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    writing, dogs and family.
    The countryside, all things boaty and land.
    Reluctant renovator of Horror House on Hill

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    sadly going going........gone..

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    http://patannsmith@wordpress.com my blog...A narrow Path...my journey continues

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  1. General Election

    Travelling from Rugby to London on pre booked ticket...London Midland ££'s cheaper but u have to be aware that usually(not always) takes lot longer..so to get faster trip has to be Virgin.
  2. Happy Birthday Party Ann

    Thank you everyone..I do from time to time wander round the forums but just don't post so much..have had lovely day..made even better as son number 3 contacted from Papua New Guinea where he's tackling part 2 of his 5 Island challenge..was the best birthday present ever..
  3. Watford Locks

    If you haven't done locks before then Watford flight can be scary..others will no doubt disagree but I found them quite frightening as they are so deep and if there is not a lock keeper, I think for someone not experienced it might put you off...is Foxton open? They have lock keepers and are really good at giving advice and talking you through and theres heaps of room to turn at the bottom or even wind at the top if u are short of time.
  4. Have I become a fallen woman???

    So I now know it was Footsie the cat..and yep the song is revolving around in my brain with a few missed words..I also remember busy Lizzie and the flower though not so clearly.. Tales of the riverbank..loved that. If anyone wants a Watch with Mother fix...Andy Pandy/Woodentops and Bill and Ben..head out to London of museum, fab place to wander around, don't miss out the Victorian bit with it's Secret Garden and the room with the Olympic torch recreation and then there is small children play bit with those 3 old black and whites on a loop. Ive taken grand daughter there a few times and she jigs away to the songs.
  5. Have I become a fallen woman???

    I remember Twizzle..had the record and then it mysteriously vanished..there was also a song about a cat on it...
  6. Winding at Foxton Top Lock

    Does tend to get quite busy there with moored boats encroaching, can also be bit shallow t'other side as gets quite overgrown.
  7. VW Group emissions recall.

    not had fix done...supposed to but then decided had enough with VW so gonna part x for some other car... not signed up to class action yet as cannot see whether any risk to me or not..dont understand all the blurb had to wade through...is there any?.... I hate decisions..don't think VW should get away with it but dot want to have to lose out if British Courts don't follow US e.g.. I was the idiot that did buy on the persuasive its a cleaner car crap...never again...
  8. Safety and Security

    The only time someone tried to get into my boat was when it was moored in the 'safety' of the Marina...by appearance they had used a screwdriver or something similar at the top of the door and splintered all the wood..I presume then disturbed as they didn't get in but left a mess...all the times I moored in the countryside no probs at all.
  9. Is there a members only forum?

    if the memo came from the police isn't there a way of warning folks without going into to many details.
  10. What distances from your boat?

    I was about 4 hours at least away..M4, M5,M42,M40 and a couple A's..unless I went early doors(4am start) the 4 hours could quite easily become 6+, all the driving got me down.
  11. Turn heating on by text ?

    Id love a gadget that turns heating on here at Horror House whilst Im away..however all solid fuel heating so like MTb I need firelighters, coal and fuel and a servant....
  12. Bluebird and 50 Years Since Campbell's Fatal Crash

    I think he was my first 'death' that i remember clearly feeling shocked by.
  13. Crazy Maisie gone

    Sorry to hear about Maisie but it sounds as if you gave her a good life which must give you some wonderful memories to hold onto. Losing a dog is tough, they worm their way into our lives and leave huge space when they depart. I still haven't taken on another..I get close but Molly is tough act to follow.. My thoughts are with you and Chris at this time Take care..
  14. (Another) Random House Question

    When I brought Horror House it was clearly stated all rubbish etc had to be gone..obviously they didn't..they 'composted' glass, batteries, plastic lemonade bottles with revolting contents etc...I was physically sick dismantling said heap when I saw that under grass cuttings not quite what it should have bin. In addition over the fence they had chucked paint pots, a car battery, old tyre and assorted other non biodegradable objects and again covered by grass cuttings..the field used by ponies so I cleared that as well...In fact some of the stuff the tip wouldn't take and I had to pay bailing plant to get rid.. In addition they didn't declare the knotweed or problem with septic tank system and quite a bit else. I had 2 choices...try to get them for misrepresentation of facts...especially with the knotweed or crack on and sort..I chose the latter and after a while the mess kinda de sensitises you and everything else I found(shower not sealed, pipes gone under bath etc) I just chalked up to the type of people they were. I did mention knotweed to the solicitors who dealt with sale but they told me I would have to appoint another sort of solicitor..and quite frankly I was tired of legal fees.
  15. Happy New Year

    Yep from me to..just possible I may just have had a few whilst watching fireworks..sigh..good night all..