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  1. Day time Tv

    Its not just daytime tv though, even nightime tv is awful, i sat last night round the mrs house, she has sky, spent 10 minutes flicking through channels and gave up, went and played my xbox instead.. I would never pay for tv anymore, stream all my tv shows i do actually like on the xbox one for free via an app, plus movies.
  2. Diesel etc Ashby canal.

    If you use Bosworth marina beware of the wind, if its up then you would be best to wait till no boats are on the service pontoon then head straight for it and moor on open side, dont try and get onto the other side, between the pontoons, wind will play havoc! Not sure what split they let you do there as only used it once and went 60/40. Trinity marina will let you decide what split, even 100%. I didn't know Ashby boats sold diesel, knew they did pump outs, think its about £15 or £18 with blue.
  3. Water tap at Autherley junction?

    Pain in the arse there, that photo doesnt really show how bad it can be sometimes, i moored my boat on the towpath side, just up from the yard and they shifted up towards cat gallows bridge so they could put another boat there... This made me smile though.
  4. NB Aye

    Yes that looks like one Ray, i think they used to be moored at the top of Atherstone flight some years ago?
  5. NB Aye

    There used to be an old boat at mancetter, on the coventry canal, im sure most who have passed have noticed it, moored on the bend, old working boat with steel covers all the way down, no engine and sitting high in the water. It vanished some time ago and i spotted something on facebook saying it was going for restoration, just wondering if anyone knows anymore really, used to dream of converting it every time i passed.
  6. Mooring on the Coventry Canal - the bottom bit!

    Seen the coventrian Saturday heading towards hawkesbury, it was back in the basin on sunday, is the owner a user on here?
  7. Mooring on the Coventry Canal - the bottom bit!

    ha, i think it looks a right mess at the minute, was treating rust and applying primer at the weekend, all ready to slap some paint on in the next couple of weeks, booked for a blacking also in a few weeks. Must have just missed you then, we set off from there at about 11am.
  8. Mooring on the Coventry Canal - the bottom bit!

    I have always moored in the basin, never struggled for a spot. Its not shallow in most of the channel, although there are a couple of stretches that can be and you would be wise to drop the revs, maybe people that have problems try to gun it through the shallow parts... The last bend, under the new bridge and next to the new housing estate is very shallow from about three foot close to the bank, this is where we got stuck on saturday, mrs was steering and looking at the shiny new houses! Enjoy the Ashby!
  9. Mooring on the Coventry Canal - the bottom bit!

    Took my yearly trip down the five and half this weekend, seemed a little better this year, although still a little messy at the hobby horse pub, usual bags hanging from the railings. No stops for clearing the prop, in fact i have never had issues over the 6 or so trips, did see a smaller boat stopped next to tesco and they said they had been down a couple of times, two carrier bags full! maybe i have just been lucky. If i was going to moor anywhere between hawkesbury and the basin and be leaving my boat, it would only really be at the longford engine as there are live aboards on the offside, would moor at the pub and have a couple of pints, then walk the rest to the ricoh. If mooring in the basin, be mindful there is now a nightclub, never heard any music, just the students coming out at 2am singing. Dont be tempted to cut corners, the near side is just as shallow as the offside, took me twenty minutes to get off the bank Saturday.
  10. Advice for bed extending

    This is exactly what i have done, can have a small bed or pull the slats out that are supported on three legs and drop the mattress down to make a king size, with just enough room left to squeeze down the side if need be. I bought a super king size foam mattress and cut it to shape.
  11. Daventry Arm Progress

  12. £150 fine on long term moorings

    They are not long term any more, crt just cant be bothered to sort the signs out. Gave you a wave friday night, passed about 7pm, in the rain!
  13. Questions, Advice and Discussio boating Adventure.

    More room.
  14. Boat depreciation allowance

    The market dictates also... prices seem to be higher at the minute.
  15. Where can I buy these?

    I found this company when looking for bits for my blinds... Maybe a call to them would help? http://www.blindsparesonline.com/home/4527759922