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  1. What to do

    Somebody must want this lovely narrow boat
  2. What to do

    Thank-you all so much for your interest and knowledge it means allot.I will get a survey done as soon as iv saved up again lol. I no there's a few deep pits in places and after I scraped all the bubbled spots it's just uneven .and again it's only 18 year old but wasn't looked after before I had it.to my knowledge ten years since it was last out water and blacked
  3. What to do

    Iv had everything in side hand built by my friend and carpenter.I was told by the yard that it'll need alot of work overplating in areas . And yes iv not even had a survey done.unfortunately iv just given up with it.iv chucked so much time and effort money etc at it. The trouble is I'm so not got the experience and knowledge.I'm hoping someone will take it on and make a lucky boat out of it
  4. What to do

    I've decided to sell so if anyone or you no anybody 20k it needs the hull doing obviously but then it's just a bathroom and paint.iv decided to sell due to me going back racing
  5. What to do

    The survey hasn't been done yet and the place where it is has looked at it saying it'll need that amount spending hence my alarm bells.just very worried I might pay for something that doesn't need that much work. Again thank-you for responding
  6. What to do

    To be honest the boat hadn't moved for many years with previous owners and anodes totally gone.I was hoping it'll just take alittle spot welding but I'm no expert and totally out my deapth with this.the pits are deep but maybe around 15 and the sides uneven . Sorry for not much knowledge I need a independent survey.but again thank-you so much for reply's and help
  7. What to do

    Hi all thank-you for reply's iv refitted inside new kitchen and sinks new fire surround and squiral log burner reboarded and tong and grooved hand built bed with under storage etc etc.it's deep pitting in areas I think it's down to the surveyor really I'm hoping it's just 3K lol. But time will tell.
  8. What to do

    Iv a 57 ft trad iv striped it in side and rebuilt and finally took it out water.and god have I a shock it needs replating .it's only 99 build I bought it last year as a project but now I think I'm out my comfort zone if I was to sell it would anybody touch it for 20K as that's just under what it owes me .or do I see it through its all money
  9. Air cooled engine

    Ok cool stuff thank you everyone for assistance in this. Much appreciated. So I've got engine hatches no false teeth yet and good hearing. Maybe twelve month this be different. I will post pictures of it all when I can again many thanks yours andy
  10. Air cooled engine

    Bill thank you that's what I needed to know. Reliable and not going to over heat
  11. Air cooled engine

    Hi all. I'm just in progress of buying a air cooled Ruston hornsy engine. I believe it to be 1958. The only thing I no about it is it hasn't much hours on it and has a fan on front. Sorry if lack of detail but this all I no at present. But my question is what do you think of air cooled engines in boats yours andy
  12. Need a little help

    Sorry for the lack of info but all very new to this sorry if wasting your time ill get more info and take it from there
  13. Need a little help

    Ok right abit more information yrs ill be living on her and she is 57 ft long trad.got its own engine room with I believe a perkins gearbox. Solar will need to run everything ie lights tv fridge.hope tho is more help
  14. Need a little help

    Hi I've decided not to have boat towed to many stoppages. So I've decided to do it up where she sits.so help needed with a few things. I've got my carpenter in so inside can be finished within a couple of months. So firstly completely new set up of solar panels kit. Who is best option and how much roughly am I going to be looking at. Secondly the inportant bit a good lister or equivalent again how much and where best to get one
  15. My project