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  1. boats for sale.... ummmmmm really?

    https://www.iims.org.uk/the-dangers-of-overplating/ Looked at this thread a few minutes ago on LF then came here. Same subject matter. edit; Then look in boat building section and see already there. Sorry peeps!
  2. More water pump issues

    Is the pump inlet from tank smaller bore or restricted in any way?
  3. deisel leak

    Right then. Tank height is probably 18-24". This would give a head of less than1psi with water. Diesel is at circa 0.7-0.8 Sg. So pressure head even less. If gas is used instead of liquid then leak is more likely to show up. So drain tank. Clean up and get dry. Turn off engine fuel isolations. Cap seal with tape or even a plastic bag round threads. Via vent apply air pressure. Seal around tube. A small tyre compressor will suffice. Even human lungs[non smokers] can deliver near 2psi. [dizziness permitting] Remember that the volume of air needs to be compressed so this will take a fair time. 2-3psi will show leak. Either bubbles if below water line or soapy water on hull if above. [snoop] This is a slow, controlled way to leak test. Once leak found carry on with rest of tank as there may be more than 1 hole. Once you know where leak is then you can make an informed decision on repair. I have repaired many motorcycle tanks by Argon filling as an inert and the welded up quite happily.[tig]
  4. 1. If oil in EU is old or low the symptoms you are describing can occur. Watch genny & see if red oil [level] light flickers. 2. You are 12V & not 24V?
  5. Reasons not to move a boat part 1

    Subtle Mr. B. Made me smile anyway.
  6. Boat examiner near Aldermaston ?

    From BSSWEBSITE Lee Cudmore-Ray Winkfield Row About 25 miles away Mobile: 07807820390 Email: boatsafetyexam@yahoo.co.uk Membership of professional bodies Operates in: Berkshire | Buckinghamshire | Hampshire | Kent | Oxfordshire | Swansea | Wiltshire
  7. aarrow becton 5 (bunny) - help needed.

    Any help? www.aaheatinguk.co.uk/uploads/2/0/2/5/20255371/becton.pdf [copy n paste] Sorry. Link is no more, it seems
  8. https://evopower.co.uk/9-petrol-generators Not tried or tested meself but a budget range with a UK contact.[makes all the difference if it does play up!?]
  9. I use one similar to this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Aluminium-FOLDING-LOADING-Motorcycles-Loading/dp/B00KRDNXCM/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1488019609&sr=8-5&keywords=loading+ramps Had for several years with no issues Or this? https://www.amazon.co.uk/PawHut-Folding-Bifold-Portable-183Lx36Wx5Tcm/dp/B0184Y2R4U/ref=sr_1_52?ie=UTF8&qid=1488022997&sr=8-52&keywords=loading+ramps
  10. decent quality bus bars

    http://www.copperbusbar.co.uk/category_s/52.htm Do standoffs and bar
  11. Blue flames from donated wood

  12. Check internal plugs and sockets on wiring loom perhaps? Has it been in the rain?
  13. Coupling again

    Maybe something adaptable on here? http://www.industrialclutch.com/262-flexible-coupling
  14. Ducati. Not boaty.

    Pull the plugs. In gear & rock back 'n forth gently. Believe it or not coke [cola] down the bores can clear rust off the rings. The rocking usually gives a bit of movement. Also check sump level. May have petrol in? This will hydraulock the engine.