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  1. Winding end of Ashby canal.

    iirc the bit after bosworth Marina is an SSSI, there are signs saying "do not empty grey water" or summink.. only for a mile or so tho....
  2. Shore Power/Galvanic Corrosion

    In-line rcds are available, use at power source. swop 13a for 16a ceeform where exposed to the elements/damp environment. Best be safe!
  3. Winding end of Ashby canal.

    + 1 about the blue - we used that as an excuse as to why we had to go through the little tunnel once!
  4. Weeks cruise from the Ashby..

    Thanks Dave - always good for a bit of advice, you are! We shall head for the Polesworth end as we will be orf again on Monday in that direction... one day I will make you that (from the bean) coffee or buy you that pint! :-) And quite rightly so!! We did that until a sharp bend + 70'er + low hanging willow + inexperience robbed us of our stern line somewhere round Great Haywood! It was a rubbish line anyway.... now ours is on a reachable hook near the tiller....
  5. We have managed to wangle a week off from respective jobs over 26th Aug to 3rd Sept.. last time we went south and made it to Napton, had a great time notwithstanding our domestic alternator packing up! This time we want to head north towards Rugely and beyond if poss - we brought the boat down from Gt Haywood last spring as total newbies and loved it! We've done the Ashby loads and love it but are reserving the Shackerstone festival until next year.. Ive realised that by going that way (towards Rougely) we will go through Alvecote during the festival there, but we may not arrive until the Sunday. Anyone here got experience of mooring, likely congestion etc? I quite fancy stopping for the Sunday night! We are reasonably fit and can walk back a fair bit to the Festival if needs be - or will it be totally rammo with boats? Cheers all - can't wait to slip our moorings and do some chugging! Also, will there be much school holiday business still? jane x

    Those shops which sell mobility scooters tend to have a pile of old tyres out the back that they're only too happy to get rid of..... an eye bolt through the top makes it neater..
  7. £150 fine on long term moorings

    Ooo that were you! You don't arf get around! This is Bulkington mate - the local cats and children would be more likely to terrorise YOU!! :-0
  8. £150 fine on long term moorings

    Nope - I'd deal with it as I delt with the last one... who, believe me, needed no invite on a sign! there is no gate lock.. then id clear up your cans of Special Brew.. (Oh, that wasn't actually you - was it?!) :-)
  9. £150 fine on long term moorings

    Lol... good for you - we just laugh and imagine moorers in yellow tabards and speed guns! Hear hear! Sadly our private mooring landowners looked horrified when I suggested this.. :-( How very sensible.. they'd never go for it!
  10. Is This the Most Expensive Used NB Ever?

    Nah.... tarts boudoir... I've obviously led too sheltered a life!
  11. We used one of these - works fine! Got our horn repaired only to find out it was pants anyway.... this'll do till I can be arsed to swop it out for one you can hear 57 foot away! http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/PUMP-ACTION-AIR-HORN-HAND-HELD-FOOTBALL-FESTIVAL-LOUD-Never-Runs-Out-/322282696344?hash=item4b098bae98%3Ag%3AZtcAAOSwzaJX87op&_trkparms=pageci%3A62353716-63e3-11e7-84fb-74dbd1808cb0%7Cparentrq%3A22709b3815d0aa46b6e6e450ffedfa96%7Ciid%3A10
  12. Making the leap in Leicestershire

    So happy for you :-) hope you love it as much as we do!
  13. Is This the Most Expensive Used NB Ever?

    Red led downlights???! At night it'd look like a tarts boudoir!
  14. Making the leap in Leicestershire

    We've been living aboard for a year now - our only regret is that we didn't do it sooner! BUT - and it's a big BUT - we did a shed-load of research first. I also started off wanting to CC; but a few reads on here and on lots of FB groups quickly made it obvious that holding down a job AND cc-ing would be too exhausting! We started off in a marina for a few months until we lucked out and got the most excellent on line mooring on the Ashby (imho!). Get the right boat, get a mooring or a darn good cc-ing plan. To do this I'm afraid you're going to have to do a fair bit of reading!