assured me that their coverage was as good as EE but it wasn't and very often I couldn't get a phone signal never mind internet. I went back to O2 and they pointed out that they give no guarantees about coverage. I bought out of the contract and went back to EE. Not saying that 3 are the same as O2 but thought I would mention it. haggis
  13. Thank you! I had never heard of them before. I have learned something new today! haggis
  14. Am I the only one wondering what D&IWE areas are? Probably something I should know but can't figure it out :-) haggis