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  1. Brotherly Love?

    Wonder why he was heading to hawkesbury, Lime kilns is nearer to his moorings i would have thought.. Seen the boat a few times, never seen the owner though.
  2. Flue sealant for roof

    Yes, dont use cement, it just cracks, i used a 300 degree one and its still sealed ok.
  3. Fit a washing machine or not..??

    Not sure, mine works like a dream on the new Chinese invertor, the old victron couldnt cope and used to trip out during the wash.
  4. Fit a washing machine or not..??

    If you have the space, fit one, connect water feed to the hot water supply so the heater element does not kick in, saving power, use quick wash to save water on daily was stuff. You dont live in a tent!
  5. RIP Cheggers.

    I wouldn't say he never really made the big time, been on our screens on and off for best part of 50 years.
  6. Christmas present book idea

    Payne has more class than Paine
  7. Christmas present book idea

    Think i saw a story on Central news (Or whatever its called these days) in the summer?
  8. Microbore for radiators

    How much does speedfit expand when hot, does anyone know?
  9. The Boating Season

    Love it!
  10. The Boating Season

    Mooching around on the Ashby Canal at the mo, lovely and quite, can get moorings on all the usual hot spots. I dont want March to come, then again...
  11. Water in interior bilge

    Although you should be sure of where its coming from.... A survey should help.
  12. CRT and continuous cruising

    Hows the view from up there...
  13. I have to ask, how long have you been boating?
  14. Interesting thread.... If i pay £25 can i stay in the same place for weeks.