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  1. Blakes lock closing for 5 months

    I've just had a look and it does feature on the CRT stoppages for the K and A.
  2. The lock that David couldn't remember where the Kennet enters just below the lock is at Woolhampton. Also, there are a number of stoppages in November and December, in addition to those in the New Year that the OP mentioned.
  3. Suspicious Boat activity

    Where I used to work, in addition to Mike Hunt, we used to ask for a call to be put out for Don Keebles.
  4. Suspicious Boat activity

    Currently out for a couple of weeks, and noticed several boats with "blue" in the name, eg Misty Blue, etc. Haven't yet spotted "Elsan Blue"
  5. Metric?

    Why don't folk who dislike metric units refer to the engine size of their car or boat in cubic inches? Perhaps they don't realise that cc's and litres are metric?
  6. Did this boat ever get sold?

    I doubt that it would turn up on a "Stolen Boat" thread on the forum. But if it did, the attempts to disguise it by the thieves would be interesting to see!
  7. Returning to time restricted moorings.

    As a part owner in a share boat, I have often wondered if the boat gets regularly spotted at particular moorings over the course of several weeks, albeit with a different crew, which might look as if the boat has overstayed?
  8. Sometimes, trying to tighten it up further helps to "break" the seal, before trying to loosen it.
  9. Cliff Richard

  10. Really? I make sure all mine disappear from the pan!
  11. Buying a larger share?

    I don't think there is a share for sale in Black Swan. If you scroll down past the photos, it says that there are no shares for sale, it is just a template for anybody who has a share in a boat to sell.
  12. New Batteries for a Battery Killer?

    I bet there's no stratification on Tim and Pru's boat!
  13. Have I become a fallen woman???

    Bill and Ben go into a pub. Bill says " flob dob flubba dub" and Ben says to the barman, "sorry about that, I'll get these, he's pissed!"
  14. My thoughts on these requests are "Go fund yourself!"
  15. Split from; BSC / BSS Surveyor

    Looking at his profile, he has only been on the boat 13 months, not 13 years, so perhaps the need for a BSSC has crept up on him, as presumably this would be the first one he has needed to obtain?